Re: Re: Re: [humanism-174] Fwd: Bogus Louisiana Teacher Survey Used to Support Centr...

From: Glen
Sent on: Monday, February 4, 2013 3:29 PM
When I wrote: 	
"I'd like to see someone actually create a fake mystical-physics theory
(the more whacky the better), promote it with videos and speeches, and
see how many people take the bait."

Don B wrote: "I thought that what Scientology was."

I agree it is whacky, and shares many features of "mystic physics" (as well as Creationism) --mixing spiritual notions with pseudoscientific ones. But if Scientology was meant as a harmless ruse, rather being than a scam or product of L Ron Hubbard's delusions, he apparently forgot to notify his followers before he died. By the way, he was convicted of fraud in France, and before developing Dianetics and Scientology, he authored many pulp fiction books and articles (mostly science fiction and fantasy).  In any case, it's sad that over and over, millions of people not only fall for intellectually bankrupt beliefs and claims, but often immerse their whole lives in them.  It would be interesting if one of the leaders would say, "Hey, everyone, it was all a joke, ha ha!" but I for one won't hold my breath.  

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