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Vibes of the Culti Meetup Group

This group is about what the attendees want it to be, more than anything else! None is bigger than the group.

The Culti Meetup Group has a wide range of activities, which can be a bit different from area to area. Just one thing is the same everywhere: in not one single area, Culti Group is "Cheap". Culti Group is a social club for open minded people with an international mindset.

No Fixed Rules

In general we just like social! Most people understand what social is. So most people don't need to read these lines.

Also the event hosts in this meetup group are all asked to keep the fact to mind that in meetup groups on the mainland of Europe, other than in Meetup Groups in countries like the US and the UK, the people coming to meetups have VERY different cultural backgrounds, for the simple reason that English is a foreign language in all countries on the continent but Gibraltar.

And therefor some people might have to be considered to be VERY rude if we take the local standards to mind, but have no idea that in fact they are very rude when it comes to what's normal and what's not in their new home area.

Also: Culti Group is only active in International hubs on the mainland of Europe. In these area's, where people come and go, "local standards" are hard to define, but this will never be accepted as a reason to not behave nice.

Having that said, some kinds of behaver are not accepted. Keep on reading if you want to be informed about this.


Not respecting the event host in specific and other attendees in general is not allowed. "Hitting on someone" during meetups is not really social, but is none of Culti Groups business in general. Unless someone hits on an event host during events, this always results in being removed from the memberlist of the meetup group.

Because of the private nature of anything that's romantic, in general a lot is allowed during meetups. As long as the lucky one that gets hit on doesn't seem to be bothered that is. If the one that is hit on does have a problem with it, than the host might decide otherwise. Asking for a date or making compliments of course ALWAYS is allowed, Culti Group does not support political correct insanity. The main thing is that people keep their hands to themselves.

But 'Hitting on anyone" or not taking no for an answer, plus not being willing to read between the lines, WONT be tollerated by the event host. All this is at least one bridge to far.

Be Responsable for what you drink

Showing up drunk on meetups is not OK at all. Most certainly not when it comes down to not respecting the nature of an event ( for example going to a daytrip and drink all day).

There is limited tolerance for treating others without respect during meetups. There is no tolerance for people that show up drunk and don't seem to realize this is "not done", but there is a lot of tolerance for people that can stand their drink or are "happy drunks".

Culti Group does not have an opinion on what people drink at itselve but wants to keep all negative impact alcoholism can have on the group as little as possible.

Illegal stuff

During meetups there is zero tolerance for violence and using harddrugs, or having harddrugs with you. Depending on how big and mean the ones doing the bad stuff are, the event host will remove the one doing the bad stuff straight away bu contacting the police, or the next day. In all cases where this is possible the event host will opt for staying calm. But in ALL cases where violence or harddrugs are involved, the police and the venue manager will be notifeed without warning the offender first.

Being kind of punctual

Everyone is suposed to come to meetups as close to the start of the event as possible. People that arrive very late again and again will be removed from the group. Because otherwise after some time no one will take the start of the event serious anymore and everyone will let the event host wait alone. That's not acceptable. Being late ones in a while is all OK, but it can never be a reason to complain if for example the group relocated to another venue.


Other than the "Dont's" during meetups there also are the "Dont's" online.

No shows are not allowed, but will be ignored on many occassions because "we don't know or need to know the reason".

For "Maybe I will be there" remarks in the comment line there is a zero tollerance policy. First "Maybe" Remarks will be removed plus the RSVP will be changed to a "No". If this doesn't work the "Maybe Friend of Culti Group" will be removed from the group.


Taking the fact in consideration Culti Arjan is in charge of maintaing the rules in the Amsterdam Area Culti Meetup Group, and not in a city or company or country or so, there is no need to create a perfect law and order system. Therefor, Culti Arjan is the only one in charge of interpretating the rules. So there is no need for debate unless Culti Arjan thinks so.

People that break the rules one time to much will be thrown out of the group, wont be welcome anymore on daytrips and so, but at the same time will just be treated as any other person if they come to just drinks events. Because in bars the bar manager is in charge and not Culti Arjan or any other Culti Event host.

Having that said, of course the venue will be asked to not serve the "always drunk" plus the venue will be informed if people are in the house that are known harddrugs users.

The aim of the rules is good and well organized but not over organized meetups, and nothing else.

After being thrown out only in very rare cases people will be asked to come back, because there are plenty of other meetups groups.

Rules on Promoting Business

There are some rules for people that want to promote their Business or Social Events:

1) Promoting your own business is allowed if the Group Organizer is aware of this
2) Organizers of other social events are allowed to promote their groups amongst Culti Meetup Members within the rules of Promoting your events by sending members of this group individual E-Mails is allowed within reasonable limits. Please don't overdo it. Promoting other social events on meetups of the Culti Group is allowed.
3) Culti Group event hosts, assistant organizers, co organizers and organizers can never be held responsible for things that go wrong on events, when it comes to things like your safety in public space, the quality of food and drinks in venues we attend to, and so on. The event host is just as responsible for your safety, as any other attendee to an event. This in no way means noon is responsible if things go wrong. For example in a restaurant, the restaurant is responsible for the quality of food. If an event includes walking in public space, you are responsible in the exact same way as you would be if there was no group around. In a bar, the people working for the bar are responsible.

Thanks for reading :>
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