please write a letter for a neurologically-damaged kitty

From: Phyllis
Sent on: Friday, October 5, 2012 8:41 AM

If you're on Facebook, please like Tiny Timmy's page and help in any way you can. Read about his continuing recovery from the devastating effects of toxic flea products, and his fight to raise awareness and get better regulatory oversight of these products. Right now you can help him with a letter writing campaign. 

Timmy's family writes:

My friends,
For over three years we have been fighting this fight at your side. Each day, over 100 cats & dogs who live in loving homes continue to have adverse reactions to flea & tick products. Of those, 4 per day continue to die needlessly. In 2010, our first trip to Washington DC, you scored us a meeting in SEVENTY TWO hours with the EPA when they failed to respond to repeated requests for a meeting with us. Now we have their commitment to meet at least annually with us to discuss harmful flea & tick products. This is very important in a regulatory body that hears the industry view point every day and very little of what is actually going on from a consumer point of view.
We need your help again. We would like to meet with the FDA and despite daily requests for a meeting, we are again being ignored.
Here is the contact information and there is also a form letter you can cut and paste into an email or fax. Ask that the FDA meet with us. Demand that they listen to the public, as their charter states they must.
Commissioner Hamburg,
[address removed]
(no fax number)
Dr. Bernadette Dunham, Director of Veterinary Medicine
phone [masked]
[address removed]
(no fax number)
Executive Secretary, Jennifer M. Cannistra
E-mail.......: [address removed]
Deputy Executive Secretary, Barbara J. Holland
E-mail.......: [address removed]
I am writing to respectfully request that the FDA honor the meeting request of Claudia Tietze and Aundria Arlandson during the week of October 17th, 2012.
Aundria and Claudia will be traveling to Washington DC for their third annual meeting with the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs on October 17, 2012. They represent myself and more than 100,000 concerned pet owners who have been angered and moved by the thousands of animals that have been hurt, permanently damaged and killed by harmful flea and tick products.
American pet owners are alarmed, concerned and ready to take action to make changes in the regulations and mindset of the safety of pet products in general, more specifically those that kill and damage more than 100 loved household pets per day in America.
Thousands upon thousands of animals have been harmed. These same products that have hurt our pets also have the potential to hurt our children, particularly toddlers*.
By accepting this meeting, your agency will help the consumer to understand the landscape between pesticides approved by the EPA and those products approved by the FDA.
Your agency states: “Protecting and Promoting Your Health.” Certainly American families' health should not be jeapordized when they believe they are protecting their pets.
Claudia and Aundria can be reached at [address removed] and [address removed] respectively. Please contact them as soon as possible to schedule a meeting with your agency during the week of October 15th-19th, 2012.
Most Sincerely,
Footnote: *“A first-of-its-kind study by NRDC shows that dangerously high levels of pesticide residue can remain on a dog's or cat's fur for weeks after a flea collar is put on an animal. NRDC found that residues from two pesticides used in flea collars -- tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur, among the most dangerous pesticides still legally on the market -- were high enough to pose a risk to both children and adults who play with their pets.” -Green Paws

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