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House Joint Resolution 3: Applying for an Article V amendments convention.

Adobe Acrobat file 22K Teri M. O. Mar 6, 2013


Adobe Acrobat file 95K Robert O. Nov 4, 2012


Speech Flier for John F. McManus Speech in Columbus on 10/5/2012

Adobe Acrobat file 391K Teri M. O. Sep 28, 2012

Hot Spots of Terrorism

Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States 1970-2008

Adobe Acrobat file 988K Teri M. O. Feb 18, 2012

Attacking Islam

Attacking Islam - article from the March 21, 1994 edition of The New American Magazine. "An anti-Islamic hate campaign to poison the peoples of the world and especially the American public against Muslims has been underway for quite some time."

a .PDF file 8.7M Teri M. O. Feb 6, 2012


Petition to Stop Ohio from calling a Constitutional Convention with pending Senate and House Resolutions.

Adobe Acrobat file 123K Teri M. O. Nov 22, 2011


Senate Joint Resolution 2: Applying to the Congress of the United States pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution to call a constitutional convention for proposing amendments.

Adobe Acrobat file 74K Teri M. O. Nov 22, 2011


October 2011 central Ohio monthly newsletter

a .docx file 72K Big N. Oct 20, 2011


Flyer for John F. McManus Speech "Betrayal of the Constitution" on October 23, 2011 at 7:00pm.

Adobe Acrobat file 7.8M Teri M. O. Sep 29, 2011


States Should Enforce Not Revise the Constitution

Adobe Acrobat file 652K Teri M. O. Sep 22, 2011


New Push for a Constitutional Convention

Adobe Acrobat file 487K Teri M. O. Sep 22, 2011


Rebuttal of Goldwater 10 Facts

Adobe Acrobat file 277K Teri M. O. Sep 22, 2011


Petition and Resolution to Nullify ObamaCare in Ohio

Adobe Acrobat file 69K Teri M. O. Sep 14, 2011


Congress and the Constitution, by Gary Benoit

Adobe Acrobat file 121K Teri M. O. Sep 9, 2011


Democracy v. Republic tri-fold

Adobe Acrobat file 57K Teri M. O. May 3, 2011


Letter to the Editor regarding democracy

Adobe Acrobat file 644K Teri M. O. May 2, 2011


The Constitution for the New States of America

Adobe Acrobat file 197K Teri M. O. Dec 9, 2010


Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

Adobe Acrobat file 4.4M Teri M. O. Oct 14, 2010


Flier for Dr. Fredrick Pierce: A Closer Look at ObamaCare on October 30, 2010 | 7:00PM | Ramada Plaza Hotel

Adobe Acrobat file 689K Teri M. O. Sep 1, 2010


President Obama signed a government takeover of healthcare into law. This is a list of new boards and commissions created in the bill and each one will require your tax dollar to support.

Adobe Acrobat file 93K Teri M. O. Jun 30, 2010


Eighteen Constitutional Questions to Ask Candidates in 2010

Adobe Acrobat file 102K Teri M. O. Jun 23, 2010


April 24th Speech by Jack McManus: Destruction by Design: Explaining the New World Order and Its Architects

Adobe Acrobat file 87K Teri M. O. Apr 19, 2010


April 24th Speech by Jack McManus: Destruction by Design: Explaining the New World Order and Its Architects

Adobe Acrobat file 76K Teri M. O. Apr 7, 2010

JBSComparisonChart 2010

JBS Comparison Chart 2010 | Comparison of Organizational Services and Programs

Adobe Acrobat file 298K A former member Mar 23, 2010


1/21/10 Letter to the Editor by Teri Owens, Assistant Chapter Leader for the Delaware JBS. "The Rightful Limits of Government

Adobe Acrobat file 192K Teri M. O. Jan 21, 2010

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