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The dreaded ACL surgery

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So we're just back from Dr. Navin's. Ashton was limping excessively last night, and sure enough, he popped his ACL. Surgery is scheduled for April 2. Say a little prayer for our boy--he looks so sad! crying I feel like a bad bulldog mommy today.
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Oh, that is just ridiculous. You are not a bad bulldog mommy. If your Ashton is like my BaBaLu, there is no way to stop him from using himself as an acrobat. These bulldgs act crazy sometimes. When Burly was a puppy, he would fly up and down the stairs and even bank himself off the walls instead of slowing down to maneuver a turn. BaBaLu will be three in April and she thinks she's a circus performer. If I roll her ball a little way, she throws her body at it to catch it. Every time I cringe, expecting that she will hurt herself -- no matter how gently I approach playtime with her.

Besides, these bulldogs are just built for trouble, especially in the joints. ACL surgery is definitely not the easiest to recover from, but you guys are great. You post on this board often enough and it shows that you know bulldogs. When an injury happens, it happens. Only God knows why.

I have no doubt that Ashton will recover well because he is taken care of by such loving parents. God bless him and his bull-mom and bull-dad, too.

-- Theresa
Amy P
Chicago, IL
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Bummer Tracy! So sorry to hear that. I'll say a prayer for Ashton's quick recovery; and I am confident he'll be just fine! Give him an extra hug!
Jill & M.
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Aurora, IL
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I know exactly how you feel Tracy- I've been there. Good luck and speedy recovery wishes!!!!
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He's in good hands.

A few weeks and he'll be back to it
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As a member of the ACL repair crew, you are not a bad bullie mommy, it happens and it sucks. Ashton will be just fine. Make sure he gets enough pain meds. Bosco came home today with a "pain patch" and he is relax and not showing any signs of pain. With his first ACL, he was in alot of pain and panting and it was terrible. Drugs, good, pain, bad.

Anne & Bosco
Lori L.
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Yup - welcome to the club! Cupcake is now 4 weeks post-op with her ACL. The hardest part has been keeping her peaceful with 1 yr old Twinkie doing the crazy dog dance around her. I tried having Cupcake have some cozy time in the crate .... but Twinkie learned how to open the crate!

Still, no matter how routine the procedure, nothing is "routine" when it's YOUR bully baby. I'm sending up prayers that Dr. Navin's skilled hands are guided to make your Ashton better than new. Please keep us posted.

btw - since Cupcake is a recent frequent flier in the surgical suite of our vet office, I've been taking a red magic marker and then draw a little red heart on her when I take her in pre-op morning. Just my silly way to send my love with her. It rubs off in a couple days.

Deborah W.
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We found Dr. Shaw in Woodstock one of the 2 vets highly recommended by our bully friends at several meetups downtown. Our Brutus just had surgery on his right ACL, and he is 3 weeks post op & doing well. The surgery & 1 nite observance was all it took for our little guy to get through the worst part, but the pain patch - pain meds & antibiotics were sent home with him. Our job? To watch him, monitor his recovery. The hardest day was when we took him home. He was very vocal about his condition, and we were extremely diligent with his post surgical care. We were told that he will be back at his old routine in 4-6 mos. and after a year, like it never happened.

So that was the good news! We heard a "clicking" in his knee before bringing him in, and had found out afterward that his left knee now probably will need the surgery too. No arthritis though, so one step at a time! Dr. Shaw is an excellent surgeon, and I would recommend taking your dog to see him.
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