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From: Arjan
Sent on: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 7:41 PM

###### NEW NEWS######

=========== NEXT DAYTRIP ====================
The Daytrip to Zaandam is getting closer and closer! You can sign up for this event in 4 of the 6 Culti Groups. The event wont be lined up in the Utrecht Area group. Plus wont be lined up in the Barcelona Area group. You want to be there? Just check the event here =>

=========== DROPHIKE====================
The Third Drophike in Amsterdam will take place on this sunday.... If the weather lets us:). This event works, in fact things are going very smooth indeed! Read more here =>

============== NEW DINNER APPROACH==================
In and around The Dinners in The Hague usefull lessons have been learned concerning how to organize and not to organize dinner events. The Group Coordinator Arjan and local hero Gina have tried out an aproach in which members are responsable for their own no shows. The reason for this is simple, in the past no shows have caused problems with venue owners ordering to much staff and buying to much food, and the venue owners simply want people to be there if they say they are going to be there. But... This is not how Meetup works all the time:).

A method in which Culti Group only checks if the restaurant is good plus open when we want to go there, and in which members call the restaurant themselves has been worked out... And it works out! The same aproach will be used in the chapter in Nord Rhein Westfalen. We'll keep you updated :).

============= JESSICA==================
Jessica became to be City-Organizer for Haarlem! The Culti Group Organizers team now is made up out of 4 city organizers in stead of 3. Plus there are lots of assistent orginizers, organizers that have their own groups too, etc etc etc, active! Jessica =>

================ ANDREA====================
Andrea will host her first meetup on August 18! Be There :) =>

=================MULAN MEETUP================
The Mulan Meetup now takes place in two cities! Amsterdam and Utrecht. In Utrecht a very active team is buzy organizing great meetups! The first Mulan Meetup in Utrecht was big fun! Read more here =>

================= DON'T ASK DON'T TELL ================
Culti Group has a sponsor in Utrecht! It's Euro Dent. The first Meetup they sponsored was big fun! Read more about this sponsor and our Don't ask Don't tell Sponsor Policy here =>


======= MEETUP NOTES ====== 

Do you want to promote your meetup too? Let it be heared :> 

July 28 => Welcome to the Future @ Club Crawlers Group =>

October 6 => Mud Masters Obstacles Run @ Adventurers Group  =>

======= HOUSING TIPS========== 

No new tips... So maybe check out the old ones? :) 

======= EVERLASTING NEWS ===== 

Chat about all Culti Group events on facebook! Share your pictures with the group! Just jump to facebook, search "Culti Group" and add yourselves. And Tweet about Culti Group on Twitter.... Just jump to   

Amsterdam and Haarlem =>
Barcelona =>         
Brussels, Antwerpen and Gent =>        
Dusseldorf, Essen and Cologne  =>        
The Hague and Rotterdam Chapter =>        
Utrecht and Brabant =>        

If you have an idea for a Meetup, than let's hear it! Far most idea's will be added to the list in this mail, and will be mailed to all members of the Amsterdam Culti Group. So just post your idea's right here right here =>       

Almost Everything Goes :>  - Read it all right here =>        

Read it all here =>   

Is always up to the event host   

The procedure is: big complaints will be answered only on mail and small complaints will be taken care of straight away.   


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  • Euro Dent

    Euro Dent is Utrecht based and is very welcome to International people.

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