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amazing capoeira from brazil

Narcleio plays in Fortaleza. The guy in purple. He is famous through-out Brazil for his carobatic skill. Visit http://www.capoei...­ for more of him and others too!

MPEG movie file 6.7M andy c. May 12, 2006

under the tent 2

Nightime Roda~~~~

AVI movie file 5.3M Ali_Chui Mar 4, 2006

under the tent

Nightime Roda

AVI movie file 5.8M Ali_Chui Mar 3, 2006

Govad's Macaco


AVI movie file 1.9M Ali_Chui Mar 3, 2006


This is the rhythm that was used to signal the arrival of the police, and so was the signal to break up the Hoda

MP3 audio file 3.0M jacare Feb 28, 2006

Short sequence1

By Sapato also

a .ASF file 1.8M Ali_Chui Feb 21, 2006


Sapato & Berimbau

a .ASF file 8.2M Ali_Chui Feb 21, 2006

Short sequence

By Sapato

a .ASF file 2.0M Ali_Chui Feb 21, 2006

First sequence

Professor Sapato demonstrating the first sequence he taught in Hong Kong. There's a little slip at the end because the floor was wet.

a .AVI file 2.9M cojaclynsy Feb 21, 2006

Alvin's first flip

a .AVI file 1.3M cojaclynsy Feb 21, 2006


Oi Sim Sim Sim~~~~

MP3 audio file 99K Ali_Chui Feb 20, 2006


Gunga e Meu ~~~~ Music

MP3 audio file 47K Ali_Chui Feb 20, 2006

Capoeria Pubblicita Nokia

Nokia 8210 Adv~~~~

MPEG movie file 1.4M HEHEH Feb 20, 2006

Capoeira Adv

Full version~~~~

MPEG movie file 3.7M HEHEH Feb 20, 2006

Capoeira 3


MPEG movie file 1.4M HEHEH Feb 20, 2006

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