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1. What's the Mailing List?
The Mailing List is a tool members of a Meetup Group can use to send each other emails.

If an Organizer turns on the Mailing List for a Meetup Group, then group members who sign up for the mailing list can send emails to all the other group member who've signed up for the Mailing List.

Some notes about Mailing Lists:

The group's Mailing List is completely different from the emails Organizers and Assistant Organizers send as well as the automatic event reminder emails that the site sends. So if you unsubscribe from the group's Mailing List, you will still get event reminder emails as well as emails from the group Organizer and Assistant Organizers.

Only the group members who sign up for the Mailing List will receive emails sent to the Mailing List. So a group may have 100 members, but it's possible that only 80 are on the Mailing List. Only Organizers and Assistant Organizers can see which members are on the Mailing List.

When you send an email to the Mailing List or reply to an email from the Mailing List, every single person on the Mailing List gets a copy. Mailing Lists are for communication between multiple people. Mailing Lists are not for one-to-one communication.

2. How does a mailing list work?
Every Meetup Group is assigned a unique email address. For example, the Meetup Group would get the email address
A member of (who has also signed up for the Mailing List) sends an email to the email address.
A copy of that email is sent to everyone on the Mailing List for the group.
The email is archived in the Mailing List section of the Meetup Group's site.

3. Who can send messages to a mailing list?
The Meetup Group Organizer controls the Mailing list. They can set the Mailing List to:

OPEN: The Meetup Group has a Mailing List. Messages sent to the Mailing List are delivered immediately.
MODERATED: The Meetup Group has a Mailing List. Messages sent to the Mailing List are reviewed and approved or declined by the Organizer before they are delivered.
OFF: The Meetup Group does not have a Mailing List.

4. Who receives Mailing List messages?
Only members of the group who have chosen to be on the Mailing List will receive emails sent to the Mailing List.

5. How do I turn on Message boards in my Meetup Group?
Go to the home page of the Meetup Group.
Click 'Group Settings' on the left side of the page
Click 'Optional Features'
Select 'Keep message board on'
Click 'Submit'

6. How can I start receiving mailing list messages?
If your group Organizer has turned on the mailing list and you want to receive mailing list messages, go to your Account page, click 'Membership & Communication' on the left side of the page, and adjust your settings accordingly.

Note: Group Organizers can activate, or deactivate, the group's mailing list if they choose. If you're an Organizer, just go to 'Group Settings,' click 'Optional Features,' and adjust the settings in the Mailing List section.

7. Can I send a message to the mailing list from any email address?
No. You must use the email address you registered with Meetup. This is a security precaution to ensure that only the members of the Meetup Group can use the mailing list.

8. Can I send and receive attachments?
Yes, in most cases. You can send attachments that are up to 1MB in size.

If the Organizer sets the mailing list to "moderated," or if you have your preferences set to "daily digest," you will not receive attachments.

NOTE: Attachments will not be archived on the site.

9. Can I choose when I receive mailing list messages?

Click 'Account' at the top of the page
Click 'Membership & Communication' on the left side of the page
Next to each Meetup Group, you'll see "I'd like to receive mailing list messages from?"
Select the option you want
Click 'Save'

10. Can I unsubscribe to the mailing list?
If you select the 'Organizers only' option, you won't get emails that Meetup Group members send the mailing list. You will still get messages that Organizer send the entire Meetup Group and reminders about upcoming Meetups. There's currently no way to stop getting those messages.

11. If I send a message to the mailing list or reply to a message from the mailing list, will everyone see my email address?
Yes. If you send to or reply to the mailing list, your full email address is displayed. If you want to keep your email address hidden, you can contact members through your Meetup Group's Members section.

12. Are mailing list messages archived?
Yes. Messages sent to the mailing list are archived in the Mailing List section of your Meetup Group.

Note that email addresses of the senders are not displayed in the archive. Instead, the sender's user name is displayed. Also, attachments are not displayed in the archive

13. Can I edit/delete messages in the archive?
Only the Organizer can delete messages in the archive.

14. Does Meetup do anything to prevent spam on mailing lists?

Only members of a Meetup can send messages to the mailing list
New members are restricted to 3 messages per day for their first 3 days of membership
You can only send 25 messages per day
You can only send to 3 different mailing lists per day

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