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Teen Game Campaign Notes

user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 24
Yup, I'll get the number posted as soon as I can. Note, however, I can't include the following without some GM/player input! =)

Book of Abstruse Geometries
This thing seemed somewhat dangerous. What are we doing with it?

Cassius Undiomede's journal - GM stated it may have some value to a collector or some such (museum in Lepidstat?)

Seasage Effigy - Ideally, we would return it to the museum from which it was stolen. However, knowing it is a holy relic to Dagon, I think it needs to have someone watching over it at least. We can go through Judge Daramind, from the Order of the Palantine Eye, to make sure it will have enough magical protection and such so it won't be used improperly if the museum does want it.

Raven's Head - Magic mace, minor artifact of Pharasma. We believe the Whispering Way need this item to complete a ritual they are working on. So we have two options, keep it with us, or hide it away somewhere. If we keep it, we'll be basically taking it right to them, but we'll be dead before they take it so....Otherwise, if we hide it, then it may be safe, but we won't know for sure. The temple of Pharasma in Caliphas may be able to help, but they may or may not be string enough.

The following items I also kept, as I think someone in the group can use them:
4 potions of barkskin +4
Ring of Force Shield (Enkari?)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2
Ring of Sustenance
Dusty Rose Ioun stone (the Halfling wanted it, anyone else?)
user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 25
Well, I can't be certain without GM approval, but based on what we have, and some assumptions about the above, we will each receive 28,153 gold. Quite a haul!

If the GM is OK with it, and everyone agrees, I'd like to see if we can trade our scroll of Astral Projection for one of Create Greater Demiplane. This will allow us to have a small base for 17 days (scroll caster level) where I can craft stuff, but with the Flowing time, I will actually have 34 days of work.

I know there's a certain level of urgency to track the other rider, so please let me know what our characters feel is acceptable. We may not even do this until after we get to Caliphas and determine the extent of the issue there.
Alex S.
user 110534022
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 5
I feel that would be a good idea, I could also do some crafting during this time. I believe we should check on the situation it Caliphas.
Grace J.
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 1
About our loot (I love that word!): I am interested in the Rose Ioun (it applies even when I'm wild shaped) if nobody else really wants it. The rest of the stuff is not very useful to me. I'm very excited to spend that gold! smile

About our plans: My opinion is we should go to Caliphas and, as Raphael put it, "determine the extent of the issue there." Then we can craft and whatever but the quicker we can do that, the better. Right now we have a good lead on where the Whispering Way is so we should try to hold on to that. So basically I agree with both of you but I'm hoping we can get the crafting done in less than 17 days, which seems pretty long to me.

See you all Saturday!
Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 42
Hello everyone! This Saturday we're meeting at my house again, usual time!

You should have little trouble making an even swap for a same-level scroll if you spend a day or two in Caliphas to do it.

Before you go to Caliphas, I assume you'll want to transport/teleport over to Lepidstadt to visit the professor at the university, and Judge Daramid of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. You'll need to do that if you want to sell the Seasage Effigy to a known-good-aligned buyer at full price (the professor will give you 100% of the value for it). Judge Daramid will also suggest to you that you try to make contact with the Esoteric Order in Caliphas, and suggests you contact Edjureus Modd, a local aristocrat, or Abraun Chalest, a well known scholar. Both these individuals should know how to contact the Order. Unfortunately, since Judge Daramid hasn't been to Caliphas since he was a child he doesn't know how to find these individuals, other than that they are in Caliphas.

You'll definitely have at least a few days of down time in Caliphas while you are trying to track down the Order and/or the dark rider, so you can do some shopping/crafting, and decide what to do next. We'll pick up there next session.

See y'all Saturday!


Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 43
Summary of last weeks meeting:

The party finished up business in Illsmarsh and Lepidstadt, and headed to Caliphas in pursuit of the remaining Whispering Way rider. Asking around town, a lead was found to get to an event hosted by the local Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye.

On the way to the event, however, the party was ambushed by a headless horseman and his ghoul hounds. Although some innocent bystanders barely made it out alive, the party managed to dispatch the bad guy and run off with his body before the local police force got wind of the situation. On the body, a magic item called a "Moribund Key" was found. Unfortunately, the party had to carry it in an extra-dimensional space (i.e., a bag of holding) or else the bearer would suffer a negative level.

Also on the body was a note, apparently addressed to the party members, commanding them to turn over the Raven's Head mace, or else suffer some unfortunate penalties. Andreze wrote a curt refusal, and the message was stuffed into the headless horseman's corpse (which may have transported it back to the sender), and the whole thing disintegrated by Sauburn.

Upon finally making it to the Palatine Eye event, it was discovered to be postponed a week due to a spurt of murders in the immediate area. The next morning, the party discovered a new round of murders occurred the previous night just around the corner. Investigating, it became apparent that the victims of the murders were vampires, staked through the heart and left for the morning sun to destroy. The local sheriff, however, was not to be convinced that vampires are in the city, and told the party to stay out of his investigation.

The following week, the party finally made it to the Palatine Eye event, held at the private Haraday Theater. The formal part of the event, some initiation of new Eye members, was off-limits to the party, but after the event the party was able to mingle with members of the order.

Abraun Chalest turned out to be friendly after talking with Andreze for a while, and he was willing to help the party out. He introduced everyone to Edjureus Modd, the head of the Order, but he was not nearly as impressed with the party, definitely giving the impression he thought you were some lower-class ruffians. Abraun Chalest intervened to stop any sort of argument from developing, and promised to help the party without Modd's knowledge.

At the event, Summer also managed to befriend Count Lucinean Galdana, a member of some standing in the Order, and also local nobility. This contact may be of some use in the future.

Abraun took the party to the Esoteric Vaults in the basement of the Haraday Theater to investigate information about the Raven's Head mace, and the Moribund Key. After some looking, information linking the key to an ancient Wispering Way hideout was found. As luck would have it, the reference was to a statue of a gargoyle that had long since been relocated to the Esoteric Vaults, and a quick search turned it up. The key was placed in the gargoyle statue, and a map showing the way to the Whispering Way hideout appeared. Four images of a lich also appeared and demanded to know the fifth catechism of the Whispering Way. Fortunately, between Alex and Rafael, the group was able to remember it and stop a rather nasty trap from being sprung.

The location of the hideout was shown to be under the Quaterfaux Archives. Since Abraun is the curator of the Quaterfaux Archives, he was very interested in this, and volunteered to help the party locate the secret entrance. Once you know something exists, it's not nearly so hard to find it, and the entrance to the underground hideout was quickly located with Abraun's help.

Unfortunately, the ancient hideout had already been deserted. As the party searched for any possible clues in the empty hideout, a familiar voice called down from the top of the stairs. Wayzig, looking a little pale, has returned, and he is eager to tell his tale...
Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 44
Wayzig's tale:

"Hello, my friends, I am truly happy to see you again! So much has happened since last we were together, we could spend days telling tales and catching up. And I would love to do so, but I have a pressing task before me that will not let me rest. Let me quickly catch you up on my tale, and perhaps we will be able to travel together again, and again fight a common enemy."

"When last we were together, you were busy breaking into the prison of the vampire lord Vladd Rask. My mind had been taken over by Nadia Basdel, one of Vladd's many servants. After you allowed Vladd to be destroyed, Nadia was free to act on her own. She freed me to go on my way as well, but I chose to stay with her. We became lovers, and you should know that, with my consent, she made me vampire as well."

"Living, as it were, in Caliphas with Nadia was... good. I love her fiercely, and she returned my affections. I'll admit my world view has changed a bit since my remaking, but my friends are still my friends, and my love is still my love. In fact, the strange thing about being remade is that your feelings become fixed, unchanging. Those whom I cared about, I will always care for, and those whom I dislike, I will always dislike."

"And, as much as I am glad to see you my old friends, the reason I have come to this place is to find someone I despise like a fire through my soul. Someone has killed Nadia, my lover, my life, and I would find that person and see him destroyed!"

"Someone is killing vampires in this city, and Nadia was one of his first targets. This is not an action of the local law. It is most likely a vampire. The local law does not pursue us because, long ago vampires learned not to take life or disturb the local population. We can feed without killing. How else could vampires have survived in this city for a thousand years, and the humans above believe there are no vampires here at all? Vampires, individually, are more powerful than humans. But we do not want to start mass vampire hunts by making our presence known."

"Are the murders linked to the Whispering Way agents you follow? Where has the Whispering Way agent gone? I cannot say, because I do not know. But Luvick Siervage may know. He is the leader of the local Vampire clan, and was alive before the Whipering Tyrant first gazed upon this earth. I think we would both benefit from a conversation with Lord Sievage."

"So, I would be most pleased if we can again help each other. I am far too new to this city, and recently makerless as well, to be given access to the underground city where the noble vampire elders dwell. But I know where they are. Together, we can fight our way in. Once there, we can request an audience with Lord Sievage, and see if we can make common cause with him in finding this murderer, and tracking down the Whispering Way agent as well. Both of these are causes Lord Sievage would benefit from advancing."

"Don't worry about offending Lord Sievage by fighting our way in. So long as a vampire is with you, any casualties on the way in will be taken as an honor duel between the guardians and myself. When it's vampire against vampire, there is no retribution from above, and strength is given respect. This is how we will earn an audience that otherwise is forbidden."

"So, my friends, do you think we can travel together again? It would give my soul a mote of gladness among all the grief I carry if we could work together again, if even for this very short time."

"What do you say?"

user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 26
This message is for Blake. Now that we have some experience, and know what we are up against, we should be able to fill our niches nicely. You sometimes seem to have trouble figuring out what you can do best to help us, so I thought I might provide a few pointers to help your witch plan for our combats, mostly against undead.

Since we are currently leveling up, I know you can choose a new Hex and a couple of new spells, so maybe this will help.

Fortune – helping your allies is always a plus
Misfortune – not mind-affecting, so for two rounds, enemy has to roll twice and take the worse roll. Nice!
Healing – This is nice for helping your allies, but remember, it can also be used to damage undead once per day too

Major Hexes:
Major Healing – See Healing above
Retribution – Damage the enemy whenever he hurts someone else. Good on a fighter type.

Level 1:
Burning Hands – maxes out at 5d4 damage, so not great, but good for a level 1
Chill Touch – Make undead flee, best used on undead grunts, not bosses
Mudball – Blind a creature for 1 rd
Ray of Enfeeblement – Undead are immune to damage to their physical ability scores, fortunately, this is only a temporary penalty, so it works. Best used on fighter-types
Web Bolt – (GM Permission) – single target Web spell

Level 2:
Alter Self – Give yourself +2 STR and darkvision (Dwarf/Half-Orc), or +2 Dex (+2 AC) and low-light vision (Gnome)
Glitterdust – blind those vampires, and make them sparkly!
Web – entangle them

Level 3:
Armor Lock – Stagger or entangle foes using armor
Bestow Curse – some good choices here
Dispel Magic – always good
Lightning Bolt - obviously
Marionette Possession – Like a Minor Dominate that will affect intelligent undead
Vampiric Touch – you have to get close, but bonus HP is a plus

Level 4:
Black Tentacles – you already knew this one
Death Ward – some of these for the group go a long way
Dimension Door – Get yourself out of a tight situation
Hellmouth Lash – (GM Permission) – your tounge deals 5d8 energy damage (acid, elec, or fire) for caster level rounds (but you can’t talk or cast more spells)
Solid Fog – Good Battlefield control
Symbol of Healing – takes 10 minutes to cast, but cast it on an object, then take it to battle. Heals allies, and harms undead in 30’ radius

Level 5:
Banish Seeming – Reverts target to true form. Works on supernatural abilities, such as a vampire’s Gaseous Form
Hostile Juxtaposition – You wanted to hit me? How about you hit your friend instead?

Level 6:
Cone of Cold – Many undead are resistant to cold, but not immune
Mass Cure Light Wounds – Similar to Symbol of Healing
Greater Dispel Magic
Raise Dead – for us!
Undeath Ward – Keeps them from getting too close
Unwilling Shield – Enemy takes half your damage for you. Yay!

Remember, you can also fill higher level slots with lower level spells too. You could theoretically have 30 Lightning Bolts memorized, if you wanted. Hope this helps out a bit!
A former member
Post #: 8
Thank you guys, but Ive decided Im no longer going to come to dnd sorry, -blake
Alex S.
user 110534022
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 6
Sorry, I will be late because cat
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