Alec F.


Berkeley, CA
Hometown: Berkeley

Member since:

March 12, 2012

What games do you most like to play? What games have you played lately?

I'll admit it: I'm a Reiner knizia fanboy. I got hooked on all his stuff through iOS games, and now I've begun getting the real thing - just got my office hooked on Medici. I know some people are over Catan at this point but I finally just started playing it, really like it. I particularly like Auction-oriented games, and games that let you really mess with other folks (not to be mean, just good old fashion screw-your-neighbor strategy) - i.e. high-interaction. The model of simple-rules, deeply-complex-strategy is super-fun to me.

How often do you like to play board games?

I would play a few times a week if I could, but it's hard for me to go out to play - I have kids and I've been teaching them new games as they get more skilled. Right now, I'll bet I *could* play ever other week or so, if I could find people to play with.

What can your game group do for you? Also, what can YOU do you for your game group? Can you teach any games? Which ones?

Make me a better player! Seriously, I like to be challenged - so I guess what a group for me is beat me a lot until I get the hang of a new game (or one I thought I was good at!) I also like introducing and exploring new games as long as people are up for exploring game mechanics... I can teach anything I've been playing (Medici, Tigris & Euphrates, Stone Age, Catan,

Do you have a particular style of play? If so, please describe it.

Honestly I'm not sure. Would love for someone to tell me if I do.

Do you visit What is your username?

I visit boardgamegeek but have never posted (so I don't have a username).. I keep meaning to try Brettspielwelt, but it's hard to rationalize playing board games after my kids go to bed...when my wife is happy to play with me :)


I've been trying to start a board game group, decided this was a lot easier! I'd love to find a regular night and fun folks to game with.

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