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2/17/2012 Japanese Language 24/7 Weekly Recap & Encouragement

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I apologize for not having a recap last week but I have been quite busy (with Japanese things, among others) and I did not have to the time to write a proper recap. A lot happened at our last event and I wanted to do this rightNow that apologies are finished....Hajimemashou! :o)

EVENTS: THANK YOU, EVERYBODY!­ Japanese Sitcoms and Animé night was a BIG success! It was the best attended event that we have had yet (8 people attended) and I am super pleased with how it turned out. It was a full night of speaking nothing but Japanese and it was both fun and a powerful learning tool. We had multiple attendees who were native Japanese and that was a huge boost. In fact, I am going to pretty much require that there is at least 1 native Japanese person at these viewings from now on because they are a crucial resource: As for guests:

1) We met the lovely Isabella with her excellent Japanese skills and in-depth knowledge of J-Rock :)

2) We also met the lovely Chen, who has a phenomenal Japanese accent and fooled more than one person into thinking she was native Japanese! I'm jealous :p

3) We also met Jimmy and though he is new to Japanese, he is a flat-out awesome student and great guy in general. He is also excellent at Japanese video games. When we have our next viewing in April, I am excited to see how far he has come in Japanese conversation :)

4) Yuki is native Japanese and was a lot of fun. He certainly has some exciting stories! Jimmy, Yuki and I played Japanese video games together but he came later that evening. We bust out the video games (and alcohol) once it starts getting late. Next time, I hope that Yuki shows up earlier! :p

5) Matthew was the one guest who has attended this event before. It was great to see him again and converse with him in Japanese. Also, thank you for the pizza!

6) My personal guest was Shuko Saito, the famous Japanese calligrapher and an all-around nice person. I met her through the Japanese stretch class and I will be sure to invite her again. She is so wonderfully polite!

7) ** Azusa Kawahara showed up as well and he is actually a Japanese journalist for a native Japanese publication. He did a story on our group and took photos! THAT was the big surprise :) ** I did not say anything because I wanted people to act natural and it worked. Everybody was very cool.

FACEBOOK POSTING: We got a new person on the Facebook page! His screenname is Gare Bear and he like to post. Talk about real and relevant Japanese practice! Wouldn't it be nice if more people here follow his lead?

It looks like the purge of inactive members is finally over! All group members are now REAL members and I have met all of them in person. As I always say, I will take 15 real members over 200 fake members any day. I am beyond happy that all of you are here. We have a ton of fun Japanese adventure ahead of us! For real :)

Ogenki de!


Japanese Language 24/7 Policy: Inactive (non-participating) members will be gently deleted from our roster on a daily basis. The definition of "inactive" is a member who does not post on Facebook OR attends any Group Events for 30 consecutive days. To be considered "Active" and to avoid being gently deleted, come to at least 1 Meetup Event a month OR post at least 1 Facebook post a month. Thank you. And I am always available for any questions or help that you want. If you want or need help, please ask. We are all here to learn WITHOUT judgment or trolling. The only bad Japanese that will get you booted from this group is NO Japanese (or being a no-show at an Event.) The best way to learn is to always have Japanese language within easy reach and we can be within easy reach of each other, 24/7 :)
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