Grass Lake, MI
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Just wondering if people are already planning on getting the 4th Edition books when they come out next year. That and Would there be people playing 4th Edition at these meetups. I'm curious to see how the game is played with 4th Edition myself, but don't want to commit to paying tons of cash for a new Edition when 3.5 is still being published.
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I planned on trying out 4th Edition at Gencon Indy in August 2008. If I liked it, I would buy the books and then probably try to transition to that system.

If I don't like it, I will stay with 3.x Edition.

I am a regular on some of the Wizards of the Coast boards and have been trying to stay up to date on what is going on with the development of 4th Edition.

I will keep the Thay campaign 3.x Edition until it ends. Yes, I have a finite conclusion planned out. Be scared my regulars, be scared.

Either my next campaign will be 4th Edition or another gaming system entirely.

I haven't decided whether to go to Origins or not yet. If I do, I might try out 4th Edition there.
Northville, MI
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I will be trying it out at Gencon as well. I don't DM though so I will still be at Miriam's mercy... shock
Brian S.
Ypsilanti, MI
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They will be publishing an adventure with some "quick start" rules before the full books come out, so I will most likely pick that up first and give it a test run. However, I will not be converting either of my two ongoing campaigns to 4th ed. until the current story lines are over and the characters are retired, because my games include a couple of classes that will probably not make it into the initial release of 4e (druid, barbarian), at least one race that will probably be missing (half-orc), and one class (sorcerer) that looks to be changing very significantly.

However, I like the vast majority of things I have seen on 4th edition so far. For example:

- Easier encounter design (no more CR, simpler monster stats, better tactic info in the MM).
- More consistent save mechanism (opponents attack your save value).
- Less dependence on magic items.
- Less stringent alignment, including the option to be unaligned.
- Better defined class roles (defender, striker, controller, leader, more to come).
- Better (hopefully) multi-classing, with the ability to dabble via feats instead of levels.
- Spell slots no longer such a major factor in a caster's effectiveness.
- Schools of magic gone, replaced with an implement based system (staff, wand, orb, etc).
- Major overhaul to grapple (and there was much rejoicing!).
- Level ranges to HP (normal, bloodied, maybe more) that will affect characters and abilities.
- A shield offers some protection against a fireball? What an amazing concept!
- More emphasis on terrain in combat.
- Attacks of opportunity simplified.
- Rules for non-combat encounters (e.g. for charismatic characters played by shy players).
- Skill list cut in half (move silently/hide, listen/spot, knowledge (arcana)/spellcraft/read magic combined).

There are a few things I am not so sure about as well, but hopefully nothing too detrimental.

- Tieflings and Dragonborn as standard races? Meh.
- Two flavors of elves in the first PHB (really necessary? Meh.)
- Warlock as a class? Meh'ish...
- "Action points" are core to combat (don't know enough about it to have an opinion).

My only major complaint so far is that it looks like a number of the 3e races and classes may not be available right when 4th edition is published. Last I read up on it, they absolutely guarantee there will be fighter, wizard, rogue, and cleric, but everything else up in the air to some degree.

On the one hand, I would rather they not throw something in that is not well play-tested and end up with another 1st edition monk, but at the same time, I don't want to have to wait another year (or however long until they release PHB2) to get some of the races/classes that I like.

Despite that, it sounds like it's an improvement overall, with smoother and faster play (I would LOVE to be able to get through several encounters in a session instead of 1-3 we average now), some very cool new abilities, simplified core mechanics, and a lot of improvements from the DM's standpoint.

Since I have two ongoing 3e games outside the meetup, I will probably bring the first 4e adventure in after it's published and run it for whomever wants to check it out.
Grass Lake, MI
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I had a brief encounter at reading some of the book at a gamestore. But some hyper-active child was telling me stuff he "just read" about it, while arguing with his younger brother about not to poke him in the stomach while he was recovering. Whatever that means...

Anyways, I guess theres no more Level Adjustments in the system. So you could play a Drow and be a 1st level character that becomes 2nd level just like a human/elf/dwarf. So, I guess thats a cool thing but that does make games unbalancing if a group has like 3-4 Drow and you want to play a Human.

So either normally level adjusted races get no penalties that hinder you from playing and makes playing a normally un-leveled adjusted races undesirable. That or normally level adjusted races are riddled with lots of penalties that make them good in some instances, and lousy and bothersome in other instances.

I guess Ill wait and see..
Brian S.
Ypsilanti, MI
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I can take a guess at why that would be based on what I've seen. In 3e and prior, a race was a race. You chose your race, you got your racial abilities/skills/feats, and that was it.

In 4th edition, there are "powers", and each character has both class and racial powers that progress as they level up. Class powers, and maybe race as well, will also have different paths they can take (this is 4e's answer to Prestige Classes).

So, if you play a drow, their powers at first level will comparable to everyone else's, and they will either stay about even as the characters level up because humans, dwarves, etc have had some new powers added, or by the time they get the powers that make drow better than the other races, the characters will be high enough level that it won't make much difference.
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