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The San Diego Democracy for America Meetup Group Message Board › Listen to James Carville before the election,not after it

Listen to James Carville before the election,not after it

A former member
Post #: 21

By Arianna Huffington

Twelve days before the election, James Carville stood in a Beverly Hills living room surrounded by two generations of Hollywood stars. After being introduced by Sen. John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, he told the room ,confidently, almost cockily, that the election was in the bag.

If we can't win this damn election,the advisor to the Kerry campaign said,with a Democratic Party more unified than ever before, with us having raised as much money as the Republicans, with 55% of the country believing we're heading in the wrong direction, with our candidate having won all three debates, and with our side being more passionate about the outcome than theirs,if we can't win this one, then we can't win shit! And we need to completely rethink the Democratic Party.
Well, as it turns out, that's exactly what should be done. But instead, Carville and his fellow architects of the Democratic defeat have spent the last week defending their campaign strategy, culminating on Monday morning with a breakfast for an elite core of Washington reporters.

At the breakfast, Carville, together with chief campaign strategist Bob Shrum and pollster Stan Greenberg, seemed intent on one thing salvaging their reputations.

They blamed the public for not responding to John Kerry's message on the economy, and they blamed the news media for distracting voters from this critical message with headlines from that pesky war in Iraq. News events were driving this, said Shrum. The economy was not driving the news coverage.

Shrum has now mismanaged -lost- 8 campaigns; definitely a better job than being a weatherman.

And someone please tell me how reform of the Democratic League of the Corporate Party is possible when 80% of the funding for it comes from Corporate entities?

Until voting citizens of the U.S. WAKE UP and realize that neither established party has their day to day living issues as a concern, then it's the same ol' business,so sad,another day.

And if someone thinks the Party's look out for their citizens interests on a global scale, read 'The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by John Perkins
A former member
Post #: 1
Hello everyone,

I am new to this group and I must say right off that I come to you with an agenda. It was my intension to develop a relationship with the group before I would speak on why I am here. This posted message was to hard for me to pass up. For it is exactly what I have been preaching for 22 years.

"Until voting citizens of the U.S. WAKE UP and realize that neither established party has their day to day living issues as a concern, then it's the same ol' business,so sad,another day.

And if someone thinks the Party's look out for their citizens interests on a global scale, read 'The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' by John Perkins"

These two statements could have been taken from my book as almost direct quotes.

I have had the fortune or misfortune, depending on how you look at it. Of finding a solution to the issues of all democrats, notice I didn't say democratic party. The issues I believe we all hold dear and want to see resolved. Fixing social security, providing health care, free education, the funding of our social programs. And a few that you would like to see but aren't on the to do list. Removing the national debt, balancing the budget, reducing taxes.

How this can be done is a long story and to big to get into now. It should be enough at this point to tell you. This solution has been confirmed six times as accurate and true.
In its simplest form the solution is just a discovery on how our governmental and social structures work. So all that is really required is a new understanding of what we are really doing. Nothing has to be changed, there is no cost, congress would have to do nothing and it requires nothing from our congress. What I have found has to do with system structures and not our congress. Because of that this information is generic and will work in any government in the world and at any level of government. That means it doesn't matter if this information is employed at the federal, state or local levels it will have the same results. Namely the resolve of those issues just mentioned.

Where I have a problem and need your help. The employment of this solution generates a great deal of money, more then enough to deal with the trillion dollar issues just mentioned. But I don't believe just giving this money to our congress will see them resolved. I believe they will do as little as they can get away with and serve their special interests, especially in a republican controlled congress.

This discovery right now is intellectual property and I have maintained that status so it can be presented to our government in the form of a contract between the people and the government. The contact will be a use contract, which means the government will not have to use it, but if they do it will be to resolve the peoples issues first. Those issues just mentioned. The last thing I would want my work to be used for is more tanks and the war machine.

As you I am sure feel this is not possible, so has the media and everyone in leadership that I have talked to. So my first problem is to demonstrate to you that this is in fact true.
That requires a confirmation from a credible source that would be accepted, a college or University. But ultimately that this can be done needs to make it into the media so all the people will know it can be done. And before the congress balances its budget with the only way they can while adding more tax cuts, they most cut programs.

We can do this just by putting the media on notice that this is news and the people want to know if it is true or not.

I am always open to suggestions, if someone knows another way to achieve the same results. Please let me know.

On the political side of this coin. Once we can demonstrate beyond a doubt that this discovery is true. The democratic party could take this on to see it done for our people. The point here is they would be supporting a contract between the people and the government to see this done for the people. That would do two things, redeem the democratic party as the peoples party and also get a democratic agenda through the republican congress. With such a solution at hand if the republicans didn't support it, even the republican base would vote them out of office, all of them.

Having been the informations systems director for three multi million dollar companies and a business systems analyst for thirty years, I know how impossible this sounds to you.
And when I say no change, of course something will happen, But what needs to happen doesn't impact anything and is nearly invisible. That is to say, you wouldn't know it had occurred unless someone had told you. To do this we need the simplest form of support. Your curiosity and a desire to determine the truth. I am not trying to convince you, I am trying to find a way to prove it to you. So you can make up your own mind.

A former member
Post #: 1
I'm aslo new tot he group, and glad to be here. I have to say that I whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Carville...We need to completely rethink the Democratic Party, perhaps to the point of creating a new party. Primarily I think we need to continue the grassroots movement that has begun on DFA. I also believe that we need to be very vocal and steadfast in our issue positions, praticularly those that everyone tip-toes around (ie abortion, gay marriage). So, Frank, can you clarify your idea a bit. If I read correctly it's a contract with the government? Can you explain this further, I'm unsure how that is exactly going to change the system?

Lookin forward to the meeting!
A former member
Post #: 2
Hi Kristi,

To answer your question, "how does the contract change things?" Interesting you should put it just that way. After I discovered this information I knew it would never be used in congress if there were any thing that the congress had to do for it to work. I spent a lot of time developing approaches to the use of this information so there would be no change at all, zero.

All the employment of this information will do is provide money to be spent on those issues, health care, social security, education, social programs, like housing, food and to remove the debt of the country. Without a contract to control the use of this extra money by law, I am afraid the congress would just waste it at best, use it for war machines at worse.

If I have not answered your question contact me at I will do the best I can to make the proposal clear.

Frank Houck
A former member
Post #: 22
Hi Frank; it's good to see that someone is actually reading this message And that there are others besides myself who want to emphasize that this meetup is 'democracy for america' ,not 'democrats for america'.
I, too, would like a clearer understanding of what you are proposing and I think you need to post it here,not in emails to you and the replies.
As a paralegal,I do understand intellectual property and how it is used in so called 'Free Trade' agreements to keep the 'empire' supreme(the U.S. sure as shinola wouldn't be where it is today if such intellectual property laws had been in effect back in the 1800's).
But we're talking about saving this nation's constitutional integrity (e.g. 'to provide for the general welfare') and the only reason I can see for you to insist on the 'intellectual property' tag (since one can't patent an idea BUT one can patent a process and one can use copyrighting via web publishing to establish origination of a 'process') is for personal enrichment.
I don't think that is an idea that this meetup's members would find they can enthusiastically support, since the beginnings of this organization were Gov. Dean's idea of 'Take Back America' which is a populist spirited refrain.
So why not share some of the basis of the methodology and see how this meetups members respond?
A former member
Post #: 3
Hello Bruce,

You don't save the nation's constitutional integrity by starting out to steal someone's work. There is a contrition's in that statement. I would think the reason you feel that the only reason for intellectual property is for personal enrichment, has more to do with the company you keep then people you know nothing about. It so happens I have spent my entire life in the service of our people. From the Vietnam era when I chose to save lives in the coast guard as opposed to taking them in the army. Which I was decorated twice for saving peoples lives at the risk of my own, thank you. Through a history of volunteering in the boys club, community programs, teaching and with my wife for the San Diego housing commission.

If you know law as you say you do then you should appreciate more what I have said then anyone else. If this is a contract between the "people" and the government. The personal enrichment you speak of would have to be for the "people". A use contract doesn't exchange money. To that end I am at a loss to what you are talking about. Maybe you can fill me in on how giving this information to the government under the condition that it be used for the people has any personal gain?
I don't think that is an idea that this meet ups members would find they can enthusiastically support, since the beginnings of this organization were Gov. Dean's idea of 'Take Back America' which is a populist spirited refrain.

Insuring the work of the people is used for the people "IS" taking back America for the people. What it seems that you are suggesting to me is more of the same. Let the congress decide what it should do with an additional 14 trillion dollars. If this meet up group is only interested in seeing more irresponsible people elected to office and not seeing our democracy work for our people. Then you are right, I don't even want to be part of a waste of time. But if you are serious about seeing that the goals of our people are met. Another way must be found and trusting our congress to do the right thing is not one of them.

So why not share some of the basis of the methodology and see how this meet ups members respond?

You tell me how I can make this public and not tell the congress at the same time?
I am sure our congress would have no problem using an additional 14 trillion dollars for their war effort, maybe Iran or Syria what do you think?

I am not about war sir and I will not be the sole contributor to make it happen on a global scale.

I am serious about seeing to it that the issues of the people are solved. A contract with the government guarantees it. What you suggest is to trust Bush and the republican leadership. I would rather fail totally then to see my work used for war.

Now if you are done with your character assassination and have a substantive question please ask.

Frank Houck
A former member
Post #: 2
Is this contract somewhere it can be read? Should we email you for a copy or do you have it on a website somewhere? Could you post it here? Perhaps reading the actual document would help in the understanding of the benefits of such an agreement.

A former member
Post #: 4
Hi Kristi,

The literal contract hasn't been written yet. That would require a good attorney to protect it from abuses. And I myself don't want to be part of the deliberation process to determine just how this additional money will be used. I will demand from the people that are selected to determine the use be only for the peoples needs and nothing else. Once they are done and I accept their choices it will be written into the contract to be done just in that manner.

The concept is this. The additional money given to the government is clearly accountable down to the last penny. That money will be directed at people issues, such as health care, social security, education, social programs, the national debt, the budget deficit. According to what the peoples committee has decided. Should the government or our congress start another shell game like social security the money will not be released to the government but given to the people directly. For instance, they don't provide the health care. Health care will then be offered to the people through a fund set up to hold the money back from the government and distributed in health care payments directly to the people. If it becomes possible for our fund to do a better job at providing services to our people, in other words instead of only 10 cents on the dollar going to health care we can get the whole dollar provided. We will discontinue supporting the governments role in this issue and do it through the fund.

If you do the simple math on health care this explanation will become clear. If it costs $350.00 a month to provide complete health insurance to an individual. Then it costs $350.00 times 12 or $4,200.00 a year. Multiply that by 300 million people,you get $1,260,000,000,000 or 1 and a quarter trillion dollars. And if you remember Bush's partial prescription plan that costs nearly 800 billion dollars. You can see why that is a concern here. You could totally insure 200 million people with that including prescriptions, and what did we get? A partial prescription plan for 50 million.

There really isn't enough space to even discuss this one issue with you on this forum.
This last election I contacted one of the candidates running for president and made this proposal to the staff. 4 of the staff people at the campaign office took me up on the offer to confirm the information for themselves. When the campaign didn't act on it they became frustrated and have started to form a non profit organization in Washington to help me get the word out. If you don't want to contact me directly, you can contact Kelly Phong at this e-mail address. She is heading up the non profit and also has the manuscript of the book I have written on the subject. Which won't be in print for another month.

The benefits are this: under our current system. Health care is poor, social security is failing, social programs and education will be cut, the budget deficit is rising, the national debt is rising and soon even taxes will be rising. If not through the federal government certainly from the state and local governments. You ask our congress how this will be fixed they say reform. The word "reform" in Washington means cut.

If we do this: health care will be provided, social security fixed even raised, social programs funded, education funded, the national debt removed, and the budget balanced.
And all taxes federal, state and local removed and including sales taxes. And that statement is a definite. And I might add, if the democratic party will not be behind this, what do we need them for?

Thank you for your interest.

Frank Houck
A former member
Post #: 23
Frank, first of all I wasn't implying any character assasination, just the fact of patent law and copyright mechanisms for establishing primacy.
Believe it or not, I have a similar idea but it has to do with getting people elected, not saying how money is spent by those given such authority by the Constitution.
And the Constitution 'trumps' all as far as I'm concerned.
But I'll be honest; 6 'tests' is not a valid statistical sample and if I had come up with a scheme that would work for all governments, I'd be giving it post haste to the new President of Uraguay who will REALLY be needing some assistance given that he is the first 'left leaning' President in that country as the U.S. Government has already shown it's unwillingness to respect democraticaly elected governments that don't 'toe the line',i.e. Haiti, Iran.
A former member
Post #: 7
Hi Bruce,

Oh yes you were, even if you didn't realize it at the time. But in all fairness I projected such a thought myself and now have corrected it.

The Constitution which trumps all as far as you are concerned doesn't give the congress the right to tax people, it gives them the authority to delegate funds. And the Constitution doesn't give the congress the authority to determine how my money is spent. This is remember intellectual property, I own it. I have a constitutional right to determine how it is going to be used. If I want to give it to the people so it will be used for their benefit I have that right. The congress can then decline, if the people permit it, remember this is a representational government, they serve at the will of the people. And as a final note: Lets not forget that the Constitution was designed to protect the people from the government not the government from the people.

6 tests is not a valid statistical sample. Yet, based on the bell curve. As it relates to methods of supporting the governments of the world. There are points on the far left (failing) most around the middle and none at the far right. According to statistics that top end has to occur and it hasn't yet. This could be it........

In systems analysis we use probability of failure to test new systems. Its based on exposure to what it needs to achieve. Every time you test something the probability of error drops by 50%. The first confirmation was a flip of the coin 50% probability of failure, on the second 25%, on the third 12.5%, on the fourth 6.25%, on the fifth 3.125% and on the sixth 1.3125%. So based on probability there is approximately a 99% probability that this information will do exactly what I have said it will do. 99% probability is the best you will ever get in an application. There is always a possible error. Remember the year 2000 scare. Programs have been using that algorithm for over thirty years, billions and billions of computations. The probability of error was infinitesimally small. But if there is one it will happen. But if it makes anyone feel any better, that includes our current system as well.

Frank Houck
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