Roxanne & Puppy C.


San Jose, CA

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July 8, 2008


Why did you choose to bring a chi into your home?

I grew up on a farm and always had a dog for a companion while I lived with my parents (among all the other animals: cats, pigs, cows, etc)! I wanted a small dog, and I always liked chi's. I had not had the lifestyle that was good for a dog prior to year 2000 - I always had cats, because a house without pets feels like just a house, not a home. In Sept 2011, brought home a little bundle of joy that used to be able to walk underneath Machu - Puppy Chulo ("cute" in Spanish) now weighs twice as much as Machu, but his legs didn't grow much since that day! ;-) He's a sweet, loving pup that just wants to love and be loved. And he is!

How many & what's their names? How did pick their names?

Puppy Chulo (born 28 July 2011) was an unexpected addition to the family. Got him from family friend that couldn't keep him as a “shop dog”, he was only 8 wks old, & had already been away from mama for 2 wks (& left alone way too much). I met him the day he was brought into their shop, & I actually gave him his name. (For non-Spanish speakers, it’s a take-off on pet name for boyfriend/hubby, "Popi Chulo" - chulo means cute). It took lots of work on his separation issues (& Machu helped a lot!) but he is a very loving & loyal pooch. He’s very bonded to me, still acts like a baby sometimes. He wouldn't hurt a fly, & makes doggie friends easily - even with dogs people tell me are not friendly. .. Machu Picchu (RIP Dec 28, 2013) is the long-hair chocolate colored Chihuahua. He got his name because when we got him at 8 mos, his name was Nacho. I didn't care for it. We wanted something that sounded similar since he knew his name. He's a Big Spirit (like Machu Picchu) in a tiny dog!

What is the silliest thing you've ever caught yourself doing for your chi?

Lifting him up to look over my neighbor's fence at their dog, his buddy! (actually, there are prob stupider/sillier things, but I can't think of anything right now!) Also singing "the good morning song" every day as I approach the kennel for release.

Who owns who?

They are not owned. Both Machu & Chulo came into my life at the perfect time and we share kindred spirits. Just can't reach the kibble cupboard, so I feed him when it's time! ;-) Chulo knows who the Alpha is (MAMA!) ;-)


New addition 27 Sep 2011 - Puppy Chulo! (a chiweenie) . ** RIP Machu Picchu 28 Dec 2013 ** . An acquaintance told me of this group, we attended April 2008 meetup, & had a great time! What a great group of people & pups! Been coming ever since!

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It is a great way to have fun and safe socialization for your chi and meet some great people too!

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