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Need new Thayians

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Post #: 97
The 3 year storyline for the Thayians has just ended. However, the Thay table players want to keep going with the same characters.

Due to this we will be starting a new campaign/plots starting in August. Please let me know if you would be interested in joining our table on a permanent table.

15th level, likely to go to Epic Level, Mature Content players, no Good characters allowed.

Up to two new players are desired.
Canton, MI
Post #: 13
Excellent plot and puzzling problems every meeting, come and join the dark side of world.

Don't let the Mature tag or the evil party thing bother you we operate basically the same as your more traditional good aligned parties do except we kill the good guys as well as random bad guy monsters. Basically this means we attack and rob the treasure hoards of Red Dragons, but we also kill Gold dragons, and heh if the occasionally goody too-shoes elf village harass us well we have weapons for a reason.
The mature tag is there because someone (me) has a potty mouth, and there is slavery and a few more adult subjects encountered in the campaign world.

Northville, MI
Post #: 21
Hmm seemed more of a group wide potty mouth thing. LOL Of course now that Jeff is gone at least the monster won't be so into molesting us :)

This has been my first evil campaign and I have to admit I am enjoying it quite a bit.

PS: Miriam, I printed Trogdor out for you for next month too. I can send you a PDF if you want it earlier than that.
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Post #: 98
Kelly. Please send me the PDF.
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Post #: 101
We are currently at 5 Thayian players. One more player would be preferred.
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Post #: 13
Here's the address for HeroForge and SpellForge:


Current versions are and 4.4.4 respectively.

See the FAQ/notes for operating systems (I think it runs fine under both XP and Vista; I don't know about Open Office. IT WILL NOT RUN ON ANY MAC, unless you are running Parallels or some other emulator.

Two things to note: (1) if Excel, make sure you are able to "enable macros" on a file upon opening; (2) turn off the auto-save setting. Regarding #2, in HeroForge and SpellForge, you will "export" your characters and then re-import. If you save the file, you will not be able to do this, and will have to download a new copy of the spreadsheet(s). (If you end up customizing sheets, you may want to go this route anyway.)

The spreadsheets will calculate all stats, bonuses, and buffs for you on the fly, and then generate character sheets with all needed info (less looking things up in books). If you know Excel well, then you can unhide some of the sheets and customize on your own (the URL above also has a link to the spreadsheet architecture).

Let me know if you have any questions. It will help most everyone at the table a great deal; it may only partially help Jonathan.

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Post #: 14
I found a Reaper mini--male, turban, great scimitar (actually a kopesh, but close enough), so it fits the Mulhorand background nicely. So, Hari will have to become Harry.
A former member
Post #: 102
A mini is a mini, it is more of a place holder on a board. So Hari is flat chested, I won't notice. :)

Heck, Inan's human red wizard is represented by a green alien mini. However, I always know where he is on the board, because his mini is unique.
Northville, MI
Post #: 22
I have to get back to painting some more minis this month :D I can always make a new one for Trogdor :D
A former member
Post #: 15
The mini I found has nice big... pecs, and six-pack abs.


Here's a perfect one for Trogdor--a rouge giving the finger:


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