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what weekend time works best for you?

I, Tyler, would like to find out from the members what time works best on the weekends for everyone? The weekend for me begins on Friday night and ends Sunday night. This will better help me plan another meetup on the weekends. We can certainly do daytime hrs on Saturday or Sunday, if that is best for everyone instead of the late night hrs. But keep in mind that there is a monthly Saturday meetup at the George & Dragon and one at the Game Depot. I dont want to have two Games! meetups at the same time.

Jun 25, 2008 5 so far

Would you like the late night game night to continue?

A few of our regular late night game night atendee's have moved and its left our group with only a couple people. Now most of the late night game night attendee's can't come every week like I can. Some only come once a month. I am contemplating canceling the late night game nights until the future of this meetup is decided. Basically the late night game night would be on tuesday as a continuation of reg. game night. If anyone wants it on a different night then we would just do a whole new game night, not a late night game night. #1 & 2 choices are wether or not you would attend if I kept it going and #3-5 is when you would like to see the game night.

Jul 17, 2009 6 so far

Would you be willing to host a game night in your home?

Notes: #1 If someone is gracious enough to open their home to us, the host(s) has ABSOLUTE decision-making in whom and how many can attend. #2 The address is always hidden from the web and is only sent to "yes" RSVPs the night before the event. #3 We could have a potluck, if the host(ess) is so inclined.

May 17, 2009 19 so far

What game would you like to see us play at next Tuesdays meetup?

I've added a poll to help try to figure out what games people would like to play on our Tuesday meetup. Please note that this is a test, and only a test. Had this been a real boardgame emergency I would have you all slam a Margarita, roll under the table, and make animal noises or something else really embarrassing. The point is that we are NOT locked into the games on this poll or the results of this poll. I could only add 12 options to the poll, so I autocratically picked 12 games. If you'd like to see a game added to the list, shoot me an email. Also, this is a rating poll, so rate the games you would like to play most as a 10, and those you would like to play least as a 1. (Note the ratings are 1-10 and there are 12 options, so you can use a number more than once, but please don't rate everything a 10 or everything a 5 as this won't tell me much!!!!!)

Jul 12, 2007 20 so far

Would you be up for a Partini Party

Basically a couple members have mentioned having a party at someone's house where you can play party games like my partini game or cranium and be able to drink(If you so choose to but its more fun if you do..lol) and not have to worry about noise level soo much as well as being able to stay as late as youd like (like a slumber party...lol). I just would like an idea if this would be worth putting together for like a once maybe twice a month or more (if everyone wants to) deal. 1st & 2nd choices please tell me if this sounds like fun or not. 3rd and 4th choices are what night (Fri or Sat.) works best for you. 5th - 8th choices are wether or not you drink. 9th - 12th choices are what alcohol drinks (if you drink) that you prefer.

May 27, 2009 21 so far

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