11/21/2011 Japanese Language 24/7 Weekly Recap and Encouragement

From: Louis
Sent on: Monday, November 21, 2011 10:36 AM

I was away on vacation last week, so I apologize that this recap is coming to you a few days late. 

Hajimemashou!  :o)   EVENTS: We had the Japanese stretch class on Tuesday and we had a new member (Tina) join us. Tina has Japanese grandparents and that would explain why her Japanese accent is flawless! Also, Tina is clearly in great shape and I was impressed that she made it through the entire class on her first try with no difficulties. Some of those stretches were a bitch but then again, that is part of the fun  :)  We spoke lots and lots of Japanese with native speakers, so if somebody wants Japanese immersion....this is the place to do it! 


FACEBOOK POSTING: Nate put an excellent reply post on Facebook last week. Thank you, Nate! I will be replying to your reply shortly. When posting that page from Shin-Chan on our Facebook page, I realized that manga scans would be a great thing for us to start contributing. They are fun and a lot easier than trying to read full-out Japanese websites. Of course, you need to know your kanji first but that is what www.skritter.com  is for. 


As you'll notice, we went down from 30 members to 20 members. I removed inactive members and I do so on a daily basis. It would be awesome to have 5,000 Japanese Practice Partners but I will take 5 real members over 5,000 false members any day of the week! But there are many group members that are serious about Japanese AND they are awesome people  :)   Finding these group members is the reason why I started Japanese Language 24/7 in the first place and they make this whole enterprise worth it. Keep studying, keep practicing and have a great day.

Ogenki de!



Japanese Language 24/7 Policy: Inactive (non-participating) members will be gently deleted from our roster on a daily basis. The definition of "inactive" is a member who does not post on Facebook or RSVP for events for 30 consecutive days. To be considered Active and to avoid being gently deleted, come to at least 1 Meetup event a month OR post at least 1 Facebook post a month. Thank you. And I am always available for any questions or help that you want (as I am also a part-time Japanese instructor for Beginners.) If you want or need help, please ask. We are all here to learn WITHOUT judgment or trolling. The only bad Japanese that will get you booted from this group is NO Japanese! And being a no-show at an event would get you booted as well. 

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