NY Metro Discover Chocolate Update: Can you help?

From: Clay Gordon
Sent on: Monday, March 10, 2008 9:08 AM

March has certainly come in like a lion and shows no signs of going out like a lamb.

In addition to everything else that's going in my life (i.e., outside of chocolate), I am in the middle of many new and exciting projects:

1) Launching a new social network for chocolate fans at www.TheChocolateLife.com. (There are already a couple of Meetup members who've joined.)

2) Working on a bunch of travel programs. In addition to Belize in May, there's a trip to Europe this summer that has also been announced. I am also in the planning stages on trips to Hawaii, Europe (on The Orient Express starting in Venice through Prague to London), a Caribbean cruise, a hands-on trip (i.e., visiting a cocoa co-op during harvest) to Mexico, an Argentine wine/chocolate adventure, and a trip to Indonesia.

3) Various consulting projects and my side business selling and shipping chocolate.

4) Meetup. There are two Meetups this month. The first is next Tuesday the 18th, a Beer, Chocolate, and Cheese tasting and at the end of the month with Alan McClure of Patric Chocolate. (For next week's Meetup I will get the payment link today or tomorrow and send the information out to everyone as soon as I get it.)

With all of this stuff going on, I am finding it harder and harder to devote the time necessary to keep this Meetup fresh, exciting, and interesting - as I think some of you can tell. Therefore, I am reaching out to see if any of you is interested in becoming an assistant organizer for this group. I would still be financially responsible (Meetup charges me), but you'd be asked to help in coming up with topic ideas for Meetups as well as places to hold them and to take some of the administrivia burden off my plate.

While I do make a few dollars from most Meetups after paying for the chocolate we eat and for the venue, most of the "profit" covers my hard expenses such as the fee Meetup charges me, transportation, payment processing fees (credit card, Paypal), the shopping cart, etc. As small as this profit is, I plan to share this with my assistant organizer(s).

If you're interested, please contact me directly via e-mail so we can discuss what's involved.

Thanks in advance for your interest and your continued support,
:: Clay

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