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Please vote on the "All" of the categories that your are interested in reading about.

For this vote, please vote for all that apply to you. I want to know what types of books you are interested in reading. All categories are Fiction. (This Poll will be opened for 3 weeks.)

Aug 4, 2011 4 so far

What book would you like to read for our October book club meeting?

Since there will only be 3 weeks from the time the selection is posted until the next book club meeting, all of the book choices for October and only around 300 - 352 pages. Please rate the books according to your first choice, then 2nd choice, and so on. The highest number should go to your first choice book. If you rate a book "10" that means your interest in the book is "100%", 9 for 90%, and so on to 1 which is 10%. So you don't have to rate any book as a 10. Please rate according to your interest in the books.

Sep 21, 2011 2 so far

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