Invitation for this weekend....

From: Robert R.
Sent on: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 10:34 AM
For those of you who can't make it to San Jac for gaming this weekend, just wanted to invite you to a session of Here I Stand (GMT).  I am hosting a game at my place this coming Saturday at 9am.  Essentially, the game is a bit like Dune with more 'stuff going on', set in the 1500's, during the wars of Reformation in Europe.  The rulebook is a bit long, but if you know what faction you are interested in, I can tell you the sections that you need to read that apply to you (which is A LOT less than reading the whole thing).  Plus I can email you the "Learn Here I Stand in 20 minutes" article by email. 
Where: League City, TX
When: Sat 28, at 9am. 
We'll probably start with the 1532 scenario, which allows for gamers to make it until the later years of the game (in less time). 
We should be wrapping things up by 5-6pm or so.... or by the time the wife starts giving me 'the look'....
Let me know if you are interested soon!  I only have 2 more spots left.

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