• Ken S.

    Event Organizer
  • Phyllis K

    Assistant Organizer
  • Rick M.

  • Risa S.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "I realized some time ago that I was an atheist and am interested in meeting others who know that they are too. I'm married, with two adult kids, a lovely husba..." 

  • Tom W.

    Assistant Organizer
  • Jill

    Assistant Organizer
    • "Raised Catholic but had my religious "crisis" as a teenager, now agnostic. Looking forward to meeting new people!" 

  • Mike

    Assistant Organizer, Undercover Investigator
    • "I was raised in a liberal Christian home, became an evangelical in college, and am now a skeptical atheist. It's always nice to meet other rational people...." 

  • Jodie

    Event Organizer
    • "God save the Queen?" 

  • Roxanne

    Event Organizer
    • "I've been an agnostic ever since I found out Santa Claus was a mythical character." 

  • Susan P.

    Assistant Organizer, Supreme Events Coordinator
  • Deb

    Assistant Organizer
    • "Nice to be a part of this expanding group. Great opportunity to participate in thoughtful, intelligent, enlightened conversation with this fine group of fellow..." 

  • Jade L.

    Assistant Organizer
    • "Hi there! I'm a dreamer, a lover, a seeker of truth and laughter, and a facilitator for peace." 

  • Debra

    Assistant Organizer
  • Enid T.

    Assistant Organizer

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