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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
at Cardiff High School and Online, 14th - 28th April 2012
by Daniel B. Yates
4 Stars!!­

It was only a matter of time before the NT Live model, broadcasting theatre performances to cinema screens since 2009, would make its way into our homes and the realm of digital technologies. The company Kinura who specialise in webcasting and previously worked with Pilot Theatre on, broadcasting an array of conferences, rehearsals and readings, have now been contracted by National Theatre of Wales for a live stream of The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning. Broadcast from a Cardiff school it plays on selected nights here, and the format is genuinely novel: combining a chat function, live scene titles, and live links to contextual content that appear at salient points throughout the action.

Viewing a play within the context of a web browser might well strike some people as wholly inimical to the point of theatre. How are you supposed to switch off from a day’s hard cognitive labour if you’re gazing into a computer terminal? In what was is this a real tangible experience? A collective experience? Whither the politics of proximity? And if collective effervescence is, as Durkheim persuaded us, the live flame that theatre keeps to form the basis of society, how is this not dimmed across invisibly networked planes of grey screens?

The first of those objections might be allayed by the creeping realisation that the general computer is not a work object, or even an object per se. It is media, which is doubly articulated into public and private spaces. At the same time its blurring of the boundaries between leisure and work may well be an exhausting pathology, but we really must remind ourselves this is not inherent in the technology itself.

These machines of loving grace have been appropriated into the order of the household – that is to say they have been domesticated. Our living rooms are increasingly anthropologically angled around a monitor (or the converging mass of an online machine) in the way they were last century around a cathode ray. Increasingly mobile devices enable theatre over the 3G network to your hand, so perfectly possible to watch on a park bench, as well as on bog or in bath. At the same time they are all linked to something broader, packets come and packets go, and in each of them can be seen a molecular engagement with a wider culture.

In short, to appropriate a metaphor from the Q’uran, computers are as close to us as our own jugular veins.

As for the latter objections, without reaching for Philip Auslander and instead to solely report the experience of watching – I’d argue that at work here is a definite form of liveness. There is the unmistakeable buzz of simultaneity that real-time (in all its delayed approximations) carries with it; a benign pervasive telepresence in the room. In addition I’d argue that so used are we to parcelling our imaginations into two dimensions, the room in is rendered as a kind of space – a different space to irl space, but a space nonetheless. As for atomisation, littering the average desktop are tools of communication so sophisticated, we are all happy robots blowing smoke signals out of our arses.

One facet of networked lives is about learning to combine online and offline activity. Theatre is absolutely in the effervescent business of negotiating new collectivities and techniques for this – from popping conferences to pervasive gaming. Very significantly indeed, a screening of the stream took place in the Red and Black Umbrella squatted social centre in Cardiff, doors opening at 7pm with post-show discussion. This is a vital example of digital technologies magmatic qualities, and how they might create ad hoc public space in the flesh. To demand that theatre back out of all this in the name of being present, to protect some notion of pure experience, is by now nothing more than ruritanian perversity.

That’s not to say this is without issues, and tonight’s performance (under the aegis of which we must include the web developer) doesn’t shy from making a problem of the presentation. The flash window is surrounded by CCTV graphics which frame your viewing, quite literally, as one of voyeurism. That you are the disembodied spectator, surveillor rather than audience member, is compounded by the camera’s positioning high in the eaves of the industrial shed in which the action takes place. This delicate tension, between digital participation and alienation, is echoed in the live-links to the Bradley Manning Support Network that come up nested below the action. Manning is now very alone, relying on people he’s never met to email and donate resources. And just as we might ask ‘what kind of liveness is a live broadcast’, we might also ask ‘how active is digital activism?’

These resonances are to be found elsewhere. Manning, who is played by various cast members of the energised ensemble, sits cross-legged at the end of a relationship on Facebook. “How can anyone deny that a year-long relationship ever existed, with a sentence?” he asks, as the chatbox on the browser flickers in and out life with people asking one another “where r u watching from?” Entwined with an investigation of the historical conditions for martyrdom, are questions of agency for the unlikely hacker icon. And as much as the web provided Manning with the constellation where his talents would shine, The Radicalisation also seems to suggest the web cut him adrift. This lone life of the hacker is shown as providing inadequate shields from heterosexism and homophobia, from the coercive pull of the military. There is a resounding sense of Manning being “alone together” to borrow a phrase from Sherry Turkle. When a young Manning tells his teacher that he is interested in putting his skills to use in a community site, we’re left to wonder why this alternative vision of networked living never came to pass.
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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
at Cardiff High School and Online, 14th - 28th April 2012
by Daniel B. Yates
4 Stars!!

The plays superbly mounts the forces that play on Manning, and that shape his networked life. Not least with their use of Lady Gaga, an artist who was tied to Bradley Manning’s pop myth when the detail emerged that it was her music he would listen to when compiling his leaks. Gaga is used deftly, part of the pumping soundtrack that fills the living room with totally listenable fidelity. Gaga-as-fame-monster is ambiguously related to the wolfishness of US Imperial culture, echoing with the Commander’s commands “I want more insurgents, not less”, the grammatical error resonantly compounding the inchoate hunger of the machine. Born This Way is brilliantly detourned to become spectacle, as the soldier’s wave their weapons and cast papers into the air. The euphoria of the transparency warrior is cut with the melancholy emanating from Manning’s Otherness, and hangs a glittering question mark above the mooted victories over “don’t ask don’t tell”.

The Radicalisation starts slow, slightly gauche, before accumulating a real pressing temple-thudding speed by the finale. John E McGrath’s direction and Chloe Lamford’s barebones design move from slightly twee games of ensemble chair-passing to furious, torturous energy. One superb vignette has Manning standing on a table, skewed strewn papers littering the floor, in a partly infantilised part-ethnoracial outsider baggy shorts, the streaming coloured lights and dutch angles of the camera creating a messianic and vertiginous effect. A superb vignette. “I don’t have a choice” runs the play’s final line, across local browsers globally, over the medium which for so many enshrines the hopes for our future autonomy.

"The play is an enthralling and thrilling experience!"

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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
at Cardiff High School and Online, 14th - 28th April 2012
by Daniel B. Yates
4 Stars!!

Bradley Manning Play by the National Theatre of Wales, Written by TV Writer Tim Price, Coming in 2012

A Bradley Manning Play is in the works by the National Theatre of Wales. Titled “The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning” the play is written by TV writer Tim Price and will center around Bradley Manning’s teenage years in Haverfordwest.

Multiple movies, documentaries and plays focusing on the interwoven stories of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning face a tough crowd given the importance these stories. The recent WikiLeaks Play “Stainless Steel Rat” received a range of reviews, including scathing critiques by WikiLeaks supporters. This Bradley Manning Play will no doubt face the same level of scrutiny given the global impact of Manning’s role as accused WikiLeaks whistleblower.

Artistic director John McGrath says, “It won’t be a play about Bradley Manning as such…it will be using the case as a prism to explore how people feel about their political voice today.”

The hope for this play is that is will open in Haverfordwest before hitting the road for audiences throughout the United Kingdom.

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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
at Cardiff High School and Online, 14th - 28th April 2012
by Daniel B. Yates
4 Stars!!­

Bradley Manning back in court – Solidarity in Cardiff
Supporters in Cardiff held a day of solidarity to mark the beginning of the current court hearing which runs 24-26 April with Food Not Bombs.

Free Bradley Manning vigil held at American Embassy - London­


Blood on whose hands? Bradley Manning, Washington, and the blood of civilians
Chase Madar, TomDispatch­

Someday, it will be clearer to Americans that Pfc. Manning has joined the ranks of great American military whistleblowers like Dan Ellsberg (who was first in his class at Marine officer training school); Vietnam War infantryman Ron Ridenhour, who blew the whistle on the My Lai massacre; and the sailors and marines who, in 1777, reported the torture of British captives by their politically connected commanding officer. These servicemen, too, were vilified in their times. Today, we honor them, as someday Pfc. Manning will be honored.

Will witnesses risk jail rather than cooperate with the Obama DOJ's pernicious war on whistleblowing?­
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WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Becomes a Movie Character­

Emmy Award winner Anthony LaPaglia will play a detective tracking a young Julian Assange in an upcoming film that focuses on the WikiLeaks founder’s early forays into Internet hacking.

Golden Globe winner Rachel Griffiths will play Assange’s activist mother. Assange himself will be played by film newcomer Alex Williams.

The made-for-TV movie is called Underground. It’s being produced by the Australian TV station Network Ten and set for global distribution through NBCUniversal.

Underground follows the story of an Assange-led group of surreptitious young hackers who broke into a number of major military and business organizations in the late 1980s and early 1980s. Assange was a teenager when the Melbourne-based group began operations.

“Everyone has an opinion about Julian Assange,” Rick Maier, Underground‘s executive producer, said in a news release. “This film will deliver a compelling insight into who Julian is, and how he became one of the most talked-about figures of our time. We are delighted Rachel and Anthony are on board for this exciting television event for Ten.”

Assange rose to international prominence during the past few years as Wikileaks released more sensitive government documents and communications leaked to the organization.

Founded in 2006, Wikileaks aims to force a more open government globally by helping whistleblowers share classified information with the public. In 2010, the site began publishing a series of U.S. diplomatic cables with a handful of print partners.

Assange is currently facing sexual assault charges in Sweden, and is out on bail in England as he fights extradition. He has said the charges are false and part of a conspiracy against him.

Underground begins a four-week shoot in the Melbourne area next week and is slated for broadcast during the second half of the year.

Are you excited to see Assange’s story made into a movie? Let us know in the comments.
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Afghan war whistleblower Daniel Davis: 'I had to speak out – lives are at stake'
Soldier wrote detailed report claiming US generals 'have so distorted the truth … the truth has become unrecognisable'­

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis claims US generals are lying to the public about the military campaign in Afghanistan. Photograph: Observer

"I am – how do you say it? – persona non grata," said Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Davis, as he sat sipping a coffee and eating a chocolate sundae in a shopping mall, just a subway stop from the Pentagon.

The career soldier is now a black sheep at the giant defence department building where he still works. The reason was his extraordinarily brave decision to accuse America's military top brass of lying about the war in Afghanistan. When he went public in the New York Times, he was acclaimed as a hero for speaking out about a war that many Americans feel has gone horribly awry. Later this month he will receive a Ridenhour prize, an award given to whistleblowers that is named after the Vietnam war soldier who exposed the My Lai massacre.

Davis believes people are not being told the truth and said so in a detailed report that he wrote after returning from his second tour of duty in the country. He had been rocketed, mortared and had stepped on an improvised explosive device that failed to explode. Soldiers he had met were killed and he was certain that a bloody disaster was unfolding. So he spoke out. "It's like I see in slow motion men dying for nothing and I can't stop it," he said. "It is consuming me from the inside. It is eating me alive."

Davis, 48, drew up two reports containing research and observations garnered from his last tour. He was not short of material. As part of his job he had criss-crossed the country, travelling 9,000 miles and talking to more than 250 people. He had built up a picture of a hopeless cause; a country where Afghan soldiers were incapable of holding on to American gains. US soldiers would fight and die for territory and then see Afghan troops let it fall to the Taliban. Often the Afghans actively worked with the Taliban or simply refused to fight. One Afghan police officer laughed in Davis's face when asked if he ever tried to fight the enemy. "That would be dangerous!" the man said.

Yet at the same time Davis saw America's military chiefs, such as General David Petraeus, constantly speak about America's successes, especially when working with local troops. So Davis compiled two reports: one classified and one unclassified. He sent both to politicians in Washington and lobbied them on his concerns. Then in February he went public by giving an interview to the New York Times and writing a damning editorial in a military newspaper. Then – and only then – did he tell his own army bosses what he had done.

Davis pulled no punches. His report's opening statement read: "Senior ranking US military leaders have so distorted the truth when communicating with the US Congress and American people in regards to conditions on the ground in Afghanistan that the truth has become unrecognisable."

The report detailed an alarming picture of Taliban advances and spiralling violence. Afghan security forces were unwilling or unable to fight, or actively aiding the enemy. That picture was contrasted with repeated rosy statements from US military leaders. His classified version was far more damning, but it remains a secret. "I am no WikiLeaks guy part two," Davis said. He foresees a simple and logical end point for Afghanistan – civil war and societal collapse, probably long before the last US combat soldier is scheduled to leave. He says the Afghan army and police simply cannot cope and the US forces training and working with them know that, despite official pronouncements to the contrary. "What I saw first hand in virtually every circumstance was a barely functioning organisation often co-operating with the insurgent enemy," Davis's report said.

The document was also damning about the role of the US media in reporting the war. Ever since Vietnam, generals have slammed the press as a potential danger to military operations, but Davis's report lambasted journalists for failing to question the official army line. He said the media were obsessed with getting "access" to military bases and generals and tempered reporting in order to maintain that situation. "Most of the media just takes the talking points and repeats them," he said.

Davis has not been officially sanctioned – because his classified report remains secret, he broke no law – and the military has not set out actively to condemn him. Instead there has been a muted official response, while privately, Davis said, many colleagues have congratulated him for speaking out. Yet he is now experiencing a strange end to a military career to which he devoted his life. It included serving in Germany, both Iraq wars and then two tours in Afghanistan. He said it gave him pride and a sense of purpose in doing a greater good.

"I loved the army. There was nothing I have ever wanted to do more than this job since I started as a private back in 1985," he said. That is a very all-American sentiment, but then so is Davis's background. He was born the son of a football coach and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He is a born-again Christian who sings in a church choir. He said the decision to go public involved heavy "soul-searching".

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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning
at Cardiff High School and Online, 14th - 28th April 2012
by Daniel B. Yates
4 Stars!!­
Manning Death penalty
post nuerenburg world legal defence
none classified top secret; CIA releases files of this classification to the media constantly; one rule for some. another for whistleblowers
loose chanels of reportage
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Bradley Manning must face 'aiding the enemy' charge
Bradley Manning to face possible judge imposed death penalty - In non legal trubunal

David House
Sitting here at nyu with Clark Stoeckley of WikileaksTruck, Riley, Yiu, and Marguerite Mooradian; just watched the play on a big screen with everyone.

David House
Chat seems buggy but I'll stay on as long as possible

Please move to http://community.nati...­ for chat


A US military judge has refused to dismiss the most serious charge against Private Bradley Manning, the alleged source of Wikileaks revelations.

The charge of aiding the enemy - one of 22 charges he faces - carries a life sentence in prison.

Col Denise Lind ruled against a defence argument that the government had not properly alleged that Pte Manning intended to help al-Qaeda.

Pte Manning's court martial is set to begin on 21 September in Maryland.

In arguing the case for keeping the charge in place, prosecutors said Pte Manning knew the information would be seen by al-Qaeda, regardless of whether that was his main intention.

Col Lind eventually ruled that the charge must be proven during the court martial.

If prosecutors fail to prove Pte Manning knew he was giving information to the enemy, Col Lind said she would consider further motions from the defence.

'Irrelevant' reports

While the court martial date has been set, Pte Manning has not yet entered a plea, or decided whether he will be tried by a judge or a jury.

During pre-trial hearings, Col Lind also heard arguments about whether or not the leaked material actually harmed US interests - and whether this mattered.

Defence lawyer David Coombs said he believed the reports would show the leaks did little harm. If Wikileaks had created significant harm to the US, the prosecution would be eager to discuss them, Mr Coombs said.

Prosecutor Maj Ashden Fein called the reports "completely irrelevant", arguing the government did not have to prove if damages actually occurred, only that Pte Manning knew they could.

Pte Manning is alleged to have been the source of a series of high-profile security breaches that saw Wikileaks rise to global fame.

After a video showing US troops firing on Iraqis from a helicopter came caches of documents from both the Iraq and Afghan wars, and a huge haul of classified state department cables.


Heading to Rural Wales for "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning" *Watch it on Livestream!
international | anti-war | news report Wednesday April 11, 2012 07:32 by Ciaron O'Reilly - Giuseepe Conlon House, London Catholic Worker

Hi Folks,
Today, I'll be joining British SAS Iraq War Veteran Ben Griffin http://veteransforpea...­ , his family and other activists in deploying to rural Wales for a series of events around the Welsh National Theatre's performances of Tim Price's new play "The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning".­
We will be heading to Bradley's hometown Haverfordwest, Pembrokshire, where Bradley spent four years at high school. The play will be initially staged in Bradley's old high school. You can view the play, online anywhere in the world in real time, on the following dates & times (British Standard Time). You need to go to this link to register before viewing.....­

At this stage, the play won't be archived for later viewing.
So if ya want to see it, here's ya chance!

Saturday 14th April, 7.30pm
Wednesday 18th April, 7.00pm
Thursday 19th April, 7.30pm
Friday 20th April, 7.30pm
Saturday 21st April, 2.30pm
Saturday 21st April, 7.30pm
Wednesday 25th April, 7.30pm
Thursday 26th April, 7.30pm
Friday 27th April, 7.30pm
Saturday 28th April, 2.30pm
Saturday 28th April, 7.30pm

For further updates on activism around the play and general Bradley Manning solidarity in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Engand (WISEUP, get it?). Go to this link...

For U.S. solidarity updates go to

Bradley remains in U.S. military custody. HIs next pre-trial court appearance is slated for April 24 & 25 at Ft. Meade, Marlyland. Bradley has been tortured and jailed accused of releasing the following "collateral murder" footage
and other documents blowing the whistle on U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Re: [wiseupforbradleymanning] #NTW18 Tonight Livestream with David House and Naomi Colvin
Friday, 27 April, 2012 18:56
From: "Ciaron OReilly"

“Lets build a massive global call to the US government to stop torturing and free Manning"

Personally, I think it is myth that Bradley was moved from Quantico to Leavenworth due to British pressure.

Sad to say the U.S. don't take the British government (or parliamentary oppostion) Chomsky states the British government (Australia, Ireland et al) remains a client state of the U.S.

My understanding is that the torture of Bradley ceased because it wasn't working and wasn't worth the pressure building in the U.S. (including the sackiing of one of Clinton's staff who named it publicly as "counterproductive and stupid" the task at hand which has always been putting Assange & WikiLeaks offline in solitary for life and out of action). That Bradley wouldn't break under pressure to fabricate a story to deliver Assange...surprised a lot of us including the U.S. government.

The air when out of the tyres of the Manning campaign when the torture coverage declined.

It's also about managing dissent and the state have managed the potential threst this campaign well. \they have the best and brightest and resources in their campaign we can't match.

We have an anti-war movement run by opportunists who have literally wasted millions of pounds that were collected at the large demonstrations. And who always isolate anti-war resisters, nothing new there A friend attended a Counterfire (the Trot group that runs the Stop the War Coalition) conference a couple of weeks ago and went to the anti-war workshop....there was no mention of Bradley Manning at that workshop. As the old folks say in Ireland, "What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?"

There is always issues of ambulance chasing and infiltration when organising. Ann Cywyd could be the later, as you point out, her lies facilitated the vote for the war. During the Obama visit to London 2011...she hosted a Manning event at Parliament on the stage was the dufus who wrote the hatchet job on Assange published by The Guardian who sold the rights to Spielberg. When he was challenged by Catholic Workers in attendance he replied. "We (who the f is we?) don't support Assange, read my book!"
The objective has always been to get Assange, breaking Mannnig was to be the means that failed.

The Obama visit to London was the prime time for an intervention by the Bradley Manning solidarity campaign in England. Yet not a whimper. I had deployed to Ireland to raise the issue there as Manning had been shipped through Shannon and I have profile and networks in Ireland that I don't have in England....and the British Royal family were making their first visit in 100 years. So it was two for the price of one as far as I was concerned.

When the Occupy movement was at it height...and CW and Vets for Peace did a lot to raise the Manning campaign in that context. Our announcement of a vigil at the U.S. embassy was censored by the same person who we then provided a platform for at that very go figure? Infiltration opportunism, ambulance chasing???? Dunno, by this stage don't care.

The play has been a great initiative...But the Manning solidarity campaign in general is weak (compared to other campaigns I have witnessed over the last 35 years of involvement.) It's not all our fault, but reflection and debate within the campaign is important. We will have to rejig if/ when he gets sent down for life. We should talk to the folks who ran the Mordachii Vanunu campaign for 18+ years. This is nothing new.

I've been updating this thread on Irish indymedia promoting the play and activism around the many hits have there been from Ireland?


Ciaron O'Reilly
Blog http://ciaron.wordpre...­

"The poor tell us who we are,
The prophets tell us who we could be,
So we hide the poor,
And kill the prophets."

Phil Berrigan­

There's an online campaign underway to get Lady Gaga to speak up for Bradley Manning due to the "special role" she played in helping him allegedly leak all those documents to WikiLeaks. If you've forgotten, he claimed, in the chat logs, that he used a thumb drive that supposedly held Lady Gaga songs as his "cover." See report on that here. Group at Brave Little Monster is getting people to send her tweets or Facebook message imploring her to act...

Wilber W.
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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning and Livestream chat with campaigners - Friday April 27th
Posted by Tim Price on April 23, 2012 at 17:55

This Friday, The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning will be performed at Connah's Quay High School. It will also be live-streamed across the globe.

I'll be watching the show online from my in-laws' house in Liverpool, and will be chatting to David House from the US Bradley Manning Support Network and Naomi Colvin from the UK Friends of Bradley Manning.

David is a friend of Bradley's (he features in the play, so it will be a curious experience for all of us watching) and has visited Bradley in Quantico. David will be seeing Bradley at his hearing this week at Fort Meade, Maryland.

David will be able to give us an update on how Bradley is doing, and he and Naomi will be able to give us their thoughts on the progress of Bradley's case.

So if you haven't seen the play yet, this will be a great night to join the livestream and get connected to the campaigners who have worked so tirelessly on behalf of Bradley.

The response the play from the campaigners and activists has been heart-warming. One of the unexpected joys of writing this play has been meeting the truly inspiring people who dedicate their lives to campaigning against injustice, war and the abuse of power.

Along the way I've been humbled by these people who stand on pavements with banners for hours on end, write letters, organise meetings, lobby politicians and in some cases give up their liberty for their beliefs. They do this not because they want to, but because they have to.

When you meet these people, and see the power of their convictions, it is impossible not to be inspired. Courage is contagious as someone once said! Ann Clwyd, the MP for Cynon Valley, who was instrumental in getting Bradley moved from the Quantico Brig, got in touch after seeing the play gave me a lecture on why this play has to tour outside of Wales (John, are your reading?). Whenever I've met Ann she's always been so placid and patient with my inane questions, but to hear her let rip left me feeling like I'd had the Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment. It reminded me that Bradley's story inspires real passion from people, from campaigners to politicians, to playwrights, we all have something in common now.


Tim PriceYes I've just emailed Naomi.

Tim Price
Hope they can sign up soon.

Lindi CarterWrite, fax, phone, email US politicians - the international support network at targets a different politician every two weeks so they get a whole host of calls etc at once - sign up there to get updates

Tim PriceLindi can you tell us how the campaign has gone in Wales so far?

Lucy Davieswhat's the prognosis for manning, do people think? how will this trial shake out?

Lindi CarterWell, we've had loads of interest, Tim, both from people who have never heard of Brad to people who have sketchy info to people who are involved

Tim PriceWhere did you get the most hostile response? Having been West, to Cardiff and North Wales

National Theatre WalesNews from todays trial was that they are charging him with aiding the enemy - al quaida

Lindi CarterLucy - I'm not gonna believe anything but the most hopeful outcome, but it will never happen without us kicking up a stink with USG

Lindi CarterThe Judge did refuse to dismiss the charge of 'aiding the enemy' which is absolutely outrageous and has caused ACLU to make a statement etc because of the far reaching implications

Tim PriceThat judgement along with the CISPA debacle was a dark day for free speech.

Lucy DaviesHi Anjana!

Lindi CarterBut she did put the burden of proof on the prosecution to show that Brad KNEW the 'enemy' would access the information

Tim PriceWe are either at the end of the free internet. Or the start of a global enlightenment. I'm more inclined to think it's the end of the free internet and we'll start to see the break up of the internet.

National Theatre WalesThe ACLU post:­

Lucy DaviesWelcome Naomi

Tim PriceHello Naomi!

National Theatre Wales<<<naomi>>>

Tim PriceWell done Anjana! It was a great show tonight.

Tim PriceNaomi what did you think of the show? Could you follow, with all the technical hiccups?

Naomi ColvinI could follow most of it, episodically :)
Naomi Colvin
Kai's on her way - not sure David can make it all the way over here, he was a bit pushed for time

Lindi CarterSorry, Tim - missed your earlier question - answer is actually I don't think we got a hostile approach anywhere, really

National Theatre WalesApologies for the technical problems - we were blindsided by an internet shutdown

Tim PriceThat's good to hear Lindi. Our promoter found H'west had the most range of responses - I think being a military town, Bradley can be a divisive character.

Tim Price
We're hoping Kai Wargalla can join us tonight, I hope Carl and Tom can push through her approval. Kai was at Bradley's hearing this week in Fort Meade and I'd love to hear her thoughts on the results this week, and the play.

National Theatre WalesShe's been approved - just needs to refresh the homepage

Tim PriceNaomi can you tell Kai to refresh her homepage and then she'll see us

Naomi Colvinwill let her know!

National Theatre WalesWelcome Kai

KaiHey Everyone!

Tim PriceHello Kai!

Naomi Colvinhey Kai!

Tim PriceSo good to have you with us!

Tim Price
Could you follow the play?

Naomi ColvinDavid sends his apologies, but wanted to let you all know he thought the play was excellent. They could follow it ok over in NY at least...

KaiYes, except for the last 10 min or so. It was amazing!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to watch it online!
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