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Jones'n for some Star Wars?

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I recently acquired a copy of the Saga Edition of d20 Star Wars and I really like a lot of the d20 deviations used. I am interested in trying it out but am new to town this semester and as such without a gaming group. So, I was wondering if there was anyone out there interested in trying to set something up to give it a whirl.

The game I have in mind would be a weekend event and average one session of around 4-6 hours every two weeks (so like 4-5 games in two months, playing consecutive weekends sometimes and maybe going two consecutive weekends without playing as schedules require; I like playing but weekend time is precious for trips and such so EVERY weekend is usually not reasonable for me).

I could maybe try Thursday evenings as well, though sessions would have to be shorter (3-4 hours) and again, I like the flexibility of an every other week kind of game, so ultimately the game would move more slowly with this option.

As for running the game, my preference is to use rotating GMs. I really like to GM and I really like to play as well. Also, bottom line is with work and school I don't have it in me to 100% run a game. If I had months to work on a solid 2-5 week arc/adventure/scenario rather than being responsible week by week I would put a lot more development into things. Also, I really enjoy building a long term game with multiple contributors to the story each evolving their own arcs as singular entities or as extensions of main plot elements and people using each others ideas as jumping off points.

I am looking for 2+ people then who would be down with playing most of the time and GMing some of the time and could accept the schedule info I put above. One other person is too few I think, but two additional people is a good place to start. When a good game gets going new players have a way of coming out of the woodwork anyway, so I am sure we could grow if we wished. Also, I would prefer people who would like to play one campaign for a good period of time; like a minimum of 6 months to a year. Short games are fun and all but you miss the character development, statistical and otherwise, of longer games.

As a closing note, I want to mention a few things about my style as a GM/player. I like games with people who are chill, there for a few beers and a good time, and are not weirdly dramatic or intense. For me, this is like a poker-night but better. I prefer story development focused games. Don't get me wrong, I like a good fight here and there but I am much more of a "role" player than a "roll" player. Rules are guidelines to enhance the story, not the other way around. And finally, I can dig more serious plot lines, but I am not so much into constant super serious in-your-face power-role playing of those plots. Even if the story is intense, I like a game that is more laughs than shouts (unless they are shouts of laughter).

So, if this sounds at all interesting to anyone, just message me or post here. Also, I should note that if there are people who like everything about this idea other than the Star Wars part of it, I suppose I can be flexible on the game. Star Wars is just the ones I am thinking about these days. I would really like to try it but we can talk about other things (though I sort of hate normal d20, sorry...).
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I should add, as I just put this in this group, I am all for joining the official meet-up time and place if a) that is how it usually works and b) i can make it work with the ol'e schedule. If it is bad form to suggest playing at other times and places as the above information did, I apologize. I am new to this forum. :)
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I'm interested in Saga. Come to the meetup so we can discuss. I'll be running the Kids game.
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