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Thay in September, 2009

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Post #: 9
He he he. That ambush was fun. I wonder if we will be able to sleep the night.

Probably we should move locations to the stronghold next chance and protect that location.

Though we probably have many days before they arrive, I doubt that Marium will allow us to attack for another 7 days or so. We could, of course, just abandon the stronghold and wear them down from the capital city. I would, however hate to see that happen. I do like the idea of them all getting lost in the dessert and none of them making it back home. Earthquake and control weather would be nice to get a chance to use. They are down to one general. I wonder who else they have waiting in the wings?

If you will be there at the standard meetup, speak up with your ideas on the next game. It would be nice to get right to the action because we are all on the same page.

Jonathan (Inan and Toroa)
Canton, MI
Post #: 20
Kelly and I have been emailing back and forth what we plan on doing to beef up the temple at the strong hold.

Bear in mind that Sandor is keeping a Vigil over the body of the Cleric of Hierounous until Inan return's and well not move until that point. Remember Sandor swore nothing would happen to the body or the items on the body if he was allowed to move it to the temple of Hextor in Thay so the soul could be trapped. So Sandor is stuck at the temple in Thay until Inan comes back.

Given that Miriam has told us we have only 7 days left before the good guys attack us, now 6 with recent ambush events. Also as Kelly and I were emailing back and forth it came up that it is Inan's stronghold but our Temple of Hextor, and we cannot alignment wise do anything to the stronghold other than the area making up the temple because Violet and Sandor do not own the stronghold only the temple of Hextor. Seeing as how this is Inan's stronghold and he is in control of everything including the money, which Violet and Sandor have very little of, we decided to focus are efforts on the Temple of Hextor.

Now though since we are discussing in open any plans for the stronghold, and the discussion has been begun by Inan (Jon), here is what Violet (Kelly) and Sandor (Fred) have come up with so far.

Once the party regroups or if the party does not regroup and Sandor is stuck in Thay, Violet (Kelly) has we figure about 3 days she can spend casting spells before she with or with out Sandor moves craftsmen slaves Sandor hired to work on the Stronghold, but mainly the temple of Hextor within the stronghold.

There are two spells that Violet is capable of casting for free that well improve the strength of the walls of the temple of Hextor. The first spell is augment object a 3rd level wizard and cleric spell it doubles the hit points and hardness of the walls and floors and gives buildings a saving throw vs magic, with two castings Violet can get the whole temple. The second spell is actually casting several glyphs of warding both major and minor with passwords all throughout the immediate area leading to and within the temple.

The third spell, Unhallow is the kicker it costs 1450 gold to cast then a varying amount of gold after that for the beneficial spell effect you want to take place within the Unhallowed area for allies of the caster. We are not willing to spend the gold for this our selves because the area of Unhallow is large enough to affect the entire stronghold, and it is not our stronghold to unhallow. So following our alignment, and religious beliefs. as well as our lack of funds, we cannot cast Unhallow affecting property that is not Lawfully ours. But, if Inan (Jon) is willing to grant permission for this spell, as well as provide financial backing Violet well gladly cast it.

Sandor (Fred) also rented 10 master craftsman slaves with money out of his own pockets to beef up the physical characteristics (walls, doors) of the stronghold, but mainly the temple to the great and glorious god of battle Hextor. Sandor enthusiastically did this before he remembered that it is not his stronghold to beef up only his temple.

So the craftsmen slaves have been working on both the Temple and the Stronghold. The big catch with the slaves is that if any one of them is killed Sandor has to pay for there lives, so 2 days before the good guys attack the stronghold, on Day 5 of 7. The slaves are going to be moved out of the strong hold, because Sandor only had enough Money to Rent the craftsmen slaves not buy them entirely.

However we can allow them to work for the remaining 2 days prior to the attack if Inan or other party members can provide enough cash to buy outright any of the craftsmen slaves that are killed. A craftsmen slave costs 2,000 gold if killed, we have 10 so the max would be 20,000 gold. Sandor does not have that kind of money so he well be moving the rented slaves somewhere safe, thus shortening their effective working time.

Violet has said she well be word of recalling the slaves back to Thay, or if that is not going to work then, providing he is not keeping a vigil, Sandor well be flying the slaves out of the strong hold to a safer location, if no one is willing to defray the costs of any killed salves.

That is what Sandor(Fred) and Violet(Kelly) have come up with.
Northville, MI
Post #: 32
I am also good for earthquakes and weather control as needed - the protection spells are different level than my really nasty new spells :)
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Post #: 10
You guys really have been thinking. Great. I guess, as the Red Wizard, I should be rich. What I really am is stingy. I rarely can pick a magic item to buy and thus just leave things to chance finds. Someday I might be rich. Filthy rich really. All depends on getting the enclave up and running and the goods (and wealth) flowing. At this time, Inan does not have the funds to cover the slaves working at risk.

I really, really doubt that we will have the time to spend five days attacking them as they cross the desert. Mariam was hinting that if Faye returned then her army and their would arrive at the stronghold at about the same time. She will probably use tricks to get them all there. Or at least move them a day away. I hope she plays it strait though. It would be nice to have a chance to prepare for something, for once. I really think that we could make it hard for them to even make it to the stronghold. Wouldn't that be fun.

I could support the unhallow spell, but only if it would help all allignments/allies of our party. I like aid and resist energy. Have you thought of any piggy back spells with unhallow that would help us all and not only lawful evil?
Canton, MI
Post #: 21
Ok, then I guess as I rented the slaves I well be responsible for them. Since they are now my employees and remembering that lawfully I cannot have my employees affect another friendly persons property we well say that the slaves have done no work on anything but the temple of hextor nor well they work on anything but the temple of hextor in the future. Then on like Day 3 at the latest or if they are done with the temple of Hextor I well be be moving them with or without(most likely with) Violet's help back to Thay and donating their service for the remainder of the rental contract to the main temple of hextor in Thay. So if Violet is going to be aiding Sandor in moving the slaves on like day 3 or 4 then she loses 1 day of spell casting availability for the stronghold as a whole leaving 1 day for casting spells on the temple of Hextor and 1 day for the stronghold.

If Violet is unavailable to help, on day 2.5 I well begin flying the salves one by one at least 245 miles away from the stronghold with my nightmare which round trip well take me 6 hours per slave so for 60 hours Sandor well be out of the picture so like 2.5 days. The nightmare flys at 45 miles per hour and does not need rest nor do I if all im going to do is fly. As an aside I really only need to rest to regain spell casting attempts and feasibly Sandor can continue to make fatigue checks for at least 2 weeks of straight activity without sleep( thank you ring of sustenance).

Now onto the Negotiation phase of the discussion. I am glad we are doing this before we play in November to get the details worked out. A level 15 cleric has 5 level 3 spells and Violet has high wisdom so she probably has like 6 or 7 level 3 spells. Now the math for the augment object spell, which is "free" to cast, to harden the walls etc gives Violet 3000 cubic ft per cast so if she casts, her minimum daily allotment of 6 or 7 in a row she could get 18,000 to 21,000 cubic feet or say 5 stronghold spaces a day. Violet can also alter her spell list to cast many more augment object spells so feasibly she could get the entire strong hold in 1 day and have plenty of hextor's awesome power left over. A strong hold space is about 4,000 cubic feet according to the stronghold book but that is not an exact number. We need to know how many stronghold spaces the strong hold actually is.

Violet can also cast Glyphs of warding both Major and Minor in any location Inan chooses within the stronghold, for "free". At the minimum rate of 6 minor and 4 major per day or say one day of augment object the entire stronghold and 1 day of glyph of warding the stronghold.

For Unhallow any spell from the list given with the spell description and costs in Players Handbook can be added to the unhallowed area, which this additional spell effect and the original Unhallow effect only harms or aids the enemies of the caster or the allies of the caster set at the time of casting the unhallow. So we should avoid any alignment based additional effects to avoid any issues. That being said it is 1,000 gold per spell level for the additional effects, so choose your spell effect look up the spell level and that is your cost. Examples: Unhallow with Dispel magic on all enemies of the stronghold inside the stronghold; Unhallow 1450g + Dispel magic(3rd lvl) 3000g=4450 total, or Unhallow and Prayer for all allies within the stronghold 1450 + prayer(3rd lvl) 3000g=4450g.

Those prices are just for the reagent costs not charges for Violets services as a powerful spell caster of Hextor, using her faith to strengthen someone elses cause. Violet can also charge for the above "free" castings, and any other spell she casts on the stronghold, per the npc spell casting service rules as she is acting as an npc casting spells on a stronghold other than her own. But I think Sandor might be able to talk her into not charging in exchange for assistance transporting the aforementioned craftsmen slaves out of the battle zone. Seeing as how I am 99% positive Inan and Tora cannot cast augment object, and glyph of warding both spells very essential to magically protecting a stronghold.

Remember that the temple of Hextor in Thay has not tasked us with helping Inan specifically, only defending the border, it just makes sense to work with Inan and it is easier for Miraim to manage the campaign that way. Sandor and Violet would be perfectly fine with flying out ahead of the approaching enemies and attacking them or operating independently of the rest of the party of heroes. Or we can sit back wait for the enemy to engage the Fortress and then attack during before or after the battle and aid either side in our efforts to defend the border. Hextor respects strategy as well as brute force, and with a broad mandate of defend the border Sandor and Violet can meet that in any way they see fit. But in the spirit of cooperation we can all be friends here and work something out.

Canton, MI
Post #: 22
Inan er Jonathon, let me begin by saying that my intent with that whole diarrhea of the hands post was an effort to renegotiate the contract, if you well I have with group and your character as the leader. An evil party is really a business relationship at best, seeing as how all the characters involved just want to be rewarded for risking their necks fighting holy paladins and armies of good guy clerics, along with dragons and beholders and whatever else Miriam throws at us.

Hopefully you see things that way. What I have typed above are some of the "services" Violet has available, a possible "payment", and some information elaborating Violet's and Sandor's opening negotiating position.

The services Sandor offers are not as magical as Violets but Sandor instead comes with faith in himself and Hextor, a thick shield and a heavy steel flail.

See you on saturday

Sandor Faith Shield and Flail
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Post #: 11

I do have trouble with your thought process on this whole thing. You have to understand that this (in Thay terms) is more then fair. I would NOT share all the money if we were not all trying to get along and make things work. This is to make sure the everyone (real people) has money to spend and can save for what they really want for their character. We trade items when people want to upgrade. I do the same from time to time. We need to work something out so that we are playing our characters properly and also having fun. I guess that I think of our bunch of characters as associates who know each other and are familar with each other's skills, who might not be friends, but who work together to complete crazy adventures, get rich, discover new magic, and for at least some of us, personify the glory that is Hextor. Inan does not think of you and Violet as working for him, but you do fight very hard and well. I hope we all continue to adventure together, because together we are more powerful.

Inan does save many items that he believes would be of some use in the future. You guys regularly look this list over for items that you would prefer. When I have sold items for gold (because I thought that they in themselves were of little value to us) I share this money with everyone. Many little magic items have gone to the stronghold armory. I assume that this is our common home. I will have a home base. My character is geared towards having such a thing, making money from it and starting crazy adventures from it. I am a little put off by the "we will only fortify the temple" thing.

I simply do not have enought gold to handle the risk of your builders. If I had enough, I think that we should do more work to shore up the stronghold. I do not remember what we talked about last game. I do not think that Sandor discussed anything with Inan. Inan would be very happy to put in some gold for stronghold improvements. In fact, I would mobilize all of my followers and wizards to do their part as well. They would, in fact, be happy to follow the extremely talented slaves that you have rented, or even you.

They and I would be extremely happy to follow your (and Beau's) lead in fortifying the whole place. I (Jonathan) have always played the stronghold pretty loosely. For one, we have hardly been there for any length of time. It really started as a place to dump my 4 remaining followers before they got themselves killed. Two, I don't want to think about and don't have the books to plan it. Mark, Trugdor and now Beau have come up with plans, mentioned them to me (Inan) and we have moved on. Inan would be happy to have the glory of Hexter radiate from the stronghold. We WILL look strong to Mulhorand. Inan is comfortable that Hexter is part of that.

As a warning, I will have many other clerics working for me. They are followers of Fharlanghn (PH 107) and are interested in trade, travel, and magic understanding. Inan will expect that you not hinder their work (my work). I assume that the pay for such cooperation is the treasure from our adventures. They will also soon have many potions and scrolls available for purchase, which I see as a hugely good situation for all of us in the party. No more wondering if we have enough healing potions and where they will come from. I will pay for these as well. Just like everyone else.

So, as far as spells you would like to use to fortify the whole stronghold and the surrounding countryside, I hope you mention these to Inan and then we more forward. If there are spells that require costly resources, I have already said that I would help where I can.

Canton, MI
Post #: 23

First off I have had more fun playing with this group and put more thought into this dnd discussion than any other dnd discussion I have participated in, in a very long time. I enjoy greatly meeting every month to play, both Miriams excellent story, the parties crazy solutions to the story and character development stage all of the characters are in. The level we are at our my favorite levels to play through, because the characters can do fantastic things, you only see in movies and we are not killing lame kobolds and goblins and ogres or giants. We are fighting armies of good guys and beholders, dragon, and demons.

I deleted the long post I made after the above paragraph somehow. I fail at the internet yet again.
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Post #: 12

I love planning this stuff and it sounds like we can certainly work things out.
I may have more money because I have only missed one or two games in 3.5 years.
But, out of character, it is only 17,500gp.

I do pick items first when things grab my attention, but don't hold back gold.
Miriam thought once that I was, but, if so, it was absolutely by accident.
I was sooooo overwhelmed with everything (this is really my first game) the first year or so.
Shit, I have over 30 pages describing all my characters and related stuff.
Please call me on it immediately if your think you are not getting the right share of the gold.
By the way, the dwarf Red Wizard, Toroa, shares Inan's share of the gold.

We got the stronghold when we killed the four crazy chicks that ambushed our caravan when we came through the mountains the first time. It was abandoned and they were camping in the courtyard or something. We then helped when the mine collapsed. We have probably only slept there ~5 nights. The artifact was the only focus and because of Marks huge pile of gold and Trugdor wanting to settle somewhere, the place is now structurally sound. It was actually dangerous to walk in when we got to it.

Inan is a Red Wizard, but he tries very hard to not push it because he wants the reak people to have fun.
I have the following followers worth mentioning:

Level 1 2 3 4
Fighters 13 2 1 1

I personally have killed almost 40 people in the army, so I am not worried so much about the 150 people in thier army. I am worried about any OTHER groups that we don't know about. I have thought about flying over the road as a raven to find out where they all are. This should be easier then trying to scry and hoping we find them.

We have never talked about what it meant, but we have also spent the following:
4,000gp - Barracks, armor, weapons, and hire/enlist troops!
4,000gp – Hire armorer, weapon smith, instructors to train militia, animal handlers
If you can estimate what this would mean in terms of defense, that would be great.
I do not have the books to even begin calculating.
Miriam and Beau have suggested balista on the towers.

The above is separate from what I have hoarded for the Armory's equipement:
• Horse Shoes of speed
• 4x Cloak of Resistance +1
• 4x Long Sword +1
• 2x Long Sword
• 4x Dagger +1
• 5x Masterwork Longsword
• 9x Masterwork Longbows
• Berserker Warhammer +3, +5 when raging
• +3 Longsword of wounding, 17-20 critical range.
• Flaming Light Crossbow +1
• Bolt of Biting, 1d6 CON drain, DC 16 check negates, next round same

• Stilleto Shield +1
• 2x Small Shield +1
• Buckler +4

• 6x Plate Mail +1
• 2x Scale Mail
• Plate Mail +2
• 2x Rhino Hide Armor, +4 AC (hide bonus), Double charge damage, -1 Armor Check penalty.

What do you think of getting Inan on one sleep schedule and Toroa and Violet on another. That would allow us to still attack once a day and keep them from sleeping and refreshing their spells as well. Miriam has done this to us a number of times when we have wanted to cover distance, but never to us over many days. It could be very cool to continuously interrupt their sleep and keep them from traveling far.

We are all at the office. Inan has one teleport left. I think that Violet can still cast recall. I think that Inan and Violet should imediately teleport back about a mile in front of the army and cast Control Weather (4d12 hours of extreme weather - like sand storm or heavy rain on the road) and anything else that would keep them from doing any sleeping or traveling. In fact, Inan would be happy to fly over them in the middle of the night and cast a widened delayed blast fire ball at the other general's tent. Haste would get me away fast. Discern location would be helpful for this.

At this point I should mention that I would love to have the second general unconscious. With my Mind Raid spell, I could find out all their plans for the attack and any other forces that they have around. So, if on our next attack, the general looks close to dieing, and we have the opportunity to use nonlethal damage to knock him/her out, I think that could lead to a really awsome outcome. -4 to attack looks like the only negative and I assume that you could still hit him/her.

The more I think about it, the more I think that this should be our next big attack.

The stronghold is 140feet wide and 60 feet front to back (with the first ~20 being courtyard and no roof).

I love the depth of our little world and I really apreciate talking this all out with you. Miriam says that I have been obsessing over it lately. I think that she is right. I wish we played more.

Canton, MI
Post #: 24

1. If we need some money to spend improving the Strong hold looks like there is plenty of sell able loot on that list you posted.

2. Next session we can real quickly look at the diagram of the strong hold the spells available to us to cast to "buff" the strong hold and figure that math out.

3. Unhallow well be out if your going to having Flahragan guys there.

4. Since it is looking like we well not have Faye I agree we should somehow manage to keep hitting them on the road, and a round the clock approach sounds real good.

5. Your not obsessing you just care about the game play.

6. I only have a copy of the book in.pdf form so I well print out some relavent pages and maybe we can figure out the improvement stuff real quick before the game begins next session and we can try and stay on task better this session too.

7. I think we are going to be able to figure this out. You have been put in a rough spot as the "red wizard" and your playing your character true to his alignment and profession. Kelly and I as unholy warriors are also playing ours true to our profession. So I think it might be best if we talked this out face to face and figured out exactly the relationship the characters have with each other moving forward, and who the strong hold belongs to Inan or the party as a whole. Campaign wise it would seem to belong to the red wizard because the wizards are in power in Thay. So if that is what we go with then I think moving forward Sandor and Violet should be mercenaries along with all the other characters working for Inan. If the strong hold belongs to the party as a whole then after thinking about it for a hour and talking with Kelly we would definitely move against the clerics of Flharagen if the tried to put up a temple in a stronghold we owned a share of. So we might have to get a do over from Miriam on the temple of Hextor in the strong hold if the stronghold turns out to belong to Inan and Inan worships Flharagen because that is just going to lead to more infighting. Honestly I really do not see a way to avoid infighting in any evil party, but I do think we can avoid it here if Violet and Sandor become mercenaries hired by Inan. If the church assigns us to help Inan Specifically again then Sandor and Violet well have to be getting paid by the church or something because Violet only has 500 gold the same 500 gold she has had for over a year, so something is going on. Again we can figure this one out face to face with Miriam involved. Personally I am pissed because the churhc or the wizards should have paid Violet and Sandor for helping to recover and charge this artifact so we can figure that one out with Miraim too.

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