Clojure, Futures and Promises

  1. Clojure: Less-typed JVM functional programming by Stephen Compall. Clojure is the "other" new functional language for the JVM. It may lack a sophisticated type system, but there's more to functional programming than that. Certainly the reverse is true, but perhaps the Clojurians have one or two insights of use to the practicing Scalaish programmer or 2.10 macro hacker.
  2. Futures and Promises coming in Scala 2.10 by Chris Baxter (lightning talk)

At MIT, allow a little extra time to find the room. To get there, make sure to enter the Stata Center at 32 Vassar Street opposite the sign for 43 Vassar Street.

We'll try to make sure the building isn't locked, but we've had trouble in the past. Wait a few minutes for someone to enter or leave, or call Seth at [masked] if you're stuck outisde.

Once inside, take the elevator (under a sign saying "Alexander W Dreyfoos Building" to the fourth floor (if you find yourself instead in the Gates Building part of the Stata Center you will need to walk to the other end of the buildling to the Dreyfoos elevators). Turn left out of the elevator and then right, through a set of double doors, and straight ahead past a pool table towards the R&D common with a red-orange carpet. Turn right shortly before hitting the red-orange carpet and you will see the STAR seminar room 32-D463 straight ahead.

hangout/drinks after at Meadhall, corner of Broadway and Ames, near the Kendall T stop.


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  • Alexandre Bertails

    Very cool comparison Clojure/Scala. "Futures and Promises" was a more accessible talk from beginners than the one last Tuesday, and more focused on how to use the API.
    Very good speakers.

    August 17, 2012

  • Vincent Theron

    Only attended the first talk. Very good speaker, very knowledgeable.

    August 17, 2012

  • Stephen Compall

    Get going with Clojure and Leiningen:­

    Instructions for cloning the Clojure presentation, with Leiningen build &c:­
    File: src/com/nocandysw/cloj_dummy/scala­.clj

    Just the file we were looking at:­

    August 16, 2012

  • kanishka azimi

    as a clojurian who was moving to haskell and got diverted to scala instead, a minor convenience i miss is -> and ->> , although I might just be too new to the language to realize there are equivalents. i also have a minor preference for clojure's shorthand anonymous function syntax with numbered unnamed parameters....

    August 2, 2012

    • Stephen Compall

      You can set up some nice chains by writing your functions as pimp methods. I plan to briefly cover the tradeoffs between the lambda shortcut syntaxes.

      August 2, 2012

    • kanishka azimi

      cool. another minor one i miss is marginalia - a pretty, more extensive implementation of literate programming

      August 4, 2012

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