Don't Forget! THIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 7:00PM, Film "A Question of Power" Twin Peaks Little Theater (room 608), 14640 Tierra Bonita Rd., Poway! LOCALLY PRODUCED about SDG&E/Sempra's proposed Sunrise Powerlink and San Diego County''s energy future.

From: Carol C.
Sent on: Monday, November 17, 2008 10:40 AM
The 11/18 (Tues) screening is sponsored by the Poway Democratic Club and will be at:

7:00 pm (About 1 hr long, w/ brief intro and Q&A after)
Twin Peaks Little Theater (room 608)
14640 Tierra Bonita Rd

FILM: "A Question of Power", the one-hour documentary locally produced about SDG&E/Sempra's proposed Sunrise Powerlink and San Diego County''s energy future,

Hope you can make this screening, see details following.

Also, see the "Pro/Con" editorials in the S.D. Union-Tribune on the CA Public Utilities Commission's upcoming decision on Sempra/SDG&E's proposed Sunrise Powerlink project, EXCELLENT analysis by Michael Shames of the Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN) in counterpoint to the CEOs of SDG&E and the SD Regional Chamber of Commerce:

Shames' final 2 paragraphs sum it up well: "The five members of the Public Utilities Commission, appointed by the governor, will be under pressure to accede to the wishes of their boss and the state's utilities, which lust for the billions of dollars of guaranteed long-term profits that will come if these expensive infrastructure projects are approved.
"In the coming weeks, the state's ratepayers will have a ringside seat to see whether political expediency will triumph over clear facts."

Make sure the Governor and CPUC know that YOU expect smarter solutions from them! Read on for how YOU can help make this happen.

Thank you for your consideration, and please do pass this on!

Martha Sullivan

This upcoming Tuesday (11/18) evening, "A Question of Power", the one-hour documentary locally produced about
SDG&E/Sempra's proposed Sunrise Powerlink and San Diego County''s energy future, will be screened in Poway. The documentary takes a hard look at SDG&E's claims regarding this line and the sustainable alternatives that could be San Diego's energy future if this line is defeated. In addition to many local grassroots activists and experts, some local luminaries are featured, including Donna Frye (who winds up the video with her admiration for the grassroots organizing done to oppose this bad idea), Mike Aguirre (San Diego City Attorney who sued SDG&E for its negligence resulting in fires, and advocated for renewable energy generation right here in San Diego County), and Dianne Jacob (SD County Supervisor who has very ably voiced her constituents' opposition to the Sunrise Powerlink in ANY form).

The CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC - where I worked for 20 years) will be deciding in the next two weeks whether California's ratepayers will pay the heavy price in the decades to come for this outmoded and destructive technology. We must get the word out NOW - TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. See the recent articles in the North County Times and S.D. Union-Tribune about the upcoming decision by the CA Public Utilities Commission on the Sunrise Powerlink, and how the grassroots opposition to this backwards, foolhardy project has had such an impact:

This is the homestretch in the 3-year, county-wide (and beyond), grassroots-organized opposition to yoking San Diego County to 50 more years to fossil-fueled electricity. Come to see this documentary for a very clear and compelling explanation of this struggle and what it means for San Diego County, California and beyond -- and what YOU can do in the next 2 weeks to help us move forward to the clean, renewable energy future. And please invite others!

The 11/18 (Tues) screening is sponsored by the Poway Democratic Club and will be at:

7:00 pm (About 1 hr long, w/ brief intro and Q&A after)
Twin Peaks Little Theater (room 608)
14640 Tierra Bonita Rd

There will be a limited number of DVDs of this documentary available FREE at this screening, so you can take it home and share with others in the next week.

THANK YOU for your consideration and please pass this on! The grassroots opposition to this foolhardy, wasteful project which started in a Julian living room almost 3 years ago (as part of Jeeni Criscenzo's congressional campaign) has truly blossomed into a county-wide coalition of a wide range of interests who all agree that we can meet our energy needs SMARTER than the Sunrise Powerlink.

Martha Sullivan

1. Contact Governor Schwarzenegger Immediately. Schwarzenegger has come out for this line and four of the five California Public Utility Commissioners (CPUC) are his appointees. The Governor must feel the heat from folks like you who don?t want this project. Call him today and follow up with an email. Let him know YOU expect better solutions from him!
E-mail Form:
Regular Mail: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814
2. Contact CPUC Commissioners. The CPUC will be deciding on the Sunrise Powerlink Project any time after October 24, 2008. Each of the five Commissioners may draft an Alternate Decision presenting differing conclusions or opinions. All five Commissioners will then vote on the Proposed Decision and any Alternate Decisions at a meeting of the full Commission before the end of the year. Let them know you have contacted the Governor and tell them to listen to YOU and why you don't want this project.
CPUC Commissioners email:
President Peevey
Commissioner Bohn
Commissioner Chong
Commissioner Grueneich
Commissioner Simon
COPY the CPUC Public Advisor on your email: [address removed]
Phone: (866)[masked]
3. U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Record of Decision (ROD). The Final EIR/EIS and Proposed Land Use Plan Amendment are available for review/comment until November 15, 2008 (see link below). The BLM has selected the southern Sunrise Powerlink transmission route as their preferred project. They need to amend the just revised Eastern San Diego County Resource Management Plan (RMP) to accommodate a new utility corridor for Sunrise--where none currently exists. The ROD for the RMP, just released Oct 10th, approved the downgrading of the proposed utility route area from a Visual Resource Management Class II down to the lowest Class IV, allowing both Industrial wind turbines (400 - 500 feet tall) and new transmission lines where they were not allowed previously. The record shows that a foreign corporation, Iberdrola Renewables, was behind the significant land use changes. The process is purposely being piecemealed. At a minimum, the new ROD cannot be issued until this review period has lapsed. The decision of the BLM Director is the final decision of the Department of the Interior, so make your opinion known! Register your opposition to approval of the Sunrise Powerlink and the amended BLM land use plan via e-mail, fax and/or postal mail:
Brenda Hudgens-Williams, BLM protest coordinator
E-mail: [address removed]
Regular Mail:
Director (210), Attention: Brenda Williams, P.O. Box 66538, Washington, D.C. 20035
For more information about the BLM and CPUC approval processes, see:

ALSO, We due to a generous donation for mailing out of the documentary DVD, you can request a complimentary copy of "A Question of Power"; please email Donna Tisdale your postal address. Donna's email is: <[address removed]> Requests for the DVD will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Supplies are limited. Once you have a copy, organize a viewing in your community. If you do, let Diane Conklin, writer/narrator, know when and where these will take place and she will email you an ACTION Flyer (similar to the following info) now being prepared for distribution at locally organized: viewings: [address removed]

The documentary is also available online at:

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