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advice on Ruger .380 LCP

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OK I bought a Ruger .380 LCP because it was a great conceal gun.... WELL.. I love the size... but she jams...she was just cleaned and oiled real good a week ago so theres no reason for that! and also, when I squeeze the trigger back, I feel like its never gonna FIRE!.. I let me friend and the guy in the lane next to us try it and all of us agreed... .. I didnt even fire off a box today I was so disappointed... Just stayed with my trusty 9mm...
Ok my question is... should I just go ahead and part with her and get something more reliable... maybe a nice 38 revolver... hammerless maybe... or have the Ruger looked at and is a gun worth keeping?
would I get much for it if I sold it? or traded it? I am eyeing the charter Pink Lady LOL
Thanks in Advance
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Mesa, AZ
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How many rounds do you have through it? I've heard of break-in being a problem with those. Also, you REALLY can't limp-wrist that gun, you'll get feed issues regularly if you do.
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not many rounds but does that have anything to do with it jamming??? I think I just dont like the way I have to pull that trigger sooooooo far back to fire... I guess since there are no safeties on it they want ya to be sure ya really wanna fire! lol... its an uncomfortable type of squeeze to fire... not like a comfortable pinch...
I feel very at ease with my 9mm... I had no fun with the LCP.. I shot well with it when i did fire with it... but its very "unpredictable"... dont need that when you carry a weapon right??? :)
I think its going to let her go... knowing that I am comfortable with a 9mm.. what would you recommend as a concealed weapon for me? revolver ? another auto? a nice purse gun or something I can tuck in my pocket when I work (I am a pet sitter)
Jerry A. S.
Phoenix, AZ
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The professionals recommend 200 rounds to break in a new semi-auto. first I would try different ammo, that gun may not like what you are feeding it. The long trigger is standard for guns of that type, I liked the Taurus 738 much better than the Ruger, it was lighter (trigger) and more crisp. Personally I would invest in a Sig-Sauer P-238, but then I am biased to 1911 style guns. A suggestion: google Ruger LCP and check the forums for info on ammo suggestions. Best of luck, I am here if you have any more questions (btw I have been carrying for 39 years and am a real gun nut).
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Mesa, AZ
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It's a machine, they have a break-in period. The LCP in particular is known for being fussy for the first couple of hundred rounds - a quick Google search will turn up many instances of this. Jerry's right about trying different ammo, some guns are just fussy.

What sort of jams are you getting. Failure to feed, to fire, or to eject? Those can be completely different issues.

That's the typical Ruger trigger pull, if it is that uncomfortable you may want to rethink keeping it. The LCP isn't any fun to shoot in my experience but fun isn't a requirement in a carry gun. You do need to be able to shoot it enough at the range to be comfortable with it though.

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ok.. I hear ya... well when we had the ammo shortage I got a few different types of ammo so I will run a bunch throughit I was using Lawman.. I have some magtech can I use centerfire (with the holes in it is that a hollow point?) at the range?? cuz I have a bunch of it!!! unfortunately I have about 4 boxes of the lawman stuff... a friend is interested in it so I will have her run a box or two through it...
The problem I was having was by about the 2nd to 3rd fire it would stop and the slide would be out about 1/4 inch and I would have to start over... This little guy is hard on my hands with it being so small too.. guess its part of that breaking in thing huh??? I cleaned it again over the weekend and oiled it up real good.. have it sitting open with oil on it... occaionally I slide it and close it then reopen. trying to get her all oiled up good

Thanks so much :)

P.S. I am REALLY interested in the Charter Lady Lavender .38 revolver... whats your opinion of charter firearms??? I wish I could see one but its not one of those thing they have laying around.. gotta order it! LOL you guys like Lone Wolf or Shooters World for purchases and trades?? any suggestions? I am in peoria
Gilbert, AZ
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you shouldn't have any problems with hollow points at the indoor ranges. it's usually just the steel-core/armor-piercing ammo they don't like.

for other reasons, i've never been a fan of Ruger pistols. their full-size pistols tend to have really, really fat grips for my hands. the LCP i've only shot once and obviously the grip size wasn't a problem with this model but i did run into the same issues you and the others at the range did.

i do not have much experience with revolvers but i do like my S&W 686 a lot. not ideal for CCW with its 6" barrel. i would suggest trying out the Charter Lady (or anything else) at Shooter's World before buying. with the passage of Constitutional Carry, i would think there would be more available for rentals in the small, carry-type weapons.

good luck!
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Well. Decided to part with the lcp and get the lady lavender. The lady lavender has a 2 inch barrel I can still conceal her not that I'll want to!
Lone wolf offered me a staggering 100. For the lcp. I might just keep her awhile. I do have an offer for 200.
I pick up the lavender on Wednesday.
If anyone is interested I'll b at shooters world Friday afternoon
thanks for all your help. I'll let u know how the new baby fires :)
Jerry A. S.
Phoenix, AZ
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Don't do it, Charter Arms are notoriously bad guns, also aluminum is not strong enough for a long lasting gun. Stick with Taurus, Ruger SP101. Buy .357 it will also shoot .38. Carry .357 .
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