our energy solutions

Chava is developing breakthrough technologies to deliver new forms of energy that are inexhaustible, clean, inexpensive, and available to anyone, anywhere. These new energy technologies will dramatically improve our global economic outlook and minimize our environmental footprint.


FRACTIONAL HYDROGEN (f/H)™: For 80 years, since Irvin Langmuir’s hydrogen torch was put into operation, there have been persistent reports of non-nuclear “hot hydrogen” anomalies. Chava uses the term f/H for the fractional hydrogen species, which we think is responsible for this phenomenon.

Our work on fractional quantum states has opened a pathway to a new concept called the Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine or SPICE™. It will be fueled by what we refer to as “Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” (ECHO™).

While it is probable Chava will achieve these same goals in a similar time frame with our MagGen™ developments (see below), SPICE™ offers an opportunity for utilization of the world’s existing automotive and industrial engine factories.

ULTRACONDUCTORS™ are the subject of a landmark U.S. Patent #5,777,292, followed by U.S. Patent #6,804,105. Equivalent patents are pending worldwide. To date, CHAVA’s proprietary technology provides the only known room temperature superconducting solution.

THERMIONICS: Chava’s thermionic converter design extracts ambient heat from the environment and converts this into useable electrical energy. “Waste heat” refers to energy that is released to the environment at low temperatures (80 – 200°F) and pressures (atmospheric) after energy has been extracted from an energy source at higher temperatures/pressures.

For example, today’s gasoline powered cars waste 70–75% of the energy; power plants waste 40 – 75%; mostly in the form of heat. By 2011, computer servers and data centers in the United States alone, use more than 100 billion kWh, representing a USD 7.4 billion annual “electricity cost” and will require adding 10 more power plants to the nation’s power grid. (Google has signed an NDA with Chava).

MagGen™: The Chava Magnetic Generator (MagGen™) breakthroughs offer several alternate routes to tapping the energy of quantum noise (Zero Point Energy) via the magnetic spin moment.
Dr. Harold “Hal” Puthoff of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin has written, “Scientists have long been aware the earth is immersed in an extremely dense sea of energy permeating every nook and cranny of the universe. This empty space is more frequently called the quantum vacuum. Dr. Puthoff has accepted our invitation to conduct the initial testing of Chava Energy™ technology and a renowned international Science Institute will afterwards receive the first prototypes.

Our MagGen™ technologies are the subject of two pending U.S. patent applications covering solid-state magnetic generators. An early prototype of one of them produced an output, at a very low power level, of more than 100 times the input. This first pending patent is titled “Solid State Electric Generator,” under Application no. US 2006/[masked] and is dated July 27th 2006.
Several prototypes of more advanced devices have been built and thirty (30) additional patents are expected to be filed over the next thirty-six (36) months for various families of magnetic power devices.


RESIDENTIAL GENERATORS for off-grid customers will be an early market product. Today, generators are typically powered by gasoline. In the aftermath of disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons, power is often unavailable; such early devices, without requiring fuel, will make a crucial difference. Mobile power generators will be a key resource for government emergency agencies and rural communities.

AUTOMOTIVE: Chava expects, within three years, of creating prototype Chava Energy™ conversion systems to provide power for automobiles. This eliminates the need for large batteries and for electrical recharging stations. That goal may be reached faster if our engineering development teams work on a 24/7 basis. The conversion systems will open a path to mass production of entirely new varieties of automotive power plants. Other industries will follow soon after the key markets of residential and automotive power.


Once technologies are ready for commercialization, Chava will enter the market with a strategically balanced mix between in-house production, partner-production in various applications including consumer products, as well as third-party licensing.


The new energy technologies harvest the practically limitless sources of ambient energy, such as heat, electromagnetic waves, atmospheric static energy, and Zero-Point Energy (also called ZPE, Quantum Energy, or Vacuum Energy).

For many decades there has been overwhelming evidence from individual scientists and inventors showing a successful conversion of unconventional ambient energy. Such sources exist abundantly on earth and throughout the universe and can be harnessed as usable energy to power homes, businesses, vehicles and devices requiring power.

According to leading scientists and inventors – going back as far as Nicola Tesla – background quantum energy exists in vast quantities everywhere and can be harnessed via electron quantum spin methods.
Tapping into this vast sea of background energy does not challenge any of the fundamental laws of physics related to the conservation of energy (Second Law of Thermodynamics). Rather, these new methods stand on top of our current body of understanding and embrace modern sciences recent discovery of how our multi-dimensional universe works.

Revolutionary Energy Breakthroughs
The earth, like other orbital bodies, is immersed in an extremely dense sea of energy. In 1926, German inventor Hans Coler coined the phrase “Space Energy” and his first generator delivered a few watts of electricity. During 1937, Coler demonstrated a second, 6,000 watt, generator, later shown to the German navy. During WWII, a highly secret R&D project supported Coler in attempts to solve the problem of recharging submarine batteries without the need for a sub to surface. Late in the War, the lab was bombed and after hostilities ended, Coler cooperated with British Intelligence( who published a report in 1946 concluding his achievement was real). In 1979, the report was declassified. It can be readily found on the internet.

Chava Energy™ is working in the same area as demonstrated by Coler. Some of our generators may prove to be tapping Coler’s Space Energy source, now often referred to as Zero Point Energy (ZPE). A recent U.S. Patent, No. 7,379,286 (not connected to the work of our firm) is entitled: Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction. It provides a comprehensive discussion of the Zero Point Field. The Patent is readily available on the USPTO website. Extracts can be found at: ZPEnergy.com On the web, Thomas Valone makes available a comprehensive document entitled:

“Feasibility Study of Zero Point Energy Extraction from the Quantum Vacuum for the Performance of Useful Work.”

Chava Energy™ is developing new energy conversion devices that can be manufactured in many of the world’s underutilized factories, possibly creating many new jobs around the globe. These energy devices can be used to power homes and businesses and turn cars, trucks, buses, and ships and eventually aircraft, into portable power plants. Our goal is to replace conventional engines or expensive batteries, eliminating the need for recharging or using any fuels for operation.

Our advanced designs will soon be capable of producing torque and/or electricity on a self-sustaining basis. Devices without moving parts are comparable to an inexhaustible electric battery. One Chava Energy™ Proof-of-Concept prototype was evaluated by Lee Felsenstein, EE. He concluded it to be analogous to the early work on the transistor that eventually led to a Nobel Prize and the creation of Silicon Valley.

Energy consumption is at the core of human existence

The world must rapidly accelerate development of new, cost-effective, sustainable alternatives. Chava Energy™envisions a commercially developed technological revolution that conserves planetary resources. Our energy conversion modules are designed to be easy to use, inexpensive and capable of rapid manufacturing, thus making a positive global impact. They have the potential to catalyze, with a kick start, a world economic recovery.

“Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”
–Nikola Tesla, [masked])