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Insulting Religion

Mark T.
user 4783078
Cleveland, OH
Post #: 544
Pat Condell is such an unapologetic atheist, he might even make Richard Dawkins cringe! :)

Trouble is, he makes perfect sense & I must say I agree.

Cleveland, OH
Post #: 554

I like it.
Rafiq M.
Bogor, ID
Post #: 842
I don't insult victims. I don't insult the professional mind manipulators either – I fight them.

A lot of sense, maybe. Not perfect sense, though.
Sam S.
Cleveland, OH
Post #: 8
I don't care what anyone says. I love this guy. We have been talked shit to. Told by presidents that we aren't even patriots. Said to have no morals. Fuck them for that. For those things and more they can kiss my ass.
As Pat Condell says, Peace
Mark T.
user 4783078
Cleveland, OH
Post #: 548

Don't forget- religious people can be so hypersensitive that it doesn't take much to "insult" them. It may be something so innocent as this:

THEIST: "Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, He watches over me & when I die I will be given everlasting life in His Heavenly Kingdom."

ATHEIST: "Oh, come on..."

THEIST: (lips pout, eye begins to twitch)
Rafiq M.
Bogor, ID
Post #: 844
Insult is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

But actually I think it depends. Don't forget how strong the capital invested in religion is to ordinary people. It underpins their family life, their social life and their emotional and often physical support. To challenge religion is to challenge what they perceive is everything that is important to them. It takes a lot of persuasion by example that there is life outside the cloister, as it were, that people can be just as supportive without the mental framework (i.e., cage). Remember that when animals who are brought up in captivity are released into the wild they need a period of adjustment – they need their open cage to crawl back into for a time. Of course they are sensitive. They have been fed misinformation and they need examples and time for their own thought processes to take over and work things out from the evidence in front of them. You can't cut out the tumour without anaesthetic.

Now I make a big distinction between the ordinary adherents who, for the most part, do not know the precepts of their own purported beliefs and the "professionals" who know full well the quality of the myths they are peddling. Their power and position depend on deceiving the majority. An insult implies a hurtful and unjustified assault. In the case of the ordinary adherents an outright attack on their beliefs may well be an insult on them.

However what I have found is that most ordinary people are quite resilient to reasoned questioning and do not feel "insulted" at all. They will argue for a while, think a little and then maybe retreat into their comfortable position saying they do not want to talk about it. Often they will initiate an enquiry themselves later.

It is the "professionals" who claim to be insulted when they are not insulted at all. They claim that we are undermining the faith of their followers and they must be "protected" when it is their own power and position that they are actually trying to protect. "Insulting" them is not enough. They need to be exposed and fought. After all, they are murderers and enslavers. You don't "insult" a thug and a bully – you fight him.
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