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This group meets every Wednesday and Thursday night.

If you have any board games you want to play, please bring them.

Rules of Attendance :

No smoking indoors.

No outside food or drink.

Respect the property and other players.
Must Have FUN!

"What is a Eurogame?"

This is the most common question asked by those unfamiliar with the genre. Briefly, Eurogames, also known as "German-style" or "designer" board games, are a broad class of games that feature simple rules, attractive components, modest length, and an explicit theme. These games appeal to a wide range of ages, though generally not young children. The audience includes casual gamers, who play with family and friends, as well as more serious, hobby gamers. In general, a greater degree of thought and planning are required to play well in these games than is the case with party games such as Pictionary, Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. And while it is true that Eurogames rely less on the random element than classic American party games, it is not absent (to the woe of some serious gamers!)

"What games do you play?"

Here's what some of our members are saying about the Eurogames we play:

I'm a big fan of Eurogames. I like the elegant mechanics and the logic and optimization involved in the game tactics. Each move is like solving a mini puzzle. Most games have attractive components. Puerto Rico was my favorite; but I think it's Caylus now. - Todd

I've played quite a bit of Settlers of Catan, including the two player card game, and I like the strategy, pace and interaction of the game. - Cari

Although I haven't played Eurogames much, my favorites are Citadels and the Cities and Knights expansion of Settlers of Catan. I enjoy the social interaction, the strategy, the feeling of progress and accomplishment that you get from playing most of these games. - David

I like the intellectual stimulation and social interaction of games like El Grande, Alhambra, Carcassonne, Blue Moon City, Shogun and Railroad Tycoon. - Evan

My favorites are: Caylus, Goa, Shogun, Ra and El Grande. It's been a blast learning all of these new Eurogames over the last year. Man, what I would have done to have had these types of games as a kid ? Oh wait! I still am! - Adrian

I like to play a lot of Eurogames; but, my favorites are probably Carcassonne and Iron Dragon. I enjoy the complex strategies, the fact that luck often plays a minimal role, and the good conversations that arise from play. - Alan

I like playing Settlers of Catan and Puerto Rico. I enjoy these games because they involve the management of acquiring resources and building things with them. - Mike

"I've never even heard of any of these games!"

Don't worry if some or all of these games are unfamiliar to you. At all our meetups there's always someone (usually several someones) willing to teach. Just bring your enthusiasm, your curiosity, your willingness to explore the new terrain of Eurogames and your commitment to attending at least one meetup every three months.

"Do I have to bring a game to play?"

Definitely not. There are always many games to choose from at our meetups. Many of our members have closets full of Eurogames with numbers of titles exceeding 80. Others, like myself, have only a handful. And some have none at all. What is important is that all closets, whether bursting at the seams or empty, are welcome in this group. Take care, however, because, as discovered by one of our newbie members, empty closets do not stay that way for long; "This group is getting me in trouble. I now have $100 worth of games I want to buy."

"When and where do you meet?"

I want everyone who joins this group to have an opportunity to meet and play. That is, after all, why people join! With several events happening every month there is a day, a time, and a place for everyone!

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