Meetup is a social platform for people to organize or facilitate local groups that meet in person to share passions, interests, identities and activities

All groups must fulfill the two basic requirements: 

Local Community
Meetup is for local, real life, face-to-face community building and group interactions

Meetup groups and their activities must focus on face-to-face, in-person interactions that build connections among people in the Meetup. 

Meetups must clearly facilitate community building and member to member connections. 

Respect & Honesty
We support Meetups that are trustworthy, honest, and respectful of their members and the community at large

Meetup descriptions should present a Meetup's intentions, requirements, affiliations and expectations openly, clearly, truthfully and accurately.

Meetup does not allow any group that includes misleading, false, potentially harmful or dubious claims.

Policies and guidelines for specific types of Meetups:

One Time Events & Limited Engagements
Meetups that only meet once or infrequently (e.g. annually) are supported, provided they are fostering local community.

Specific Venues
We support Meetups that are directly affiliated with a venue as long as the venue helps facilitate the specific shared activity or passion of the group. The focus of any Meetup still needs to be on building local community and connections around a genuine shared passion, interest, identity and activity.

We do not support groups that focus on the promotion of the venue, its deals, or its amenities. 

Products / Brands
Meetups may be directly associated with a specific product or brand as long as the product or brand is directly part of or relevant to the shared passions, interests, purposes, or activities of the Meetup group.

Groups with the sole purpose of selling products or goods, or that are not clearly building a community, are not supported.

Age Requirements
Meetup members and organizers must be at least 18 years of age. We do not support groups that are primarily aimed at people under the age of 18. 

Organizer Requirements
At least one of the organizers of a Meetup must be locally-based and committed to building and facilitating the engagement of a local, in person community.

We supports Meetups that are trustworthy, honest, and respectful of their members and the community at large. We don’t support:

Spam & Solicitation
Meetup is not for for sending spam, broadcasts, solicitation (e.g. promotion, services, sex, etc.), or job recruiting.

Professional Services
Meetup is not a platform for professional services that are promoted and provided by a licensed professional in the following fields: medical, psychological, legal, financial.  

Meetup does not allow groups offering promises of health or mental cures, financial gain, or money schemes. 

Harm & Intimidation
Meetup is not for glorifying or promoting unsolicited, predatory, manipulative, or non-consensual activities that serve to intimidate or violate personal boundaries. 

Meetup is not for groups that promote, encourage, or actively facilitate harmful, threatening, or violent behavior towards others or oneself. 

Hate & Violence
Meetup is not for groups that glorify, promote, or incite hate or violence against individuals or groups.