Mai Stammtisch am Montag!

This group has gotten so big over the last few months that I thought we'd try something different: instead of pushing the tables together in a big row, we're going to do this one 'mingle-style' where everyone has the freedom to move about the area and meet as many different people as possible. I hope to see you all there!

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  • Joan D.

    It was fun. I also hope to practice my German more before I go again. Wir haben viel spass gemacht. Danke Joshua. Es geht gut! Wer ist der fotograf in dieser gruppe?

    11.05.2009 17:11:42

  • Fran R.

    Fascinating company. It's too easy for me to get carried away with everyone's fascinating conversation, and fall back to English. I'll try to practice relearning my German before we meet again next time. Thank you, Joshua and everyone for making this German Language Meetup possible.

    06.05.2009 08:35:26

  • Craig B.

    I like the new format of not always sitting and being able to mingle

    06.05.2009 08:07:41

  • Joshua

    I think the get-up-and-mingle tactic worked great! I was also happy to see so many new (and of course old) people there. I'm already looking forward to June!

    04.05.2009 23:17:57

  • Ehemaliges Mitglied
    Ehemaliges Mitglied


    04.05.2009 22:27:49

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