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Current 4th Edition Game Information

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Brian S.
Garden City, MI
Post #: 186
As of the August 2011, I will be running the Dragon Age RPG at the Meetup for the forseeable future. See the Dragon Age Game Information thread for details.

About the Game

The game is a series of episodic adventures that may occasionally center to some degree around characters belonging to regular players. However, I want to keep the table open to new players as well, so we will avoid any scenarios where someone new cannot join in and feel like part of the action.

There are two ways to take part. First, you can create a character with some backstory and flesh out his or her personality, storyline, and goals as we play. The world is wide open with no specific setting, so anything goes! You can be a brazen pirate lass from the trading mecca of Skarport, an uncultured lout exiled by the T'yoctal tribe from deep in the jungles of Yert, a pious sage from the great tower of Il'brazad in the far north, or any other person and place you can imagine!

On the other hand, if you're the type of player that likes to experiment with different race/class combinations rather than be tied to a single PC, just create a character that meets the current guidelines. I will also have a stock of pre-generated characters available for those who do not bring their own.

This is a very low-prep game because I usually don't know who will be at the table until we sit down to play. I employ a variety of methods to generate encounter and story ideas with input from the players, then improvise the rest. I try to make it a collaborative storytelling game, so feel free to build places, people, and plot hooks into your backstory or suggest them during the game.

Character Creation

Any legal character meeting the criteria outlined below is allowed. "Legal" means that all prerequisites for feats and powers are met and the character does not have any item, power, or other element that it cannot use according to the rules. You may use any official Wizards of the Coast material (books, magazines, D&D Insider), but no third-party stuff. If you want something highly unusual (a divine boon or a spellscar, for example), please consult me first.

Current Character Details

Level: 1
Experience: 375
Abilities: Standard 22 point buy
Starting Cash: 200 gp
Magic Items: 1 item of your choosing up to level 2
Class/Race: Any legal combination
World/Pantheon: Generic, so feel free to make up your own little piece of it. The deity list from Player's Handbook is the default, but you can add your own.

House Rules

I will be trying out a few house rules (some tested, others not) over the course of the game. I believe only the first one affects character creation, but I may add a few more as we go.

  • Racial Save Bonuses - Halflings, Elves, Dwarves, and other races that receive a +5 bonus to saving throws against a particular keyword (e.g. poison or charm) may instead gain a +2 bonus to defenses against powers with those keywords and a +2 bonus to saves. I am not sure the character builder can do this, so you may just need to write it on your printed sheet.
  • Action Cards - These will be handed out at various times during the game. They allow your character and/or his allies to do something cool or have some effect on the game world.
  • Over the Top - Your character can pull of some crazy stuff! If you have a cool/fun idea, feel free to suggest, and I'll say yes if I can. I might charge you a healing surge or action point to pull it off, but trust me, it'll be worth it!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post here or send me a message through the site.
Charie M.
user 11574975
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 1
Would a Deva, Avenger be legal, its in PHB2 I think.
Brian S.
Garden City, MI
Post #: 187
Deva the race and Avenger the class are both PHB2 material, which is certainly legal. Pretty much the "legal" restriction is to avoid any non-Wizards of the Coast material. While the WotC stuff is not always perfectly balanced, I at least have the ability to look it up and know it's been given some measure of playtesting.

For a Deva Avenger, you might have to write up the character sheet yourself. I think the free Character Builder is limited to PHB1 material (although I am not positive), but there is nothing wrong with that. We all used to do it by hand before the days of fancy digital tools. tongue

If you need a hand or have any questions, let me know.
Doug W.
user 10846550
Franklin, MI
Post #: 87
no the character builder has up phb3 I believe
at the minimum, it has phb2
Brian S.
Garden City, MI
Post #: 188
If you have a DDI subscription, you get monthly updates with (almost) current content. However, I believe the free demo of the character builder is restricted to PHB1 material and level 1-3, unless they've expanded it with the release of two significant new player books. Haven't had time to keep up on the news lately.
A former member
Post #: 1
Any thoughts on the 4th ed. wizards. Just went to roll one and it feels like a different class altogether. I understand that the rituals are supposed to take the place of all of the out of combat spells but... just seems like they got uber nerfed.
Brian S.
Garden City, MI
Post #: 191
In terms of variety of spells available at any given time, yes, wizards definitely got nerfed.

In terms of being able to survive low levels and make an appreciable contribution to more than the first fight of the day, they got an enormous boost.

Several of the builds let you focus on just one or two attributes, so your +hit and +dmg from attribute bonuses is as good as or better than the rest of the party.

Wizards are awesome for wiping our groups of weak monsters (minions, lower level) and for group-damaging or hindering the more powerful ones. They also have some pretty good utility powers that keep them out of harm's way and/or help out their allies.

The first level daily power that summons the fireball you can maintain and move around is a good example of cool stuff wizards can do. In my first 4e game, Jordan's fireball often did more damage than any individual party member over the course of a fight.

The wizard is different, but it's definitely still good.
A former member
Post #: 5
Rules ?'s

As far as charging. What i read is that you must move two squares (in the charge) and you can only charge if the most direct route is open.
- ? is say i move 3 spaces as my move action, can i than perform a charge moving two squares to the enemy. And what about moving away from an enemy then charging the same enemy i moved away from (provoking what 2 aoo's)?

- follow up ? the charge is listed as a standard action, i could theoretically perform my move action then perform the charge, in essence moving an additional 2 squares, if i am reading this right?

and i agree w/ the wizard. it was just so completely different that i was taken back by it.

Brian S.
Garden City, MI
Post #: 194
Charging was just clarified to state that each square you charge must move you closer to the target, so there is no more charging around corners, but it still does not have to be in an exactly straight line. You can indeed take a move action and then charge on the same turn, even if your move action is to shift or walk backward so that you CAN charge. However, you cannot charge and then move because Charge stipulates that you cannot take actions afterward even if you have them remaining. You can, however, spend an action point to take an action after the charge.
user 3714093
Onsted, MI
Post #: 4
I think I'd be interested in this if my girlfriend and I participate this coming July. I'd like to make a few characters before hand, but the problem is I'm completely new to 4E. If you have a few pre made characters, cool, but I'd like some idea what's made up so I can think up a back story for my girlfriend and I.
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