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Agent XMPP

Agent XMPP, an XMPP application framework for Ruby.

Adobe Acrobat file 87K A former member Jun 22, 2011

Asynchronous Awesome

The Asynchronous Awesome talk I gave at DCRUG. Do with what you like.

Adobe Acrobat file 1.9M Flip S. Mar 12, 2010

Client Side MVC with Backbone and Rails

Slides for Client Side MVC with Backbone and Rails for DCRUG

Adobe Acrobat file 1,001K Tom Z. Jan 11, 2013


Slides for John Trupiano's presentation "RubyGems for Library Writers" given Jan. 14, 2010 at DCRUG.

Adobe Acrobat file 107K A former member Jan 15, 2010

DevOps and Chef - Choose Your Own Adventure - Part 1 of 2

Adobe Acrobat file 9.4M Nathen H. Aug 4, 2014

DevOps and Chef - Choose Your Own Adventure - Part 2 of 2

Adobe Acrobat file 5.6M Nathen H. Aug 4, 2014

Directed Acyclic Graphs in MongoDB

I walk through the schema I used to created an ordered, directed acyclic graph in MongoDB.

Adobe Acrobat file 2.9M Scott M. Sep 9, 2011

euraeka presentation

Jack Dempsey: 2009-09-17 presentation on business and tech lessons learned from building "Euraeka, the search, discovery, and recommendation engine"

Adobe Acrobat file 57K Joe G. Sep 18, 2009


PDF of the original keynote Formtastic presentation.

Adobe Acrobat file 441K Jim G. Sep 9, 2010


PDF presentation for "Be A Good Ruby Citizen"

Adobe Acrobat file 285K Jim G. Jul 18, 2011


"Good Stories: Agile Requirements Best Practices" By: Blunders, Presented: 2012-03-08 Description: http://www.meetup...­

Adobe Acrobat file 4.8M Blunders Mar 9, 2012


Intro to Backbone.js -- slides from my 6/9/11 talk

Adobe Acrobat file 111K A former member Jun 9, 2011


Adobe Acrobat file 1.7M Dane H. Mar 11, 2011


MongoDB Pointers for Rails. A high-level overview of MongoDB and Rails as of September, 2011.

Adobe Acrobat file 100K A former member Sep 9, 2011


Code from the slides can be found here:­

a .key file 537K Dane H. Aug 16, 2010


PDF presentation for "Fibers in Ruby 1.9" (Lightning Talks!, Nov. 2011)

Adobe Acrobat file 68K Jonathan M. Nov 11, 2011


Using Ruby to Understand Lisp or (How Ruby was Influenced by Lisp)

a .key file 313K A former member Dec 10, 2011


Slides from April 8, 2010 meeting "Functional Programming in Ruby"

Adobe Acrobat file 256K Paul B. Apr 12, 2010

Search-Friendly Web Development

Given at August 2010 DC RUG Meetup.

Adobe Acrobat file 2.6M A former member Aug 13, 2010


Brennan Dunn: 2009-09-17 presentation on Ruby/Rails state machines

Adobe Acrobat file 3.5M Joe G. Sep 18, 2009

StreamSage posting

These are the current tech openings at StreamSage, who generously host our DCRUG meetings. (PDF)

Adobe Acrobat file 1.6M Joe G. Jan 14, 2010

Teach Anything to Anyone - Slides

Here are my slide from "Teach Anything to Anyone: Even Your Dev Team" presented at the DCRUG April meeting and at RubyNation 2010.

Adobe Acrobat file 5.4M Jeff C. Apr 13, 2010


Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M Ted O. Mar 9, 2012


Wrestler-free slides from the Template Smackdown talk

Adobe Acrobat file 725K Dave C. Oct 17, 2011

The Joy of Cooking Whip up a Rails Environment with Chef

Start cooking up on your own servers! In this talk, we'll provide an introduction to Chef with a focus on what you'll need to know to get a Rails application up and running.

Adobe Acrobat file 826K Nathen H. Sep 14, 2012

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