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12/18/2011 Japanese Language 24/7 Weekly Recap & Encouragement

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Hajimemashou! :o) EVENTS: We had a nice time at the Japanese stretch class. Tina joined us again this time and she got quite the body shaping! You should have heard her yell out when they stretched out those leg muscles ;) She also got a chance to hear lots of real Japanese and use her own Japanese as well. Tina also helped do a massage on another attendee for the first time (while being monitored by a professional instructor, of course!) The class instructor is impressed with Tina and so am I! And the fact that she is in good shape doesn't hurt, either :p Tina is another wonderful JL24/7 group member that I feel grateful to have at our Events.

FACEBOOK POSTING: Sheila, thank you for your Facebook posting! It was excellent :) I love reading posts because it gives me an excuse to read Japanese WITHOUT being overwhelmed by an entire site in pure Japanese. I will post as often as I can and I will always provide links to new things so that the group is exposed to multiple native Japanese sources that are actually FUN! OL Shinkaron is a great example of that in that the vocab and kanji level are just right. A lot of manga ends up having obscure kanji and vocabulary that is not used in everyday language. OL Shinkaron is 80-90% real-life kanji, so if you learn the kanji from that manga, it actually translates to regular Japanese, as opposed to building up an entire fantasy vocabulary (video games, I am looking at you!)

The holidays will give you multiple days off. Use them for Japanese! Even when I am playing World of Warcraft with one of my best friends, there is often downtime and I just put WoW in a window and open up another window to use Skritter. Just 30-60 minutes of intense kanji study a night (which means you write them, whether through Skritter or with a pen/pencil) will be enough to advance your kanji. Be sure to read native (non-textbook) Japanese on a daily basis as well, of course! The kanji and vocabulary that you see in context is the stuff that will be the easiest to retain. That's why manga frames with visuals are so effective. Japanese songs give you excellent context as well. The next Recap will be on Christmas and I even bought Shonen Jump magazine from Book-Off so that I can enjoy it on Christmas Day. So....may all your Christmases be white (and Japanese) ;)

Ogenki de!


Japanese Language 24/7 Policy: Inactive (non-participating) members will be gently deleted from our roster on a daily basis. The definition of "inactive" is a member who does not post on Facebook or RSVP for events for 30 consecutive days. To be considered Active and to avoid being gently deleted, come to at least 1 Meetup event a month OR post at least 1 Facebook post a month. Thank you. And I am always available for any questions or help that you want (as I am also a part-time Japanese instructor for Beginners.) If you want or need help, please ask. We are all here to learn WITHOUT judgment or trolling. The only bad Japanese that will get you booted from this group is NO Japanese! And being a no-show at an event would get you booted as well.

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