New Polls are up (for Cambridge Readers and Beyond :-)

From: Lisa/vetchick
Sent on: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 2:03 PM
Okay folks, for those who frequent (and/or may frequent) our Cambridge gathering, the polls have been purged, reorganized and added to. As always, check out the blogspot:

for the synopses (or the best I could find without spelling out the whole book). Everyone, location aside, is invited to vote and attend anytime a book catches their eye (heh, in a good or bad way:-)

The new suggestions are gathered from the voices of those that were there last Monday, as well as those that RSVP'd with ideas.

Those that don't see your suggestions, worry not, they will be added either to a Cambridge, or Boston/Brookline/Allston etc poll in the future (this is why we're grilling you on both book ideas and where the most convenient meetup will be for ya:-) While we're still getting things underway, I didn't want to go stealing all the suggestions :-)

But I may :-) Bwah-ha-hah :-)

As ever, vote for anything you're interested in as the more votes, the faster it'll end up on the calender. As many may know, we do occasionally stray from the polls with great enthusiasm for a random suggestion, but, it's an easy way for you speed readers to have an idea what may be coming up...lots of votes means we'll be getting to it at some point :-)

I also totally revamped (er, cleaned up) the blogspot to hopefully make it a bit more user friendly. Will try to edit vs add in the future, so we can keep pertinent synopses at the top. And for those who like to see what we've read, it's accessible both on our home page (scroll down to the bottom and click on the link), and on the blogspot as the second blog. Will try to keep that updated as well:-)

Please gets your votes in!! The faster we have results, the faster we can get the next few months planned in terms of our repertoire :-)

I'd also like to note that Patrick's been busy on a few Brookline polls of his own (seriously hot off the presses!) Check it out and rank those titles (note the 1-10 ranking style), and locations for meeting! Go Patrick!! Brookline folks get busy!!

And Jennie's still got us all beat with that first poll listing Allston locations. Allston/Brighton folks make your voices heard! (and send her an email if you have book ideas or the perfect coffeeshop/sandwich shop/whatever shop location ever!!) We all know you guys like your side of the river, all isolated on that side of Comm Ave (I'm kidding!!, but obviously, it is nice to stay close to home). Give her some feedback to help make that happen:-) You can contact her (and any other organizer) by clicking on their names under the organzied by section of our meetup page.

You can find the polls at: or by clicking on the link at the left marked Polls from our home page:

That yellow triangle means the polls are open and awaiting your input!

And finally (whew!) please welcome Katie, our new Organizer for Newton. We're branching out folks!!!

Your inbox intrusion ends here :-)


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