★ URGENT ★ Need Your Email Msg to the CA Public Utilities Commissioners -- NO San Onofre Bailout! ★ 3 Other Important Subjects: INFO & ACTIONS: 1. ★ MOVE ON: Offshore Fracking Petition Link Sabotaged? 2. ★David Cameron calling for Permanent Austerity

From: Carol C.
Sent on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 1:02 AM

OOPS -- the correct Email Addy is:  [address removed]
ALSO -- please include your name and city when sending your email.  THANKS!

From: Martha Sullivan <[address removed]>,Date: December 09,[masked]:59:09 PM
To: WomenOccupy SD <[address removed]>,[address removed],SCG-Team <[address removed]>

" Subject: Need Your Email Msg to the CA Public Utilities Commissioners -- NO San Onofre Bailout! "

Greetings of a Monday afternoon!  Just filed our Coalition to Decommission San Onofre's Comments on the CA PUC's Proposed Decision for Phase 1 of its San Onofre outage investigation, with Ray Lutz' help. You can see them here: http://docs.cpuc.ca.gov/PublishedDocs/Efile/G000/M082/K964/82964664.PDF

The 5 Commissioners may vote on a Final Decision on Dec. 19th -- To counter the intense lobbying by SCE and SDG&E to reduce even a nominal inital refund proposed for ratepayers, as well as to blunt the criticism of SCE's unsound decision-making in responding to this outage, we MUST mobilize public opinion to defend ratepayer interests. We need to reinforce the resounding message given at the CPUC's first public hearing in San Diego on this investigation, October 1st: NO San Onofre Bailout!

Email the CPU Commissioners at "[address removed]", use "I[masked] Comment" in your Subject Line, and please BCC: [address removed]

>>>CA Public Utilities Commissioners Florio, Peevey, Peterman, Ferron, and Sandoval – Please stand up for captive RATEPAYERS not monopoly utility corporations: NO BAILOUT FOR SAN ONOFRE! <<<

>>>More message if you are interested >>>
I support the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre's (CDSO) Comments on the Proposed Decision to:

1. Disallow 80% of SCE's Base-Routine O&M for the whole of June-December 2012, or $93.5 million, with $23.4 million allowed.

2. Find that it was NOT reasonable for SCE to move nuclear fuel back into the U2 core in late February of 2012, authorize 80% of the U2 Refueling Outage costs ($36.1 million), and disallow 20% ($9.2 million).

3. Disallow 56% of SCE's Capital Expenditures for 2012, or $93.9 million, with $73.7 million allowed.

4. Find and Conclude that Emergency Planning zones were established in California based upon site-specific studies conducted by the Office of Emergency Services (now Cal-EMA) and the Department of Health Services, as mandated by the Legislature in 1979. This is codified in Government Code Section 8610.3.

5. Find and Conclude that there is abundant legislative mandate for the Commission, as the State regulator of SCE and SDG&E, to ensure that they are effectively coordinating with state and local governments in maintaining nuclear powerplant public education information.

6. Direct the Energy Division Director to solicit the input for an effective public information and education program from the California Emergency Management Agency, the California Department of Public Health, and county/city/school districts, community-based organizations and the public within 50 miles of San Onofre via public meetings.

7. Order the establishment and funding of the San Onofre Decommissioning Citizens Oversight Panel proposed by CDSO in its testimony in A[masked]/013, Exhibit CDSO-20.


Thank you for your continuing support!

Martha Sullivan, Organizer -- Coalition to Decommission San Onofre

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 From: "Aura Walker" MOVE ON!
Subject: Offshore Fracking Petition Link Sabotaged?
Reply-To: "Aura Walker" <[address removed]>


I got about[masked] emails complaining that the first 

link from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) asking for signatures to Ban Offshore Fracking was defunct! How odd, because I and the CBD people could open it no prob. Also, CBD got many signatures right away from some of you. One petitioner asked if it could be sabotage? I admit, the thought crossed my mind too. However, if that be the case, then it is good news! It means that the Anti-fracking Movement has become so big that it is now a threat. Yeay! So Bravo to the Grassroots Movement which is so much bigger than myself.

Try this new link on for size


Please only mail me back if you have a direct unrelated question. 

There are over 36K of you! If this link does not work for you,

rest assured many people got through. You can try and cut and paste 

it in your browser too. Always a good back up for all future links.

Thank you and Cheers to Global Planetary Health! Hip Hip Hooray!

Please Keep Sharing! Ban Fracking in California: 


Want to make a donation? MoveOn is entirely funded by our 8 million members—no corporate 

contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions 

go a long way. Chip in here.


David Cameron calling for Permanent Austerity

The link below shows David Cameron calling for permanent austerity while surrounded by gold and other trappings of obscene wealth with an audience of wealthy patrons.  This seems like neo feudalism in action – a link worth viewing. http://www.businessinsider.com/picture-of-david-cameron-calling-for-austerity-2013-11





Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now program

today featured Seymour Hersch’s revelations that

Obama hid evidence that it was the rebels, not

the Assad government, that used chemical

weapons in Syria.


Evidence that pointed to the Al-Nusra Front as

the perpetrators of the chemical attacks was

ignored and suppressed.


Hersch also revealed a plan to send 70,000

American troops to Syria.


He mentions that Obama was not deterred by

public opinion against the war.


He was deterred by opposition among high level

Pentagon officials that were nervous about going

to war when they knew there was no case.


What Hirsch did not mention, possibly due to

time limitations, was the UN report by Carla Del

Ponte, former War Crimes Tribunal prosecutor,

that the rebels were responsible – provided in the

article from the link below.


Obama pressured Ban Ki Moon to minimize


publication of the report as the US wanted to


focus on holding Assad responsible.


Ironically, we can thank the Pentagon in this case

for opposing an attack and thank Putin for

coming up with a plan that will delay and

hopefully avoid a war on Syria.



It’s sad that Obama used the same cherry picking

of intelligence to justify a war with Syria as Bush

used to attack Iraq.


Fortunately, after the horrific Iraq experience,

there was push back from within the

administration against a Syrian war.




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