Discuss New-Physics of the Condensed-Matter Weak-Force Nuclear Fusion Engine

I am Patrick Ward.
I seem to be unexpectedly living out chapters of Atlas Shrugged.
I have discovered a process to make an engine that runs not on static, but on water and nickel, which I could supply a lifetime of energy with just 8 US nickels per year!

I want to discuss with other Objectivists, the philosophical implications of “Infinite Energy Without Guilt”

How will the “Globalists” who have been trying to suppress our freedoms and make us “Scarce Energy-Dependency surfs" react to the good news that humankind will not want them or need them anymore?

How will “Global Warming Dogmatists” react (loosing my religion?) when told that the New-Physics allow for safe, clean non-radioactive infinite Condensed-Matter Weak-Nuclear Force Fusion energy production, without any greenhouse gasses?

How will long-term oil speculators react, (?) when told that the cost of energy is now:
A US nickel weighs 5 grams and is 75% copper and 25% Nickel
So of 8 nickels combined equals about 10 grams of nickel and 30 grams of copper since nickel and copper are very close to the same density.

10 grams Nickel58 >> 16.33 KWH/Year Thermal
10 grams Nickel58 >> 6.67 KWH/Year Electric

So, according to E=MC2 the Mass-Defect yield of the Nickel58 Content Contained in 8 “US Mint Nickels” would yield 20 Kilowatt-Years of energy and Cost 40 cents! (Plus you could sell-off the leftover Copper!)

In a person with a 100 year life-span 20 KW/Yr/Yr energy would cost you $40 Bucks worth of nickels, with 4000 GRAMS OR 9.346 lbs OF COPPER LEFT OVER…WORTH $3.66 PER LB OR $34.20 AS OF 12 Sept 2012!
So, a person’s 100 year lifetime supply of 20 Kilowatts of mixed thermal power, and electrical power, year-round every year for 100 years total would cost net, $5.80 US!
And, your Per-year energy cost, for a 20 KW of mixed thermal power, and electrical power, year-round power would be 5.8 Cents per year!
In 2008 I realized that photosynthesis in plants was an electro-phononic process that combined the micro-sonic vibrations of life to interact with the E-MC2 fro m Sol!
That discovery sent me down a pathway to determine how to design a electro-phononic antenna system which could help replicate that energy extraction process without the need for a living plant.
Nuclear fission is now a dead end.
Fortunately, there is a safer and better form of Nuclear Energy production, that does not need to use messy, dangerous, and now obsolete dead-end Nuclear Fission.
By simply creating an equivalent Quasi-Condensed Matter Wave Function, precisely delivered, as sound vibrations and electromagnetic pulsation into our Nuclear Fusion resonance nickel Fuel-Crystal, we can now provide the symphony of free energy release, so that we can literally create Quasi-Atoms.
We do so by also creating, giant Quasi-Electrons, giant Quasi-Protons, and giant Quasi-Neutrons, that are already, elegantly choreographed, and are already dancing, the “Ballet of Infinite Fusion Energy Production” for the benefit of humankind.
These lumbering atomic giants have such a low momentum combined with such a high Quasi-Mass that they can still pirouette gracefully with their Quasi-Atomic partners to overcome the Coulomb barrier and undergo Weak-Nuclear-Force Fusion in a quiet and peaceful and charming manner instead of the chaotically-oafish manner of previous klutzy Thermonuclear Fusion attempts.
Trying to “Control” chaos is the fundamental mistake that has doomed the big-physics Tokomak Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor design attempts for the last 60 years, and wasted a half a trillion dollars in the Process. Thermonuclear physicists have waste much of our time and resources erroneously and chaotically beating their alpha-gorilla chests to demonstrate their non-existent awesome Thermonuclear Fusion power, all-the-while regarding the “Weak Nuclear Force” as useless and “Wimpy”
Now that we understand Weak Nuclear Force Fusion physics, we now know that the long overlooked “Weak Nuclear Force” was all along the correct key to unlock the correct pathway to infinite controlled, and controllable, non-chaotic Condensed-Matter Fusion Energy release.

I would like to describe just exactly how this works and engage other Objectivists tn a lively fun-packed discussion afterwords

Are you in?

Major Willy Mayo’s
15th & Canal Streets
115 South 15th Street
Richmond, VA 23219
2 October 2012
Dinner at; 6 PM (Free to attend-- Buy your own dinner if you eat)
Speaker at; 7 PM

The Patrick Henry Supper Club meets on the First Tuesday of every month, and presents a speaker at 7 PM to engender an intellectual discovery, foster community discourse and have Fun.
This Months Topic of Discovery is:

“Dawn of the Fusion Infinite Energy Age”

Presented by

Patrick Ward

• The Last Scram!...The Sudden Death of Dirty Old Fission Energy
• The Rising of Clean, Safe, Cheap, Non-Radioactive Infinite Energy from the Weak-Nuclear-Force Condensed-Matter Fusion Reactor as an Ultimate Solution for Humanity’s Energy Needs
• The Danger of Mistaken Radiological Disaster by the 2013 General Assembly Authorizing Uranium Mining in VA
• Libertarian Environmental and Energy Philosophy
• Objectivist Environmental and Energy Philosophy
• Using the New-Physics to Empower, rather than Oppress.
• Exactly How the new Fusion-Physics Works.
• Double edged sword---The Dark Side of the Weak Force

The Patrick Henry Supper Club is a presentation of the Libertarian Party of Virginia

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  • Donna

    Extremely educational and enlightening! I hope this comes to fruition in the near future.

    October 3, 2012

  • Patrick

    Hi Objectivists

    You can make a map to get to Major Willy Mayo's by pasting this link into a web browser and adding your address when the page opens http://www.majorwillymayos.com/...­

    I will be providing a legislative update tomorrow as the speaker at the at the Patrick Henry Supper Club.
    Uranium mining health-effects issues will be about 1/3 of the presentation, and 1/3 will be the new physics of Condensed Matter Nuclear Fusion, and the last 1/3 will be a discussion on Abundant Fusion Energy (without guilt or environmental degradation) and the effect of abundant and cheap Condensed Matter Fusion Energy on the sudden unraveling of the
    so-called Global Warming alarmist mandate as used as an excuse by the UN and Agenda-21 to make us Scarce-Energy Serfs for our own alleged "Collective Best Interests"

    I hope to see you there.

    With Best Regards,
    Patrick Ward

    October 1, 2012

  • September 26, 2012

  • Patrick

    You may remember me from one Objectivist meeting I attended about 2 years ago. website is www,fossilfreedom.com

    I seem, now, to be unexpectedly living out chapters of Atlas Shrugged.

    When I look in the Phase-Conjugate Refractor-Beam Mirror as I tune up my Condensed-Mater Weak-Force Nuclear Fusion System, the refraction field is so narrow, that I can only see the pupils of my eyes against a black background.

    So, I stare into the Phase-Conjugate Mirror I wonder: “Who is John Galt How prescient is Ayn Rand? “

    I will be revealing many Condensed-Mater Weak-Force Nuclear Fusion secrets when I speak at the Patrick Henry Supper Club on 2 Oct 2012 at 6PM -10 PM.

    I wish to invite all the Richmond Obectivists to attend the 2 October 2012 meeting of the Patrick Henry Supper Club
    This will be about radical new Game-Changing Energy Physics and the colossal impact it is bound to have on the economics, science, philosophy and future of human life, exploration and culture.

    September 21, 2012

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