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NEWSLETTER for May 8, 2012

Group Organizer
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 537
It's back at least for now. The newsletter, of course. I was about to start writing my paranormal romance (I have to make a living somehow) but got diverted from the comments on the ratings for our last event, the discussion of "Cannery Row."

We had near record numbers, 17 people showed up! The previous record remains unbroken at 24 for one discussion. So yeah, pretty crowded. As with any fairly large group of individuals, we had diversity. The discussion in our alcove of Barnes and Noble was many things: exhilarating, illuminating, interesting, stressful, head banging against wall kind of fun, you know?

Now that I'm a teacher, I feel more confident about managing groups. Or at least I did. This is the second time someone came to a meeting and didn't know who the facilitator was! Yes. I will wear NUMERO UNO and a big sombrero for the next meetup. There will be no mistaking me for some random talker. AND I will install the following rules:

1) No shushing. Anyone. Ever. Kicking someone under the table is completely acceptable.

2) No expecting me to remember you from a puppet show. You know who you are.

3) No referring to a person as saying they talk too much and its all about them, and then complaining they do not know who is running the meeting. Geez.

4) No discussion about start-up companies. That discussion should be saved for the "Scottsdale Meetup BookGroup and Casual Discussion about Start-up Companies" group. I hear they are still in the process of getting the group going. Har Har.

5) No being so articulate that you sound like you wrote a literary treatise on the subject being discussed. It's intimidating and confuses everyone as to who the facilitator actually is.

6) No saying you think the back of the book cover description is wrong. Give me a break.... who am I going to believe, you... or a book publisher blurb writer?

7) No bringing your adorable husband and saying he finally read a book so he was allowed to come. Also, no making a spouse read the Grapes of Wrath to prove a point. Pick a far longer book. It will make a bigger impression.

8) No bringing extremely well-versed, articulate guests who come with props, pictures, or any other real connection to the book being discussed. It makes everyone else feel like they have to bring an equally brilliant guest the next time. Talk about pressure.

9)No talking about dead girls washing up on shore. I think I need not elaborate.

10) No asking other people to read significant passages. We do not support co-dependency in this group.

11) No making awesome recommendations for social night. It will leave me nothing to complain about.

12) No discussion of nostalgia. We read to FORGET. at least some stuff.

13) No insisting that a book is about one hardship and one alone that few can understand. Pain is universal. Even a bullied 8 year-old in a posh suburb knows that.

14) No NOT bringing a magic phone to the meeting if you have one. We can't always wait for you Bill. Oh wait, never mind. We have Sharon now.

15) No private jokes in newsletters. It makes other people left out.

16) No trying to make people laugh when they clearly would rather be engaged in fisticuffs. That stuff only happens in books, anyway.


17) NO referring to me as SWEET. You are mind blowingly mistaken.

I did love having a big crowd talking about books! It's just what the doctor ordered for burn-out on a day of the week I usually dread.... MONDAYS!

I'll shoot you guys an e-mail about the social night when I have a more definite plan.

Love you

user 8460926
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 2
All tongue in cheek? I thought that the start-up talk afterwards was great! Henry
Group Organizer
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 538
No- not all tongue in cheek. I did have a marvelous time especially after the discussion. It's sometimes the best part of being in this bookgroup!
Tempe, AZ
Post #: 34
Well, now you've gone and done it - if you think we're ever going to let you stop writing newsletters again after this one, you've got another think coming.
Sharon c.
user 30632332
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 1
ROTFL!!! Seriously, Stephany, how will anyone ever know you're the leader of this group if you keep being so reserved and keeping all your feelings bottled up inside?!?!?
user 7294043
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 12
Stephany, with or without sombrero, we all know who is NUMERO UNO! I so love the newsletter.
Peoria, AZ
Post #: 218
I feel left out. That'll teach me! Sounds like I missed a very special meeting.

Group Organizer
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 539
It was iconic. Like the town -- the one near the river in Russia ; )
Michelle B.
user 9472499
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 9
One of the more memorable evenings! Stephany, you wrote an engaging summary; one that will keep many of us wondering, grimacing and/or smiling for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting!
Group Organizer
Scottsdale, AZ
Post #: 540
I hope no one takes it too seriously!
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