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Carter-Swain House page1

History of Carter-Swain House

rich text file 3K Sarah H. Jan 20, 2007

Carter-Swain House page2

rich text file 4K Sarah H. Jan 20, 2007

chimney just word

Isolated word chimney from recording done October 19, 2012 at Lewis Mamorial Graveyard. Please download Audacity for better listening. It's free.

MP3 audio file 18K Jean Oct 20, 2012


Just a short story

Word file 28K A former member Jun 28, 2006

Crop 217

This is just one of the ghosts I was able to capture at Sachs Bridge in Gettysburg, PA. This is a full-body apparition of a ghostly soldier. You can even see his gun strap across his chest!

an image 39K A former member Jan 8, 2009

221 crop # 1 (2)

This is another ghost I captured at Sachs Bridge! He is peeking in the bridge at me. Also notice That he has an orb over his head!

an image 53K A former member Jan 8, 2009

Does sugar make theradio stickymono

Does sugar make theradio sticky?

MP3 audio file 113K Jean Oct 24, 2012

SR006MS peaceisolated

WAV audio file 134K Jean Oct 22, 2012


This was recorded on the roof of the Crematorium on October 18th approximately 830 pm, using the Zoom H2 recorder and Radioshack 12-587 hack. .I will also include in another post the isolated word"chimney" for comprehension. .

MP3 audio file 139K Jean Oct 20, 2012


Strange drag marks

a .JPG file 152K A former member Nov 11, 2007


a .JPG file 153K A former member Nov 11, 2007


a .JPG file 154K A former member Nov 11, 2007

hello Sara

On the roof of the crematorium. Very good area.

WAV audio file 180K Jean Nov 2, 2012

GP evp8 scream

Continued Analysis of Grove Park EVP8. This is sections of interest. This appears to be a scream prior to Karen speaking...

WAV audio file 189K A former member Dec 25, 2010


There is a voice about 3 seconds in. Michael, Ben, Tammy, and Jeremy (a guest) were with me at Lewis Cemetary. We were back at the crematorium hoping to get the door to shake again (it didn't).

WAV audio file 244K A former member Jan 8, 2009


Another voice, about 2 or 3 seconds in. same place as other EVP I posted.

WAV audio file 361K A former member Jan 8, 2009

i'm watching

This is an evp that was captured at Mountain Brew Cafe. The recorder was left running while we were outside. It sounds to me like it is saying "I'm watching". Closer to the end you will here another "voice" say "watching".

WAV audio file 370K A former member Jan 19, 2009

GP evp8 GOMH

Continued Analysis of Grove Park EVP8. Another short clip of interest... This should be self explanatory...This male voice seems to keep repeating something through out the audio clip...Now listen to the originals and see if you can pic it up.

WAV audio file 447K A former member Dec 25, 2010

ghost hunters

Works Text document 500K A former member Apr 29, 2007


This is a clip from the audio I was recording at the Montford House Investigation. It was taken at the bottom of the attic staircase while they were speaking in the attic. Found it interesting and wanted to share....

WAV audio file 508K A former member Jun 16, 2007


9/10/10 Haunted Picnic area. Listen for female laughing behind the talking. We were far away from everyone else at the time, but I won't discount sound traveling.

WAV audio file 561K A former member Sep 10, 2010


9/10/10 Haunted PIcnic area. It sounds like a heavy breath. I was talking about the medicine wheel being placed to heal the land beforehand. *Someone else listened to this with better headphones later, and they think it is a woman saying "yes"

WAV audio file 650K A former member Sep 10, 2010


9/10/10 Haunted Picnic Area You can plainly hear what sounds like a woman moan or sigh. And it's not me!

WAV audio file 724K A former member Sep 10, 2010

GP EVP7 pushed final

Audio analysis of Grove Park Inn EVP7 Continued. I have now sectioned out an area of the audio clip of interest... This is after cleaning and then amplifying the interesting sections...

WAV audio file 775K A former member Dec 25, 2010

SR014MS its colder right here optimal

WAV audio file 794K Jean Sep 10, 2013

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