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Meetup reminder and Leafletting Tips

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Hi folks,

I wanted to remind everyone of the very exciting upcoming meetup at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, Santa Monica's newest raw vegan food cafe, Sunday, December 10th at 6:30 pm. Please click on the link below for further details and to RSVP. This is one of the few weekends I have off from work, so hopefully we'll get a decent turnout. :-)


Also, for those interested in doing vegan outreach literature distribution on the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade, which is the happenin' place in town, let's meet at the corner of Third and Broadway at 5:15 pm. I'll have plenty of literature (which I ordered from Vegan Outreach), but you're welcome to bring yours as well if you'd like. As promised, I have some leafletting "tips" for those who may be new to this form of activism.

(1) Try to dress somewhat conservatively. Avoid having a very distracting, unconventional, or unkempt appearance, as this detracts from the image we are trying to project as animal activists, and lessens the likelihood of passersby who are unfamiliar with our message from taking a pamphlet or taking our message seriously.

(2) Be friendly and smile when offering a pamphlet.

(3) If someone walks by and says something extremely rude and obnoxious (which is virtually guaranteed to happen at least once), simply ignore them or smile politely. What you don't want to do is get into a shouting match with that kind of person. I've seen activists fall into this trap before and it can get ugly, so beware of falling into that kind of trap. Plus, if others see you arguing, they might sympathize with the other guy instead of you.

(4) If someone raises a legitimate concern, e.g. "My mom tried to go vegetarian but her doc said she had to eat red meat to get enough iron" or "How do I get enough protein?" try to address their concern in a respectful, concise way and give them additional resources. It's usually pretty easy to distinguish between people who are genuinely interested/concerned as opposed to those who just trying to yank your chain. The latter group are a waste of time.

(5) Opening phrases I use:
"Would you like some information?"
"Would you like to help animals and your health?"
"Would you like to learn about vegetarian eating?"
"Brochure on/against animal cruelty?" (supposedly men are more apt to take a pamphlet with this one)
"Brochure to help animals?" (supposedly women are more likely to take a brochure with this phrase)

The benefit of using the non-descriptive phrases like "Would you like some information?" is that people who would otherwise immediately reject it, saying "Oh, I can't live without meat!" or whatever, are now exposed to information they otherwise would never seek out on their own.

Or you can just be silent and smile and reach your hand out offering the pamphlets to people passing by without saying a word when your voice is tired. Try out different phrases and see what works for you.

(6) When traffic is heavy, as is often the case on the Promenade, many people may turn down a pamphlet before someone takes one. This can sometimes be a bit discouraging. But when you do get someone to take (and later, read) a pamphlet, that is one more victory scored for the animals. So keep the faith!

(7) Have fun! Just half an hour of leafletting has the potential to raise awareness about the plight of animals in factory farms, thereby leading to many new vegetarians and vegans!! It's time well-spent!

If anyone has any questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc. to share, feel free to do so on the message boards or at the upcoming meetup!


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