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The purpose of the Horoscopic Astrology Group is to create a robust and active community in Colorado for astrologers to meet, network and share knowledge with one another. Our goal is not only to help educate other astrologers by providing high quality lectures from speakers from around the world, but our goal is also to improve the public perception of astrology and of the astrological community in general.

Our main focus is the organization of monthly meetings and workshops in order to help teach and promote various forms of astrology. By working with astrologers across the state, and by inviting astrologers from across the world to speak at our meetings, we hope to create a world-renowned astrological organization right here in Denver.

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What Is Horoscopic Astrology?
Horoscopic astrology is a very specific and advanced type of astrology that developed in the Mediterranean region sometime around the 1st or 2nd century BCE. The technical terminology of this form of astrology was rooted in the Greek language initially, and in Greek the term hōroskopos was used to refer to the 'ascendant' in an astrological chart.

Strictly speaking, horoscopic astrology is any form of astrology that utilizes the ascendant, and sometimes additional factors which are derived from the ascendant such as the system of 12 celestial 'houses'. However, in modern times the term 'horoscope' has aquired a more general usage as a descriptive term for a thematic representation of the heavens at the time of a specific event, such as the birth of an individual for example.

The focus of horoscopic astrology is the attempt to interpret and draw meaning from the positions of celestial bodies at certain moments in time, with the underlying premiss that these positions and configurations have something significant to say about the future of a given individual or system.

The form of horoscopic astrology that developed in the Hellenistic period spread across the ancient world, where it influenced and encompased numerous traditions of astrology in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and eventually the Americas. It is the longest running and most diverse type of astrology in the world, and it encompasses traditions of astrology ranging from the 2nd century BCE through the Medieval and Renaissance periods and into modern times.

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