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Games I Want to Play: Fall-Winter Edition

user 13709458
Oakland, CA
Post #: 34
David did a thread like this in January, which I'm rebooting since I doubt anyone checks the old one anymore and it's out of date!

This is stuff from my own collection that I want to play at game nights, with some promotion to whet your appetite:

Tier 1 (In My Current Rotation)

Chaos in the Old World (with expansion) - My #1 WTP game right now, since I'm currently trying to master it. I'll be bringing it regularly.

Rex: Final Days of an Empire - This is sort of my "B Side" for Chaos in the Old World right now. Chaos takes priority, but if that's not happening, I'd do a 4-6 player game of this. I bring it randomly.

Ticket to Ride Asia - Teamplay Ticket to Ride (2v2 or 3v3) on the world's largest continent! Let's play. Also have India, Switzerland, and US (with 1910) maps in same box, but I think Switzerland kinda sucks.

Puzzle Strike - Confrontational deck building game that's played with chips instead of cards. Just got the newest edition of this + the expansion, and the gameplay is really tight. This has always been one of my favorite games, but I stopped bringing it to game night because it was dramatically better with 2 players, and I was pretty much unbeatable. The new edition has a much better multiplayer mode with an entirely new victory condition, and the deck-building isn't quite as strict in 2 player as it used to be

Fury of Dracula - Still trying to have my first awesome game of this, and what better time than post-Halloween? kinda lengthy for some of you lighter gamers (prob 3 hours unless its a blow-out) but then again the rules are really simple. I'm interested in playing as Dracula. Probably best with 3 or 5 players.

City of Horror - Zombies and negotiation. Update to Mall of Horror -- have not played either.

Android Netrunner - Would like to play this 2 player card game some more. Hit me or David up if you want to learn.

Summoner Wars - Quick 2 player army vs army game. If you tried this when it first launched in 2009-2010 with Phoenix Elves VS Tundra Orcs and found it too simplistic, I recommend trying it again -- I have all 16 factions and all subsequent ones are more interesting than the original release

BattleCON - I've been hesitant to introduce this, because it seems pretty niche, but forget that -- this is a fun, UNIQUE game and needs to be played.

Yomi - What do you get when you mix some of the worst games ever, like rock-paper-scissors, the card game War, other traditional card games that I don't know the name of, and give it a Street Fighter 2-inspired fighting game theme with special moves and abilities? Something absolutely terrible, right? WRONG! This is one of the best produced and most exciting 2 player "duel" game I've ever played, with highly asymmetric fixed-decks battling against each other. Gets quite a bit of depth off of a simple ruleset, always a good thing.

Tier 2: (less likely to bring, but want to play, let me know if I should bring these)

Super Dungeon Explore - Just got this recently, and I'm more than charmed by it. Simple 1vAll dungeon crawler (the way it should be, forget this full-cooperative VS AI BS!) with a Japanese console RPG chibi art style. Despite the simple "roll dice and bash stuff up first, think later" gameplay that has plagued dungeon crawls for a long time, the irressitible artwork and cool characters with many cool abilities to choose between using make it quite tactical. Game length is very reasonable and appropriate, probably best with exactly 4 players.

Battlestar Galactica - Needs no introduction, almost always willing to play...

Cosmic Encounter - Clearly the best game ever made, but lately I've been letting Eric bring it so I can save bag room for other games. This is my favorite game, but I don't feel desperate to play it because between Berkeley, EndGame, and my family I can get a game of this pretty much any week I want. Despite being my most played game of the year, I will still play this over almost anything.

Agricola - A few people have been wanting to play this, and I'm one of them.

Dominant Species - Like Rex above, this is also sort of currently on the backburner for me due to Chaos, but I wouldn't mind giving it some of the atteniton it deserves on someone else's copy occasionally. It seems like a great game though, and I'd prefer to give it the attention it deserves later without being pushed to the side.

Merchants & Marauders - Many people at game night seem to enjoy this fun-loving pirate game, but it's a long one at 4 players (best player count) - 3 hours at about 45 minutes per player and so directly competes with other long games.

Upon Request Games:

These are actually games that I'd be THRILLED to play or teach as they're all amazing, but they're bigger boxes, so let me know if you want to play/learn them

War of the Ring - Might be best epic 2 player game ever?

Starcraft: The Board Game - this is a really great game, but almost exclusively for those familiar with the computer game IMO

Earth Reborn - Great 2 player skirmish game, but one of those games where if you don't play at least once a month you forget everything so it constantly gets reset to my back burner status

Claustrophobia - 2 player scenario-based dungeon crawl, this one actually isn't much trouble to bring, plays quickly, and it's a lot of fun.

*For small snack games, I like to bring Flash Duel, Hex, or King of Tokyo
David F
user 6964091
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 191
Out of your list, I really want to try City of Horror, then Super Dungeon Explore, and play Rex (since it's so hard to get an interested group). Everything else I don't mind (including Agricola, Dominant Species).
user 8517297
Group Organizer
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 89
I'd like to learn Super Dungeon Explore and Rex. Rex seems like a all night thing. I have played Mall of Horror, and wouldn't mind checking out the update.
David F
user 6964091
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 192
I won't repeat what you already own.

Most Want to Play Right Now

Hegemonic - This game is slated to be released in late 2013. I received a 'preview copy' from the designer, and need to test it soon and often. It's space empire 4X that's different from Eclipse and TI3. 4-player is optimal, 30-45min per player.

A Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords - 4-player, no spoilers, think this might be more thematic than the vanilla board game.

Imperial 2030 - Dominate the world with USA, Brazil, Russia, China, India or Europe, but only if you invested the most money into that power. An investment game, but you ruin each other's investments via tanks and ships. 3-4 player, 45-60min per player.

The Ares Project - 2-player, simulating a real-time strategy video game and Starcraft.

Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game - Haven't tried yet, but 4er version of War of the Ring can't go wrong, right? Territorial conquest + moving the neutral Conan around. Optimal with 4, 30-45min per player.

By Request Only

Cyclades: Hades - Bid for the favor of Gods and build Metropolises, or just take your opponents'. Building is more of a component than warfare in this one. 3-5 players, 30min per player.

Eclipse - Equal parts building and warfare. 30-45min per player. I hope to get people ready to dive into the expansion the day it releases. 4-6 recommended, 30-45min per player. I also have the gratuitous cube trays!

BattleLore - Historical fantasy, 1v1.

Gears of War - 2-4 player co-op. Kill aliens/monsters.

Hammer of the Scots - Block wargames are the best thing you haven't played yet, and HotS is the simplest, easiest entrance (6 pages of rules).

Runewars, Twilight Imperium 3 - These aren't as complex as others make you believe. The rules themselves are simple, it's the cards and keeping track of them and how they interact that's hard.

Attila - Out of print. Play cards to strengthen your share in a faction vs. strengthen the faction itself. Simpler version of Imperial, I think.

Graenaland - Out of print. Advanced Catan.

*Snacks I can bring: Glory to Rome, 2 de Mayo, Race for the Galaxy, LOTR: The Confrontation, King of Tokyo, Biblios, The Castle of the Devil, Meuterer, The Bottle Imp
David F
user 6964091
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 193
Rex seems like a all night thing.

I'd budget 3h30min max. It goes much quicker than that if players are experienced (or don't think for too long, since now we're better at keeping the pace moving), and if there are fewer players.
user 8517297
Group Organizer
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 90
Whats the best number of players for Rex?
David F
user 6964091
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 194
It was great when we tried it with both 4 and 6.

Obviously, 6 is optimal since there are more alliances and more interaction of racial powers, but 4 is so short that it's good too. The abilities get more or less powerful with different # of players, so it's interesting to view things differently too.
David F
user 6964091
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 195
I'm using the Excel summary to track mutual want-to-play by the way. Get the right columns on the same sheet, then filter what I own (or what I want to play) + what others want to play. I can show it to you if you don't use Excel much.

The drawback is it can't get at want-to-play priority.
user 13709458
Oakland, CA
Post #: 35
Yeah Rex actually has both a round limit and a victory condition that can be realistically completed super early, so while game length varies I don't think it's automatically a super long affair. Like any game, new players will make it take longer, but I've learned my lesson since the first couple times insisting on playing it with 6 newbies and learned that 4 and 5 players works just fine, especially a learning game, and plays fast. My 4 player games to date have been under two hours, and one of those was with children.

More interest in Super Dungeon Explore than I thought there'd be, I'll adjust my priorities accordingly...

I didn't know Ares Project was 2 player, interested in trying it, along with Battlelore. Also not done with Cyclades, or TI3/RuneWars when there's time
David F
user 6964091
Berkeley, CA
Post #: 199
Ares Project - have to open it up and learn it. The combat mechanism is very similar to StarCraft (line up the leading units).

I'll play anything I own! It's the Top 5 I listed + everything else.

I hold out hope A Storm of Swords can finally be the thematic, good Game of Thrones game I'm looking for. These are the differences from the base game:

- 4 players instead of 6 (so faster)
- 2 leaders for each House lead armies and have more tactical flexibility
- Can capture leaders, ransom them out, rescue them, trade them and execute them. Ned starts as a prisoner. devilish (and that's the only spoiler in this expansion).
- Play a Tactics card per round (basically a 'general' order in addition to the ones you put down).
- No ships
- Weather (good/bad) can make regions adjacent or not
- Besides capturing castles/strongholds, can get VPs by bidding for Claim Over Westeros. These are VPs, except the longer ago you Claimed, the weaker your Claim (and more likely it'll decay).
- Ally decks to get the Freys, Tyrells, Arryns and mercenaries/outlaws to help you (leaders, armies, special abilities).
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