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Non-Believers Giving Aid

Denver, CO
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I cam across this web site and thought that some of you would be interested.­

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Really interesting! I would like to know if anyone else on the group would be interested in joining me on my project. I would like to star a soup kitchen for homeless people. In Denver I only know religious institutions that do that I am not comfortable working with them. I believe that some homeless people would appreciate if they received help from humanist and not religious people. What do you think?
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I think a soup kitchen would be a great idea. Church groups have an advantage, though, in that they already have a building to use tax free generally. Another idea along those lines would be to volunteer at the Food Bank of the Rockies as a group. I could check into this and sign us up if several of us want to do it. Here's the URL:
I used to volunteer at Community Food Share in Boulder years ago, and was usually the only person there not affiliated with a church group.
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I'd really like to pursue the soup kitchen idea. Is anyone else interested in working to get this going? I'm seriously going to look into it.
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Check this out, let me know if it's something you think we could work with... perhaps they would help us sponsor an event.
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Great find Sandra. I will contact the owners and see what we can get going.
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Here is what I sent. My brain isn't functioning optimally tonight, so I hope it will suffice. I will let you know if we receive a reply. I removed my email and phone number for this post.

To Whom it May Concern:

Hello, my name is Ryan Dwyer. I'm twenty-two years of age and a full time student at Metro.
I am also a member of the Denver Atheists Meetup group. Recently, some of the members
have been discussing doing charitable work for the sake of helping others, without the need
for any sort of religious context. We believe that people can care about others because it is
our responsibility as human beings to improve the quality of life for those around us. It is
clear from the idea behind the SAME Cafe that its founders and those who contribute to and
work at the Cafe share this view. People's basic needs cannot go overlooked no matter what
their circumstances may be.

Through volunteer work and helping others, it is our hope that we can also de-stigmatize
atheism and show that people can be good without God. Many misconceptions exist about
atheists: we hate religion, we have no moral standards, and we are a threat to religion and its
believers. This is, quite simply, not true. We do not hate religion, but we have decided for
one reason or another to live our lives without organized religion. Atheists believe that there
is not sufficient enough evidence to believe in any sort of deity; this is a far cry from hating
religion. It is not our mission to destroy faith, but rather for others to see that people can
love and be compassionate on the basis that we are all human beings rather than on
religious terms. We respect that people believe different things; that is an inherent right of
every man and woman. It is troubling to us that we are limited in our service opportunities
due to lack of a religious affiliation. We do not have many options, and it is usually difficult for us to start organizations of our own.

I am writing you today to express interest in working with your Cafe in some manner. Our
hope is to find a group that would be willing to work with us in organizing an event, working
together on a food drive, or allowing us to perhaps rent your facilities to host a meal day of
our own (perhaps on a monthly basis, for example). If you are at all interested in allowing us
to work with you, please contact me via email or by telephone with your thoughts. We would
love to be able to contribute in some fashion and establish a working relationship so that we
may all strive for the benefit of others. Thank you very much for your time.


Ryan Dwyer
(email addy)
(phone #)
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Thanks for contacting them Ryan, I look forward to your update.
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Well Sandra,
I never received a reply. I did notice that the only day of the week they're closed is Sunday. I wonder if the owners are religious? Hopefully I didn't make an ass of myself by mistake.
Lafayette, CO
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Ryan, I'd like to suggest that you send them another query, mention that you wrote before, and ask if they got that. I just went through the same thing when I inquired about a product I need to tend to a sick animal, and, when they replied after my second inquiry, they were very apologetic even though they had no record of my first contact. Things do sometimes get lost on-line, especially when they're posted in the middle of the night (like I often do).
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