Re: Re: [humanism-174] What If Trayvon Had Died In A Drone Strike? - YouTube

From: Glen
Sent on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 1:17 PM
Yes Mark, it is a major scandal, with multiple disturbing aspects. The only reason most people know little about it is that most of the mainstream media is largely ignoring it, for political reasons I believe. So please do more research on it. I have no doubt that if this happened during a republican administration, it would lead every news report, with "special" coverage every day. Your suggestion that the "plenty of intelligence" amounts to nothing more than Facebook like postings is just not true.  As I said in my original post, there were several types of intelligence, including direct communication with those on the ground being attacked to the CIA and military offices, and real-time video footage from drons WHILE THE ATTACK WAS TAKING PLACE.  There were also multiple emails and other communications soon after the incident as well from those on the ground, from multiple sources. As almost everyone now acknowledges, they KNEW it was a terrorist
 attack within hours, yet still spread the story about a spontaneous video for two weeks afterward.  
   Even if the video story were true, it still leaves the major questions of 
1. Why was the consulate left virtualy unprotected despite being in a high risk area, and on the anniveary of 911, even after multiple requests from Stevens and others for the security.
2. Why no help was sent to the Americans being attacked when resources were nearby, despite multiple pleas for the help during the attack itself--even when they had laser targeted those doing the attack. 
3. Why were military personnel told to STAND DOWN when they asked to go help the Americans being attacked? 
4. Why did the administration make up the video story for weeks afterward, which fits none of the intelligence we now know they all had? 
5. Why did CIA officials first say no order was given to stand down, and yet others in the O admin. acknowledge that such an order was given, but won't say from whom? 
6. Why did Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton imply they did not have enough information on what was happening, when others in the CIA and state department have acknowledged that they knew exactly what was happening, and watched much of it in real time. 

Anyone wishing to learn more, just google "Benghazi." One site with a summary is: http://beforeitsn...­

Yes, much of the info is coming from Fox and conservative sites. That that is because the mainstream media has refused to cover it. But they are not disputing the main facts either. Despite the MSM best efforts to keep to minimize this story before the election,  a lot of this will come widely known during congressional hearings on the matter, which are already scheduled (for after the election of course). Even many democrats and a few mainstram reporters are starting to ask some hard questions, but again, most of MSM is doing their best to bury the story until the election is over, and I see no reasons other than political ones.  

But as I said in my last email, even if none of this troubles you or makes you want to do more research, I should hope Hillary's comment about arresting and prosecuting the video maker would.  How can we as Freethinkers not be troubled when one of our leaders implies we no longer have free speech, or that exercising it makes us open to arrest and prosecution? I would say this even if the video was the cause of the Bengahzi attack, and by all evidence it was not.  Indeed, Hillary, Biden, Rice, and Obama himself seem to have a lot to answer for based on the evidence now known that they knew from day one that it was a planned terrorist attack despite saying otherwise for weeks, did nothing to help the Americans even when pleaded for before and during the attack, and when nearby military resources were nearby and willing and eager to help. 

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