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Teen Game Campaign Notes

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 69
Use this thread to post game summaries, treasure and I will post XP for previous sessions.

I will have XP posted within a week of our game.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 72
Next session will be here. All 4th Saturday's will be here.

324 Garland Ypsilanti, MI 48198­

I'll be doing xp later today

user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 4
Session 1

In their first outing, the intrepid group had returned from defeating the Black Wyrmling that had been plaguing the farmers of this land. The community was very thankful, and offered to have a party in celebration of the champions of Sandpoint. They came to find that the festival was planned anyways, as it coincided with the Swallowtail Festival, to open the new cathedral and honor Desna, but it was still a nice gesture.

The festival started out pleasant enough, with food aplenty and fun to be had. The heroes went about their days celebrating or entertaining, and making themselves known in town. Things started winding down for the speeches and the opening of the cathedral, but suddenly there was a commotion in the crowd. Screams were followed by panic as a group of goblins bounded into the masses with lit torches in one hand and dogslicers in the other. As the townsfolk scattered, the heroes did what they could to help.

The battle was short but brutal. The goblins had several war-singers inspiring their troops, making them more difficult to take down, but the heroes prevailed, their Ranger, Steve showing particular skill with his weapon. Sending summoned creatures around town to assist others the heroes went about looking for more to help, and fires to put out. They found a noble cornered under a table in a pavilion, and decided to make the goblins think twice before doing this again. This time, the goblins had some mounted warriors riding giant rat-like creatures called Goblin Dogs. Here, the Druid in the group shone by casting an Entangle spell, and hampering their movement so the heroes could get into position to take the Goblins down with ease.

With the majority of the goblins on the run now, only the cleanup needed to be done. The heroes went and spoke with the Mayor and a new face, and Elf woman name Shalelu. She mentioned she regularly keeps track of the Goblin movements, and hampers them when she can. She also noted that it seemed the five major Goblin tribes were working together, and that’s never a good thing. The Sherriff decides to take a group of his men south to Magnimar to request further aid in this, and the heroes are left in charge of the remainder temporarily.

Returning to their rooms at the Rusty Dragon, they are told by a maid that the owner, Ameiko, has not shown up, and she is worried. She shows them a note for Ameiko that seems to have come from her brother, Tsuto, requesting a meeting at the Glassworks in town. The Summoner sent his Eidolon to explore the area and report on what it saw. Apparently, goblins had invaded that one building for some reason and were causing chaos within. The group set the guards to monitor the building while they recovered from the battles, and determined they would enter at first light.
user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 5
Session 2

The heroes rose and prepared themselves for more battle with the goblins. The approached the Glassworks carefully, scouting out each room as they went until reaching the main furnace room. It was here that their scout had told them a number of goblins were at. The heroes cracked open the double-doors carefully, and the Summoner case a Grease spell just on the other side to deter any melee attacks. He was in the process of casting a second one when the alarm was raised. Hobgoblins in the room were on watch, and roused the sleeping Goblins with their shouts. They all pulled out their bows, and fired at us from afar, noting the slick floor. Other than Steve, none of the group was proficient enough with ranged attacks to be doing much damage, but luckily the Summoner had called some Celestial dogs to help out on the other side of the Grease. The monsters dispatched, the heroes took a closer look at the room.

The furnace room was a terrible sight. All the employees were deceased, and in various states of dismemberment. The former owner of the Glassworks himself was covered in molten glass and had likely died a painful death that way. The heroes wanted to make sure the goblin issue was taken care of, so continued to search the building, heading down to the basement.

Once there, they found the son of the owner, Tsuto, in a sparse room. Thinking they had rescued him, the heroes extended their hands in friendship, only to be assaulted by him amidst shrieks of how they ruined his plans. The heroes knock Tsuto out and tie him up to finish their search of the premises. In another room, they find a bound and beaten Ameiko. Between her knowledge, and a journal of Tsuto’s the heroes find, they piece together a general idea of the situation. Several battle plans are in the journal, one similar to what the recent raid was, and another one, showing more than 200 Goblin raiders! Numerous drawings are in the book of an attractive woman, likely someone Tsuto is obsessed with, but the final image in the journal depicts her with demonic attributes. Other journal entries provide the following clues:

  • The Goblins used the raid as a distraction to successfully steal “Tobyn’s casket”
  • The Goblins will be sending in ‘freaks from below’ with aid from a quasit
  • The’ freaks’ and goblin troops, will be coming to town through a smuggling tunnel in the Glassworks
  • Tsuto’s ‘love’ is distracted with some ‘lower chambers’ and wishes to release something called Malfeshnekor
  • His love is bringing her father’s remains to Thistletop to start a transformation into a succubus
  • She wants to offer Sandpoint as an offering to Lamashtu’s fires to help the transformation

With all this information, the heroes were torn on what to do first, but decided the smuggler tunnels were the more immediate threat, and wanted to scout them out and make sure they were clear. They entered, and found a beast called a Sinspawn wielding a ranseur. The vile thing bit some of the heroes and sickened them, but was soon brought low. The heroes pressed on, and found a prison area with two more Sinspawn. This time, with more room to use, the heroes were more successful, and defeated them with less personal damage. The platform in this prison was low enough to conceal the adventurers, so they decided to fortify their position, and rest for a bit there, before continuing on their search.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 79
We are changing adventure paths. We will be skipping the first module as it is too low of a level. Here is a summary. I will fill you in on the details. Basically, another adventure party will transfer knowledge, items or whatever is necessary to start the next adventure.

The PCs come to Ravengro to attend the funeral of an
old friend, Professor Petros Lorrimor, only to become
embroiled in the village’s problems—the ghosts of the
haunted prison on the hill are spreading down into the
town. After researching the pasts of the town and prison
and handling several local haunts (perhaps even recovering
a stash of old ghost-hunting gear from the cemetery), the
PCs head up the hill to investigate Harrowstone. There,
they find evidence that the Whispering Way has been up
to something, and that the cult’s tinkering has upset the
balance of things. In order to prevent the souls within the
prison from escaping, the PCs must ally with the ghost of
the prison warden’s wife to defeat the five most dangerous
spirits active within and below Harrowstone’s walls.

This town and NPC's do not come into play for now, if ever, so it is almost a stand alone adventure anyways. The important thing is the discovery of the cult and the clues you find. I will give you this info.

We still have the current adventure to finish in Carrion Hill and it sort of relates anyways.

Here is a link to the players guide.­

If you want to make any adjustments to your character feel free. Just let me know. You current characters should be fine as it.

They introduce a fortune telling mechanic that we can use or not. That is up to you all. I could do without it but it may be fun.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 80
July 28th we will be meeting at my house. This is a new place. The address is 2230 Parkwood Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. This is the neighborhood south of Arborland.

Bring something to throw on the grill. Also, bring folding chairs if you have them. We have a round table on the back porch but if it is too hot we can game inside. Either way we may need chairs.

I am creating a new thread for monsters defeated. So check it out.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 83
I am changing how XP works. Instead of handing out XP after each session I will let you know when you have enough experience to level.

Two reasons for this. One, not every session will you be killing monsters and I don't think getting XP should be a motive for senseless killing and or diversions. You will get XP for role-playing and working together. Second, since we are doing an adventure path you need to be at the appropriate level for the current story.

Basically, when you start the next story (after we finish the carrion crown mystery) you need to be 4th level. When you finish you will be 7th level. So, completing objectives and staying alive is really all you need to do to level.

Also, if any one of you are not happy with their character and want to try something else this would be the time to change it.

At the beginning of the next session I want to review all of you character sheets to make sure you are accounting for encumbrance, armor class penalties and general stats.

I will be copying your main stats (AC, knowledge, perception, open lock, stealth, search etc...) for my own records to speed up game-play. This way when I roll a stealth check for the foes, I can roll behind the screen to see if you perceived them or since Bufferwug is always searching and in stealth I can just make rolls to see if he notices anything or is spotted.

I bought the Game Mastery Guide, the Bestiary 1 and the Pathfinder GM screen to help improve my skills as a GM and for easier reference.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 84
Details of the skipped story. This will come into play after the Carrion Crown session.

Petros Lorrimor's Will.

“I, Petros Lorrimor, being of sound mind, do hereby commit to this
parchment my last will and testament. Let it be known that, with
the exception of the specific details below, I leave my home and
personal belongings entire to my daughter Kendra. Use them or
sell them as you see fit, my child.
“Yet beyond the bequeathing of my personal effects, this
document must serve other needs. I have arranged for the reading
of this document to be delayed until all principals can be in
attendance, for I have more than mere inheritance to apportion. I
have two final favors to ask.
“To my old friends, I hate to impose upon you all, but there are
few others who are capable of appreciating the true significance of
what it is I have to ask. As some of you know, I have devoted many
of my studies to all manner of evil, that I might know the enemy and
inform those better positioned to stand against it. For knowledge
of one’s enemy is the surest path to victory over its plans.
“And so, over the course of my lifetime, I have seen fit to acquire
a significant collection of valuable but dangerous tomes, any one
of which in the wrong circumstances could have led to an awkward
legal situation. While the majority of these tomes remain safe under
lock and key at the Lepidstadt University, I fear that a few I have
borrowed remain in a trunk in my Ravengro home. While invaluable
for my work in life, in death, I would prefer not to burden my
daughter with the darker side of my profession, or worse still, the
danger of possessing these tomes herself. As such, I am entrusting
my chest of tomes to you, posthumously. I ask that you please deliver
the collection to my colleagues at the University of Lepidstadt, who
will put them to good use for the betterment of the cause.
“Yet before you leave for Lepidstadt, there is the matter of
another favor—please delay your journey one month and spend
that period of time here in Ravengro to ensure that my daughter is
safe and sound. She has no one to count on now that I am gone,
and if you would aid her in setting things in order for whatever she
desires over the course of this month, you would have my eternal
gratitude. From my savings, I have also willed to each of you a sum
of one hundred platinum coins. For safekeeping, I have left these
funds with Embreth Daramid, one of my most trusted friends in
Lepidstadt—she has been instructed to issue this payment upon
the safe delivery of the borrowed tomes no sooner than one month
after the date of the reading of this will.
“I, Petros Lorrimor, hereby sign this will in Ravengro on this
first day of Calistril, in the year _____.”

The newest tome
sits on the top and bears the phrase “Read me now!”
scratched into the leather cover. This book is Petros
Lorrimor’s journal and is detailed in the next section.
The other tomes comprise the books of dangerous lore
mentioned in his will—three of these have notes tucked
into them indicating that they should be delivered
to one Montagnie Crowl, a professor of antiquities at
Lepidstadt University. The fourth, Manual of the Order
of the Palatine Eye, has a note indicating it should be
delivered to Embreth Daramid, a judge at the Lepidstadt
Courthouse (although the note asks for this delivery in
particular to be handled discreetly, and includes the
address of Embreth’s home so that the PCs can deliver it
there). These books are summarized below.
Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye: The rich purple
cover contains a brass scarab set with a single eye in
its center. This is locked.
On Verified Madness: This jet-black book
is a treatise on aberrations and other
entities found on Golarion that possess
remote ties to the Dark Tapestry, the name given to the
dark places between the stars in the night sky. - This will give you a +5 knowledge (aberration) check on creatures in this area.
Serving Your Hunger: This text is a copy of one of
several unholy books sacred to the goddess Urgathoa.
Lorrimor’s notations liberally sprinkle the margins.
The Umbral Leaves: This lexicon is a translation into
Common of the unholy book of Zon-Kuthon.

His journal.

Circled Entries in the Profess or’s Journal
Ten Years Ago:
The Whispering Way is more than just a cabal of necromancers. I see that now. Undeath is their
fountain of youth. Uncovering their motivation does not place me at ease as I thought it might.
Their desire to be eternal simply makes them more dangerous.
Two Months Ago:
It is as I had feared. The Way is interested in something here in Ravengro. But what could it be?
One Month Ago:
Whatever the Way seeks, I am now convinced their goal is connected to Harrowstone. In retrospect,
I suppose it all makes sense—the stories they tell about the ruins in town are certainly chilling
enough. It may be time to investigate the ruins, but with everyone in town already being so worked
up about them, I’d rather not let the others know about my curiosity—there’s plenty of folks
hereabouts who already think I’m a demonologist or a witch or something. Ignorant fools.
Twenty Days Ago:
It is confirmed. The Way seems quite interested in something—no, strike that—someone who was
held in Harrowstone. But who, specifically, is the Way after? I need a list of everyone who died
the night of the fire. Everyone. The Temple of Pharasma must have such a list.
Eighteen Days Ago:
I see now just how ill prepared I was when I last set out for the Harrowstone. I am lucky
to have returned at all. The ghosts, if indeed they were ghosts (for I did not find it prudent to
investigate further) prevented me from transcribing the strange symbols I found etched along the
foundation—hopefully on my next visit I will be more prepared. Thankfully, the necessary tools to
defend against spirits are already here in Ravengro. I know that the church of Pharasma used to
store them in a false crypt in the Restlands at the intersection between Eversleep and the Black
Path. I am not certain if the current clergy even know of what their predecessors have hidden down
below. If my luck holds, I should be able to slip in and out with a few borrowed items.
Seventeen Days Ago:
Tomorrow evening I return to the prison. It is imperative the Way does not finish. My caution
has already cost me too much time. I am not sure what will happen if I am too late, but if my
theory is right, the entire town could be at risk. I don’t have time to update my will, so I’ll
leave this in the chest where it’ll be sure to be found, should the worst come to pass.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 85
Knowledge you would have gained.

Research Topic: Whisp ering Way
Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (religion) can be used
to research the Whispering Way.
DC 10 (50 XP): The Whispering Way is a sinister
organization of necromancers that has been active in the
Inner Sea region for thousands of years.
DC 15 (100 XP): Agents of the Whispering Way often
seek alliances with undead creatures, or are themselves
undead. The Whispering Way’s most notorious member
was Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, although the
society itself has existed much longer than even that
mighty necromancer.
DC 20 (200 XP): The Whispering Way itself is a series of
philosophies that can only be transferred via whispers—
the philosophies are never written or spoken of loudly,
making the exact goals and nature of the secretive
philosophy difficult for outsiders to learn much about.
DC 25 (400 XP): Exact details on the society are difficult
to discern, but chief among the Whispering Way’s goals are
discovering formulae for creating liches and engineering
the release of the Whispering Tyrant. Agents often travel
to remote sites or areas plagued by notorious haunts
or undead menaces to perform field research or even to
capture unique monsters. Their symbol is a gagged skull,
and those who learn too many of the Way’s secrets are
often murdered, and their mouths mutilated to prevent
their bodies from divulging secrets via speak with dead.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 86
Treasure you receive after Carrion Crown which we will be finishing that one up next session, this Saturday. I am being generous here since you may need some of these things for the next adventure.

10 +1 arrows, five +1 ghost touch arrows, two +1 undead bane arrows, five potions of cure light wounds, two potions of lesser restoration, a scroll of detect undead, two scrolls of hide from undead, a scroll of protection from evil

four potions of cure moderate wounds, three potions of lesser restoration, and two potions of remove disease

five vials of holy water, a scroll of lesser restoration, and a wand of cure light wounds (15 charges).

a pair of fully stocked healer’s kits, 3 vials of antitoxin, 2 vials of antiplague, 3 doses of bloodblock, 3 doses of smelling salts, 2 vials of soothe syrup, and 4 potions of cure light wounds

a set of masterwork thieves’ tools, a bronze war medallion from the Shining Crusade (worth 40 gp), an unframed Taldan painting of Stavian I (worth 100 gp),
a set of a noblewoman’s silver hair clips (worth 35 gp),
a masterwork punching dagger, a pouch containing a dozen masterwork shurikens, a masterwork silver war razor, and a wand of lesser restoration (12 charges).

Spell Book: comprehend languages, dispel magic, false life, gust of wind, illusory script, levitate, mage armor, magic missile, and summon monster IV

Smith’s Hammer: This masterwork smith’s hammer grants a +2 competence bonus on all Craft (armorsmith,
blacksmith, and weaponsmith) checks.

120 gp, a stone of alarm

10 +1 crossbow bolts, a wand of hold person (11 charges), 4 potions of cure moderate wounds, and a rope of climbing

+1 keen longsword, a +1 mithral dagger, and a ring of protection +1.

rod of lesser extend metamagic
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