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Teen Game Campaign Notes

user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 13
On Andrezei's body, there is about 4300 gp. Steve has an additional 4200. So even without outside help, we are close to having at least one Rez. So two questions need to be debated/determined by the teens.
1) Do they want to try and rez these folks?
2) If so, and they only can choose one, which?

I assume Enkari would do a Speak with Dead first, to determine if they WANT to be resurrected. Sometimes the afterlife is enough for the person, and they want to stay, and it would be terrible to use the 10,000 gp and have the spell fail!

Andrezei's answer would be yes. His father still has a wasting sickness from being experimented on by aberrations in the Darklands for many years. It takes years to die from, but it is fatal, and Desna told him he could only find the cure by going out into the world.

Wayzig may be equally anxious to return, in which case the debate of which to choose is in your hands. Good luck!
A former member
Post #: 132
I will be going away on the 4th Saturday this month to a lake house for fishing and boating. Sorry, can't pass that up.
This gives everyone time to figure out what to do. I will say that you do not know anyone who would be willing to shell out the cash to raise you from the dead. They would rather hire new adventures for cheaper.

I am going to say that you would have eventually won the day so when we meet next time the combat will be over and you will get the treasures from the town. I will post that soon. This way we can advance the story and not be bogged down in combat while two dead people have nothing to do.
As a suggestion, you can always make new characters and then bring back the dead ones once there is enough gold. The new characters could be a relative or friend who would want to raise you and then retire so you can continue on.
Also, this would be a good time to create a non-standard character with 3.5 style level adjustments as in Drow, Dhamphir, fiendish or angelic etc..
If you would like to play a special race send me an email and we can work out the details. You would be creating a level 8 character at the same XP level as the rest.
And, Blake, read these posts more closely. I did tell everyone "So, for those attending, don't forget to level up. ." :)

Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 14
Ok, you're not going to like this, but I think the Circle of Death spell was applied incorrectly.

It effects the lowest HD creatures in it's area first, not the closest to the center. It's only closest to center when there is a tie in HD. It's a HUGE 40ft RADIUS effect, which means both my summons should have been effected before our characters (they are lower HD). The Air Ele (4HD) and Archon (6HD) should have gone down first, saving one of us. Also, the humans outside the door waiting to be let in would have also gone down first, as the spell does not distinguish friend from foe (although I'm not sure who, if anyone, was outside the door at that point). Also, if Andreze has a familiar, it would have gone down first also (not sure if that tattoo rat thing counts as "living" though).

Maybe the statute of limitations has passed on this... I only just looked up the spell now as I'd never heard of that spell before. Ironically, when we go up one more level the spell will no longer effect any of us (9HD or more are immune).

In other news, I've rolled up an Oracle. No really good attack spells, but a few really good annoy-the-DM debuffs :-)


A former member
Post #: 134
Those were undead outside the door when the spell was cast. The issue was everyone made their saves but you two. I suppose I should give both your summons a saving throw and if one fails you are alive and if two fail you both are alive. His familiar is a tattoo so wouldn't count. So, guess your not dead yet.
Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 15
:-( Now I feel bad. I wasn't trying to nit-pick. I just read the spell for the first time and noticed that.

But I don't feel bad enough to stop you from rolling a save for the summons ;-) They're both +8 on fort saves.

Either way, doesn't a successful save "negate", meaning that part of the spell is wasted?

-- ok, I just did a search and there is lots of debate but no official answer to the question of what happens when a creature saves in a affects-a-number-of-HD type spell. Some say those HD are wasted, others say they roll-over to the next creature. So, no real guidance for the DMs call on that one. This is why we pay you the big bucks ;-)

one such discussion of this here:

Well, let me know if me and/or Andrezei are dead ;-)


A former member
Post #: 135
You are both alive !!!
You bring up good points, all of which I can use against you all when you try that spell on me :)
Archon (1d20 + 8): 15 + 8 = 23
Bison (1d20 + 8): 3 + 8 = 11
Considering the bison failed he is toast. Basically, all the spell could have killed is the two summons since I only rolled 16 on my 8d4 for HD levels. Looks like that spell is best to take out a whole bunch of low level things at once so I was using it wrong.
If I knew the spell worked that way I would not have cast it just to kill two summons. I would have cast something at the summoner so he would stop summoning things to block my door.
I will be posting the end of that story so we can go on to the next. So post is coming up.
Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 16
From where the necromancer was standing, he didn't know:

1) that there were summons in the range of his spell
2) where the summoner even was (he was invisible at the time, and not in line of sight even if he had 'see invisible' or some such)
3) For purposes of Circle of Death our party is a "bunch of low level things"

So, what I'm saying is, using the spell the way you did was, in my opinion, a really a good tactic. Things being even slightly different and the two casters would be dead, and and the evil mage nearly escaped scott free (well, if the really-ticked-off-druid weren't outside, but the necromancer didn't know about her, either).

I think our ambush tactic was actually pretty decent. There is a lot of stuff the necromancer didn't know was coming. He had a bunch of tricks up his sleeve (tremor sense undead, plus all the usual wizard tricks), but we really used the element of surprise to our advantage. It's dumb luck that we survived with a bit of rules lawyering (sorry), but taking down a +3 level mage in his own lair is a pretty good accomplishment, and the battle was really quite close.

Even if Wayzig and Andrezei were dead, I think the accomplishment is still pretty impressive. The fact that we survived makes our success quite sweet indeed! Congratulations on a fight well fought to everyone there (including the DM)!


A former member
Post #: 137
OK, we left off fighting Marsh Giants. Here is the picture. next game is on the 27th at my Mom's or at Alex's house if it is OK.

A former member
Post #: 4
I regret to inform everyone that I will be missing the July 27 game do to a family reunion in chicago sad. I feel as though i've been missing a lot lately but when school starts I will become more of a regular attendee again. Sorry for the inconvenience, -Blake
A former member
Post #: 138
I regret to inform everyone that I will be missing the July 27 game do to a family reunion in chicago sad. I feel as though i've been missing a lot lately but when school starts I will become more of a regular attendee again. Sorry for the inconvenience, -Blake
Thanks for the notice. No problem missing as long as you let us know so I can plan accordingly. We do miss you though. People usually miss a lot in the summer. Winter is better for gaming.

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