Organizers’ Rules and Guidelines

Organizers’ Rules and Guidelines

The purpose of these Rules and Guidelines is to ensure that Chicagoland Fun Group (CFG) can provide good, fair and fun events for the members of CFG.

The rule applies to all Organizers (Chief Organizer (O), Assistant Organizers (AO), Event Organizers (EO) and Event Hosts (EH) ) of Chicagoland Fun Group (CFG). All Organizers must agree to the current set of Rules and Guidelines in order to become a CFG Organizer.

1. All Organizers must follow the Member Rules. Since Organizers are also Members, they are expected to follow any and all Member Rules.

2. Member Removal Rule: Assistant Organizers are not permitted to remove and/or ban members without the permission of the Organizer (1)

3. FYI Event Rule: No “FYI Events” will be permitted. If you post an event, someone must be there to greet the members who sign up; so, they can meet each other. If it’s a great event and you are not planning to be there, you can post it on the CFG Message Board. All Message Board Postings must comply with the Advertising Policy (See FYI Event Rule for more details).

4. Be Nice! (2) . You may not like all the members that RSVP and show up to an event, but make your best effort to be friendly to everyone who is participating. We recommend that you do a round of introductions (if possible) and/or greet each member at an Event. Keep in mind you have the “Right To Refuse” (See Right To Refuse Rule) if someone signs up for your event that you don’t want in attendance. Furthermore, Organizers should make an effort to “be nice” when interacting with Members / Organizers outside of the Event setting. No offensive emails, Message Board postings, RSVP Comments, or Shouts should be sent or posted.

5. Non-Competitive Rule – CFG Organizers shall not display obvious competitive behavior towards other Organizers and their events as well as other local Organizers’ and their events. (See [Non-Competitive Rule] for more details.)

6. Organizer NO SHOW Rule. Do not be a NO SHOW! If you cannot make the event you scheduled, either find another Organizer / Host or reschedule / cancel the event. In the case of rescheduling or cancellation, the change should be reported to the members in enough time to adjust their plans. You also have the option of finding a member who has already RSVP’d to agree to become an “Event Host” for that event.

7. Non-Profit Rule. Events Shall Be Basically Non-Profit in nature. Events should not be posted with the purpose of making money. Covering your expenses / costs is fine. We don’t want you to lose money either. However, being an Organizer of CFG is not a part time job. See [Allowable Organizer Fees and Costs] for more details.

8. Not for Business Rule. Events Shall NOT be business oriented. The main purpose of the event should be a gathering to have fun. It should not be there to promote a specific business that you or someone you know is a member of. Charity and Community Support Events are fine so long as the Charity or the Community Support is the main focus rather than something like “Business Networking”. (See Not for Business Rule for more details.)

9. Dispute Rule. All problems with other Members and Organizers should be reported directly to the Chief Organizer. Organizers SHOULD NOT approach the Member or Organizer directly. This will be done to make sure no one is falsely accused. The Chief Organizer will investigate / mitigate on all disputes. The Chief Organizer has the right to assign CFG Assistant Organizers who he / she believes is a neutral party to help investigate the matter.

10. Spam Rule. Organizers shall not misuse their access to the email to promote a particular business or themselves without permission from the Organizer. The publicity should not be part of an event announcement or event reminder email either.

11. Schedule Conflict Rule. CFG is a large enough group to support several events on the same day at the same time; so, we are going to allow that. The only potential exception to this rule would be any large Multi-Meetup Party in which the Chief Organizer is participating such as the Meetup Holiday Party. Check with the Chief Organizer if you are planning to host an event within a day of the Multi-Meetup. Please be aware of the "Conflicting Events Rule" if you are planning to host an event on the same day as another event (especially if it's at the same venue).

12. Tell The Truth. The basic idea of this rule that you basically be "truthful" about your Event descriptions and your Messages to the Memebership. Do not promise things you don't intend to deliver. See [Tell The Truth] for more details.

1. Event Title (Organizer Name) Guideline. When posting an event, an Organizer should put their Meetup name in “( )” after the event title.

2. Locate The Organizer Guideline. When posting an event, an Organizer should make it VERY CLEAR how they are to be found. It is highly recommended that you have a current photograph what you look like as part of your personal profile.

3. Unsolicited Advice Guideline. No Unsolicited Advice shall be given. You may consider yourself to be an expert in organizing an event, but quite often, other organizers are not open to unsolicited advice. If you feel it is important, notify the Chief Organizer

4. "Save The Date" Guideline. Please don't "Save The Date" on an event unless you have serious plans to have an event on that date. In other words, make sure that the date is a firm date. Keep in mind that "Saving the Date" does not prohibit other CFG Organizers from having an event on that day. You may not "Save The Date" on the same day as a Multi-Meetup in which the Chief Organizer is hosting. The Chief Organizer reserves the right to remove any event "note" where it is in conflict with the Multi-Meetup he or she is hosting even if the event is posted first (4).

5. Discriminating Events. CFG WILL ALLOW events which are discriminating in terms of age, sex, marital status and ability such as "ladies only", "20's - 30's", "over 40", "singles only", and "b-level volleyball players only". The participation restriction should be clearly described in the Event Description and in the Event Announcements. Generally speaking, CFG events are assumed to be open only to adults who are 21 and older unless the event specifically suggests that "children are welcome". The 21 and older age restriction is assumed especially since many of the events are at venues where alcohol is being served. (3)

6. Manage Your Email Output. This proposes ways we can send out enough information to "inform" the membership without "spamming" them. See [Manage Your Email Output]

1. Depending on the severity of the incident, the Organizer can change or remove organizer status or remove or ban the member if a Rule is violated. First offenders will most likely get an email from the Organizer.

2. If a Guideline is violated, those not following the Guideline will most likely get an email from the Organizer or the content of the posted event might be changed.

Rule – A Rule is a principle that must be followed.

Guideline – A Guideline is a principle that should be followed.

Event – An organized gathering of people at particular time and place. This is the same as a Meetup.

Meetup – An organized gathering of people at particular time and place. This is the same as an Event.

Multi-Meetup - A Meetup where 2 or more Meetup groups have Organizers who are co-hosting.

FYI Event - A Meetup where there is no Organizer.

Host - The organizer of a particular Meetup.

Chief Organizer - The Organizer which runs and pays for a Meetup group. (5)

Organizers - Members who can be a Host of a Meetup which include Chief Organizers (O), Assistant Organizers (AO), Event Organizers (EO) and Event Hosts (EH). All have different levels of abilities as defined by software.

(1) Only the Chief Organizer of CFG is permitted to remove members from CFG.
(2) It is incredible that this has to be a Rule, but here we go.
(3) This guideline is here for clarification since there may be other groups where these types of events are not allowed.
(4) The reason for this is if we're trying to get a big turnout (100 people or more), then we may want to limit alternate events on the same day or on the same weekend. If organizer's event note is posted prior to the Multi-Meetup, then that organizer will be contacted prior to note removal (but we may not wait for a response.).
(5) This was done to distinguish references in the Rules and Guidelines to the Chief Organizer and Organizers in general.

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