• Erland

    Event Organizer
    • "I have a professional "handicap" to believe any dogma. I may believe in tomorrows weather forecast ..." 

  • Raul M.

    • "Humanist, comedian, computer geek, all around trouble-maker and creator of the Purple Dragon." 

  • Cassandra C.

    Event Organizer
  • Brian N.

    Co-Organizer, Talk to me, Goose
    • "Oh my fictitious god" 

  • Ty H.

    Event Organizer
    • "I just want to make some friends to hang with in Hell! :P" 

  • Dave

    Event Organizer
    • "curiosity - It's a huge universe." 

  • Poly S.

    Event Organizer
  • Lori F.

    Event Organizer
    • "Raised Catholic, left that religion. Got saved and studied to be a youth pastor, but it turns out my inquisitive nature and the fact that I have a vagina was a probl..." 

  • Matt

    • "Welcome to Las Vegas Atheists." 

  • Karol

    Event Organizer
  • Kurt R.

    Event Organizer
  • Allison

    Event Organizer
    • "I'm relatively new to town and meeting interesting people is proving to be a bit more difficult than I expected. " 

  • Sarah

    Assistant Organizer
    • "This group gives us a chance to mingle and make friends with people like us. Finally, we have a group where we can feel at home." 

  • Drew P.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "To meet locals who share views and interests. Also, I hear you guys sometimes meet at pubs." 

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