Laughing and giggling at the improvisational theatre

  • 22. Februar 2010 · 19:45
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Hej Folks, did you ever had the pleasure to watch a improvisational theater? If you don´t know this concept, here is a short description: There will be a group of actors (4 in this case) and a moderator. The actors do not have a script and they don´t know what to perform. The moderator will (togehter with the audience) provide topics to those actors and they have to performe something accordingly. So, everything is very spontaneous and "not planned".
I expired so far always a great show and a lot of fun. To learn more about the group, which will perform on this evening, click here: The spoken word will be in German but don´t worry they use a lot of gesture and mimic to visualize their expressions. As these shows are quite popular I reserved 10 tickets in advance. The price for one ticket is €14 and for students (with ID) it´s €10 only. If we need more than ten I´ll try to organize them. Lets have a entertaining monday evening together and if you had plans in terms of TV... skip it and join this show - it´s way better =) Looking forward to meet u there Till

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  • Julia

    Very, very funny, probably not for non-German-speaking people, but not restricted to Bavarians :-)

    24 Februar 2010

  • Ehemaliges Mitglied
    Ehemaliges Mitglied

    Oh what a show! Definetly more laughs than in a average comedy movie - I like =)

    23 Februar 2010

  • Lil

    This sounds like a lot of fun, wish I could make it.

    15 Februar 2010

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